That Is It. It Is Done. Big Bird Is Crushed

Big Bird at Pikes Peak in 1999
Well that is it. It is over. Gave it a run but was not successful at stopping the ignorant DA, judge, and DMV inspector in Depere Wisconsin. The report I had said the cars were crushed yesterday morning(5/30/12) at 8 am. They wanted to get it over and done, not give us a chance to do what was right and export the cars.

 Rather than trying to put some money back into their states coffers, they take the dumb way out to try and break Justin down. It's a shame. The guy put a ton of time and effort into the cars, and they forced him into crushing them. I feel defeated, but I also feel I want to do something more.  25 Years is coming soon for the 1989 R32 GT-R. Over 25 years is DOT exempt. Over 21 years is EPA exempt. However, we are still going to need to educate some of these hicks in law enforcement. Remember, law enforcement, DA's, and judges never make mistakes. Cowboys, saving the world from a car...

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After the first Fast and Furious movie. In front of the MotoRex office on Western Ave

Some of the Hows and Why's related to this car. It was imported temporarily by Motorex, but it was never permanently imported.

Sport Compact Car Cover 2002
Drag Racing at IDRC

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Anonymous said...

That's really sad. This really sucks! I hope the past owner is okay :(

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