RB26 Powered R35 GT-R Runs 7.14@191 mph

Mark Jacobsen's Nissan GT-R

Got to thank Ian, Mr. Mindless oath over at NAGTROC for some information on the tube frame R35 bodied drag cars that were put together last year.  The first real information and quarter mile times for one of the cars is out, and it sounds good. There were three cars, two were TB48 powered, with one RB26 powered. As far as I know, this car is currently RB powered.

RB26 power. It may or may not have this engine in it now.

A little searching of the Australian drag racing sites, brought up some information from testing, where the above picture came from. In testing the car was running in the 8's. Once I find some more pictures and information, I will get it up. The Aussies purchased a lot of the old American Import drag cars, plus they have really got into the big V8 turbo powered cars.  All kinds of good mixes of cars.  For such a small country, the Australian's are car crazy.

Not a GT-R, but I love a car on its bumper.
Check out the live blogging coverage from the Nitro Champs in Sydney Australia. and again bring you live blogging from the ANDRA Pro Series, with the Nitro Champs at Sydney Dragway taking place this weekend.

Friday 5/4/12

10:56 AM on Friday -   Jacobsen a 7.69 171 (same Jacobsen?)
1:43 PM on Friday -  Jacobsen a 7.63 171 to a 8.28

A low seven second RX-7 and a seven second MX-5 (Miata?)

2:28 PM on Friday -   Gina Bullians BB/SC RX-7 on a 7.20 and Lee Docherty CC/SM MX-5 on a 7.97 

 4:56 PM on Friday -  Jacobsen a 7.67 to a 7.85

Saturday 5/5/12
11:49 AM - Mark Jacobsen Nissan R35 GTR on a solo

11:50 AM - he runs a 7.14 191.65 running nice and straight


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