Cobb AccessPORT and AccessTUNER Upgrades

COBB Tuning is proud to announce new developments for the Nissan GT-R community. The AccessPORT gets a major firmware release that adds new features and functionality. Our AccessTUNER software has also been updated with significant tuning improvements for both professional tuners and DIY tuners alike. In addition, many of the Off-The-Shelf calibrations have been updated and are available for download at no additional cost. Read on learn more about what COBB Tuning is doing to make sure the AccessPORT is the most comprehensive tuning solution for Nissan GT-R performance enthusiasts.

AccessPORT Firmware
The following enhancements have been made to the Nissan GT-R AccessPORT firmware:

AP-NIS-005 to AP-NIS-006 Field Licensing - If you originally purchased an AP-NIS-005 and found that you really want the transmission control module (TCM) flashing, now you can upgrade without shipping your AccessPORT into COBB Tuning. We have enabled field upgrade capability in our AccessTUNER Pro tuning software. This means that you can now upgrade from an AP-NIS-005 to AP-NIS-006 at any COBB Tuning Retail Facility or any COBB Tuning Professional Tuner with AccessTUNER Pro for the Nissan GT-R.

Launch Control - Launch Control on the AP-NIS-006 gets a couple of important updates. Now all iterations of Nissan’s Launch Control are available for all model years and regions. Choose from LC1-LC5 Transmission Control Module (TCM) mapping for the Launch Control method you prefere. In addition, the Launch Control Switching workflow has been significantly improved, eliminating the need to Uninstall the AccessPORT. Now you can simply select the Launch Control iteration you prefer and immediately flash it to the TCM.

Data Monitor Improvements - All data monitor lists in Live Data and Data Logging have been alphabetized to make it easier to find the monitor you are looking for. Furthermore, the following data monitor improvements have been made to provide even more data to better evaluate engine performance with:

Inj. Duty Cycle - This new monitor shows the percent of available time the fuel injector is on and delivering fuel.

Active Map Slot - This new simple monitor records which map slot was being used when the data log was recorded. This makes it easier to know what map was being used long after the data log occured.

Knock Cy 1 through Knock Cy 6 - This set of six data monitors shows the raw knock sensor output from each of the six cylinders to allow the tuner to see noise levels in each cylinder.

Knock Filter 1 through Knock Filter 6 - This set of six data monitors uses a threshold to help the user differentiate between a true knock event and general cylinder noise. Above this threshold indicates knock and below this threshold indicates non-critical cylinder noise.

A/F Ratio (new) B1 & B2 - These previously available monitors have been fixed to accurately show Air Fuel Ratio for bank 1 and bank 2, separately.

New TCM Module Support - The firmware can now identify and install LC1-LC5 on four additional TCM modules, providing more support for AP-NIS-006 users.

AccessTUNER Software
The following enhancements have been made to the Nissan GT-R AccessTUNER software:

Real-Time Tuning Support - The first implementation of Real-Time Tuning support for the Nissan GT-R is now available in AccessTUNER! Real-Time Tuning allows tuners to make changes to cells on the fly, without the need to stop the tuning process to flash the ECU. This feature dramatically speeds up the tuning process by making more efficient use of the tuner’s time.

Please note that this initial implementation of Real-Time Tuning is not complete, but we felt tuners would appreciate early access to this powerful feature. Subsequent releases of AccessTUNER will include interface enhancements to make real-time tuning more intuitive and user friendly.

Rev Limit - Launch RPM - This newly exposed table is the launch control rev limiter table in the ECU. This table is the missing link to providing fully adjustable launch control RPM.

Improved 3D Graphing - The 3D drawing code has been significantly improved in the Nissan GT-R AccessTUNER software, making it much easier to visualize changes and identify individual table cells.

Old 3D Graph
Posted Image

New 3D Graph
Posted Image

MY11 Iginition Strategy - For the 2012 USDM GT-R and all other MY11 Rest of World GT-Rs, multiple ignition strategies can be used. The DBA Ignition Strategy is the default, but tuners can choose to use the CBA Ignition Strategy that they may be more familiar with from previous model years.

5 BAR MAP Sensor - This allows a 5 BAR MAP sensor to be used to measure manifold pressure for big builds. The 5 BAR MAP sensor tuning can only be used on Speed Density vehicles. The stock MAP sensor is a 3 BAR sensor.

JDM Speed Limiter Toggles - A series of Speed Limiter Toggles for JDM vehicles have been added into AccessTUNER that address the speed limit cap issue seen on JDM GT-R’s.

Posted Image

Updated Tuning Guide - The AccessTUNER Tuning Guide for the Nissan GT-R has been updated and offers several new links to additional resources outside of the tuning guide itself.

Bug Fixes - The following software issues have been addressed in this release and improve tuning and maintenance workflows:

AccessTUNER Race Auto Updater for SD - This fixes the issue of being unable to use the software Auto Updater while in the Speed Density Vehicle configuration. Existing software users must switch back to the MAF configuration in order to use the Auto Updater feature to install this software update. Once updated, the tuner will no longer need to switch configurations to use Auto Updater.

Multiply and Edit Dialog Boxes - The “Multiply” and “Edit” dialog boxes in AccessTUNER are not labeled properly to correspond to their appropriate action. These labels were missing in previous releases.

AP Manager Launch - The “Manage Maps” button in AccessTUNER was fixed to properly launch AccessPORT Manager when clicked.

AccessTUNER Race Serial Number - AccessTUNER Race has been updated to properly show the AccessPORT serial number when tuning a Speed Density vehicle.

Keep Non-Table Data - This toggle has been turned off by default. This check box was previously defaulted on and caused old table data to contaminate new tunes, most notably in throttle tables.

Off-The-Shelf Maps
The following enhancements have been made to the Nissan GT-R AccessPORT Off-The-Shelf maps:

JDM Speed Limiter Defeat - All Off-The-Shelf maps for JDM GT-R’s have speed limiters defeated in the latest map revisions.

Launch Control Rev Limits - All Off-The-Shelf maps that had Launch Control rev limits set at or below 3,500 RPM have been updated to 4,100 RPM.

Keep Non-Table Data - All Off-The-Shelf maps now have the Keep Non-Table Data toggle turned off to eliminate issues of corrupting future tunes.

Economy Mode Maps - The throttle tables in the Economy Mode Maps have been fixed, allowing Economy Mode Maps to function properly when this map is selected.

Stage0 Maps - Installed Stock Mode maps have been renamed to Stage0 maps. These are still maps with stock performance levels, but the naming convention was changed to help users understand that the AccessPORT is still installed. The “Installed Stock Mode” map name was misleading and some users believed their AccessPORT was Uninstalled when this map was selected.

Firmware - to update your AccessPORT firmware, please see our Step-By-Step Firmware Update Guide.
Software - to update your AccessTUNER software, please see our Step-By-Step Software Update Instructions.
Maps - to acquire the latest Off-The-Shelf maps, please see our Instructions for Downloading and Installing Maps Guide.


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