TX2K12 : Jotech : Causing a Ruckus Video

Jotech is based in Texas, and in this awesomely edited video, they show some of the commotion that was TX2K12. Looks like fun, I will have to try and make it down there one year.  Check out the video.

In our new installment of our Month 2 Month series, Episode 3: Causing a Ruckus shortly showcases an AMS Alpha 9 package, transmission/clutch build, and custom tune we completed in 3 days and our trip down to Houston for TX2K12; the largest and best car meet and race event in the nation. All the highest horsepower cars come from around the US to show and prove who's got what it takes to make it down the track first. We placed 1st in the Unlimited GT-R and Modified GT-R class for the second year in a row! Special thanks goes out to our sponsors Black Magic, Rain X, Gumout, HRE Wheels, and HKS.

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