390 mm x 34 mm AP Racing Brake Rotors. Fits 2009-2013

The GT-R’s original equipment (OE) brake discs just don’t have the staying power when pushed to the limits. Premature brake disc cracking is something no one wants to see after a day of fun. It didn’t take long for many to realize this is one of the few areas of weakness in an otherwise incredible car.

STILLEN and AP Racing have been offering 380 mm x 34 mm front, and 380mm x 30 mm rear bolt on replacement disks for the Nissan GT-R for several years.  The AP Racing 48 vane curved rotors, have been proven by owners in the US, often lasting 5 times as long as the factory rotors under harsh track conditions.

For 2012 in the US, Nissan increased the diameter of the front brake rotors on the GT-R, but they went thinner(32.6mm) to keep the weight the same.  In a car with braking rotor issues, weighing in at 3829 lbs, this didn't make much sense.  Why not make the rotor 390 mm, and keep the same thickness 34 mm, as the early car?  AP Racing, and STILLEN have answered this question, with an all new 72 vane, 12 attachment point(vs 10 stock), 390 mm x 34 mm rotor that will bolt onto a 2009-2013 Nissan GT-R.

12 attachment points with anti-rattle hardware

NIS3910AJ        Front Disc Assemblies  08-11 Nissan GTR (includes discs, hardware, bells and spacers) Replaces OE 380x34mm disc

NIS3920AJ        Front Disc Assemblies 12+   Nissan GTR  (includes discs, hardware and bells) Replaces OE 390x32.6mm disc

NIS3930DJ        Replacement disc kit for NIS3910AJ and NIS3920AJ (discs and hardware only, no bells)

CP8080Y100     Replacement bells (sold individually)

NIS3910AJ  - Fits 2009-2011 Nissan GT-R's with OEM 380mm front rotors

These discs are from a new AP Racing casting specifically designed for heavy sports cars. It uses a 72 curve vane design, using the same OE air gap of 17mm and increasing mass with thicker walls. The result is a disc with higher thermal capacity which is needed on a vehicle that is heavily tracked, very hard to design effective air ducting and sees high disc temperatures.

NIS3920AJ - Fits 2012+ Nissan GT-R with 390 mm front rotors

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