AMS Alpha Omega Nissan GT-R 233 MPH Drift Video

This isn't supposed to be a drift video, but at 233 mph, Ivan "The Terrible" Phipps from AMS had his hands full with the 1600 horsepower Alpha Omega Nissan GT-R. This car did it all over the span of a couple of weeks. 1600 horsepower on the dyno. 8 second time slips, and 233 mph in the standing mile.  Nice job to AMS, they say they are going to step it up, and get some aero, and tire on the car.



The morning was spent preparing the Alpha Omega for tech inspection. A 1/2 mile shakedown pass was performed early afternoon. With much more power than what we had worked with last October, the Alpha Omega was literally flying down the track. Nonetheless, Ivan Phipps, the projects technician and driver for the Alpha Omega kept at it - pulling a 221mph top late Friday afternoon which was enough to claim the record!


With the absence of wind Saturday morning, the decision was made to press on. The Alpha Omega only used approximately 1050whp of its available 1600whp on Friday's record pass. With approximately 1250whp dialed in, the crew wanted to see if the car could at least break the 230mph barrier before heading home for the weekend.

On Saturday's one and only pass down the Mile, Ivan was able to get the Omega to the 1/2 mile marker with a speed of 197mph. The car's handling was loose due to the implementation of factory aero components, but the throttle remained pegged to the floor. Ivan passed the 1 mile marker at 233.1mph.

It was a new record for the R35 GT-R, but not without a hitch. Due to a dip in the runway past the mile marker, the Omega's suspension compressed and lifted. Combined with the effect of the parachute, the force was enough to lift the rear wheels of the Omega off the ground. When the car rebounded, it lost control, sliding more than 90 degrees sideways. Ivan was able to regain control of the GT-R. Needless to say, there was much reason for the team to celebrate. The Omega now holds two major GT-R records in back to back weekends.

We plan to continue testing the limits of the GT-R platform with improved aero and a final drive gear. To follow the Alpha Omega GT-R project, join us at Alpha GT-R or AMS Performance on Facebook.

Special thanks to our sponsors: ADV1, Dodson Motorsport, Driveshaft Shop, Exedy, Nissan Motorsports, and Shepherd Transmission. 

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At 2:34 you can see him check if he wet himself! Wow Great driving man, that's a lot of car!

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