Sep 30, 2010

9.33@153 mph – Worlds Fastest R35 Nissan GT-R

Rich from AMS just posted an update to his Facebook page.  AMS from Chicago just did a 9.52@150  9.33@153 mph pass down the quarter mile, making it the fastest R35 GT-R.   Ian sent me a couple of pictures from yesterday at Great Lakes Dragway.


Over at NAGTROC, the new time slip got posted. 121 mph in the 1/8th mile is moving.

9.52 timeslip


Source: mindlessoath and NAGTROC

2011 Nissan GT-R - M Spec , Spec M , Egoist Interior Video

GT channel posted video of the interior of the 2011 European Spec M , Egoist Nissan GT-R from Paris.


Sep 29, 2010

5 Must Know Issues For Every Import Owner


Import Tuner Magazines Luke Munnell, wrote an important article on 5 important legal issues for all import and even domestic car owners. I have had a couple of cars impounded over the years. Standing on the side of the road, you won’t win the argument with the police officer.  Although honestly, I have won a few over the years.

Ever been pulled over for rolling too low or sporting too loud of an exhaust? Ever had your car impounded on suspicion of a stolen engine or missing emissions equipment, simply because there's no way for you to immediately prove the contrary? This month, our friends at SEMA's SEMA Action Network (SAN) help us address five points of vehicle legality you need to know.


  • Your exhaust is probably legal.

  • Your engine swap could be illegal.

  • How low you can go.

  • Shedding Some Light.

  • 85 is the new 116.

Head over to the Import Tuner website, or better yet, pick up the issue to check out the article.  


Log onto SEMA's official enthusiast site ( and join the SEMA Action Network (SAN) for free-we already have. You can research federal and state motor vehicle code, be alerted of legislation threatening automotive culture, and learn the top 10 ways to effectively communicate with lawmakers and make your opinions count-a system that's been proven to work. Most importantly, your involvement will strengthen a professional organization with government representation in all 50 states and at the federal level, whose full-time staff is committed to researching laws and legislation, constructing and passing model bills to standardize vehicle law, and defending enthusiasts' rights at all times. We have a voice. Let's make it count.

impp_1011_10_o legal_issues e85_pump

Source: Import Tuner Magazine

Autoart 1/18th Scale SpecV Nissan GT-R

If you collect Nissan GT-R toys, you might want to check out this latest offering from AutoArt in a 1/18th scale.  Available in the exclusive Spec V color of Ultimate Opal Black.  Look for it at your favorite die cast model supplier.


Sep 28, 2010

2012 Nissan GT-R Unmasked at Nurburgring

NAGTROC posted a few pictures of the 2012 Nissan GT-R, unmasked at the Nurburgring.   Check out the post for all the pictures.





Sep 27, 2010

530 ps - Car Magazine Japan

More reports from Japan, on the estimated power levels for the 2012 US (2011 Japan) R35 GT-R ,  DBA. More rumors, more confirmation?   Or just a case of everyone coping one bad source?

530 ps, or metric horsepower.  Everything metric seems to be a little smaller than the old pigs head, feet, inches, gallons.

We should find out soon.  There is supposed to be a journalist day at the Nurburgring this coming weekend, and some other announcements October 18.  Stay tuned. 


Sep 26, 2010

1000 Wheel Horsepower Dyno Battle

Ever watch Iron Chef?  We have a cooking battle of a different type going on . From what Tym Switzer said on NAGTROC, he is not interested in participating in a dyno battle. If he doesn’t want to play, it doesn’t bother SP Engineering much, as they are going for the current “record” of 1005/1006 awhp.  I heard that Monday/ Tuesday this week, the car is going back on the dyno with larger turbos and “whatever it takes” boost.
What's not satisfying is when everyone rushes to tear down the work because shop A's dyno sheet looks different than shop B's. If the power curve we're generating isn't what you're looking for, you have other options. However, I'd like to point out that the torque and power curves are placed exactly where I wanted them and I couldn't be happier. Even if I shift this car at 6800rpm, it only drops back to 5500. If you look at my torque curve on this particular car, you'll see that it's optimized to pull from 5K to 8K. That's a car that should pull strong to 200mph and have the torque up top to do it.

In this corner : the first to post a 1000+ awhp dyno chart – you have Switzer with their R1K…

Weighing in at 34.5 psi on C16.

And in this corner you have SP Engineering.

Weighing in at 30 psi on C16. 

SP Engineering's SPE1000  is already the quickest and fastest R35 GT-R down the quarter mile with a 9.6@150 mph pass with 860 wheel horsepower.
Both Switzer and SP Engineering claim to be using unsleeved blocks.  Once we start seeing some 4.0, and 4.2 liters, it will be an interesting comparison to the 3.8 liter engines.  There is no replacement, for displacement.
Source : NAGTROC

COBB R35 GT-R Wins Redline Time Attack Round 8

The COBB Tuning Motorsports GT-R once again streaked to the top of the podium at Round 8 of the Redline Time Attack at the Spring Mountain Motorsports Park. The COBB Tuning team sat 2nd, just one point adrift of first place behind the Takata Time Attack/LIC Motorsports STI. The team was able to secure first place in the AWD Modified Class and then took first in the wheel to wheel Super Session firmly putting the team in the lead in the Modified Class.
Our GT-R was perfect again showing that even at its immense weight of 3700lbs, the tight turns of Spring Mountain Raceway could not hold it back from another track record, another overall Mod win, and taking the lead in the championship. The only wrench that was thrown into the weekend was the addition of 2 inches to our front splitter. The added downforce really threw off the aero balance of the car and required the quick fabrication of a custom Gurney flap on our Aeromotions wing. The gurney flap was just what the car needed, the aero balance was fixed, and we were able to sustain over 1.7 G’s in some corners on a DOT tire!
With Brian and the GT-R holding down the top spot in the Modified Class, the team will be looking to solidify that lead at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma at the end of October.

Sep 25, 2010

2011 Corvette ZR1 vs 2010 Porsche Turbo : Motor Trend


Motor Trend Magazine pitted these two Nissan GT-R competitors against each other at Willow Springs, a standing mile , 0-60 , 1/4 mile , skidpad, and figure 8.  The Corvette wins by default, as the Porsche turbo breaks prior to the standing mile.  The P car is not a PDK, rather a 6 speed manual, and still manages 0-60 in 3.0 seconds.  I thought that Porsche’s never broke, and were forged from Zeus’s own chariot? Maybe not. Even something silly can sideline the mighty, mighty expensive, Porsche.

The ZR1 is wicked fast at Big Willow with Justin Bell driving.  For the standing mile, the speedo moves like a tach until its in the upper reaches of its range.

We brought both beasties out to Willow Springs Raceway, specifically the big track affectionately called Big Willow, to see how they'd run. More than one professional driver has told us that "Terrible" Turn 9 is as challenging a bend as any you'll find on any track in the world
Read more:


On the flip side of that same coin, would you be willing to believe a General Motors product -- one that quite literally began melting after a few hours in the hot California sun -- not only beat but flat-out embarrassed a Nurburgring'd all-star twin-turbo AWD Porsche on a tricky, challenging, high-speed racetrack? What's next, a black president?
Read more:

Source: Motor Trend Magazine

Stay tuned for October 18th’s announcements on the 2012 US model Nissan GT-R.  We will see how the new R35 will stack up to the ZR1 and the 997.2.

Sep 22, 2010

Slammed Nissan GT-R

If low is good, lower is better.  Here is Gojira fitted with its new STILLEN R35 GT-R urethane sideskirts. Urethane is flexible, so unlike a fiberglass or carbon fiber sideskirt, these skirts will have a little give if the unfortunate happens.  Check out this awesome, and low R35 GT-R. 

Tucking tire

In case you were wondering, the factory lower paint code is KAE

Nice lip in the rear


Sep 21, 2010

GT-R Magazine R's Meeting from Speedhunters

Dino from Speedhunters took a trip to Fuji Speedway to attend the GT-R Magazine R' meet.  GT-R's of all vintages and varieties showed up,    The event was so big, that he had to break his coverage into mulitple posts.

Now with video: scroll to the bottom

Z-Tune R34 GT-R and a 400R R33 GT-R

Drag R33 GT-R


Sep 20, 2010

SSP Extreme Duty 1st Gear Replacement and 200 mph Final Drive

SSP have released some details on a 1st gear, and final gear ratio that they are working on for the Nissan GT-R.  The revised final drive ratios are good for 214 mph @7000 rpm , 229 mph @ 7500 rpm, and 244 mph @ 8000 rpm.  Of course you will need the horsepower, and supporting modifications to turn that kind of rpm in 6th gear.  Below are a couple of pictures, and information from SSP.

SSP Performance has always led the way in Nissan R35 GTR drive train development and technology. In January of 2009, SSP released the world’s first clutch assembly upgrade for the GR6 transmission. Since then we have developed bulletproof upgrades to bring the GR6 reliably to 800whp+. SSP continues to make considerable investments into product development, with the end result being the most comprehensive range of precision engineered products for your GR6 transmission.

Since February of 2010, SSP has entered into a technology partnership with the largest high-performance gear manufacturer in the southern hemisphere, Albins from Australia. This exclusive business relationship has allowed for a complete overhaul of the GR6 transmission.

Although being lesser known in the USA, Albins supplies the current North American and Canadian Rally Championship winning teams with Mitsubishi EVO and Subaru WRX Gears as well as supplying the 2010 Baja1000 winning off-road teams and Nascar Driver, Robbie Gordons, Dakar Rally Hummer with gears and complete transmissions amongst dozens of elite level motorsport teams the world over.

Albins has 6 full time design engineers, and a electronics engineer which have been at SSP’s disposal during the design and manufacture process of our latest range of products.

SSP is proud to announce the following pre-release information regarding the SSP/Albins, Extreme Duty 1st gear Replacement and SSP/Albins 200+mph Final Drive Package. These are just 2 of the products we currently have in the fitment and testing stage of our R35 GTR program.

Sep 17, 2010

MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship Series

Mike Kojima and the guys at MotoIQ have teamed up with Redline Time Attack to introduce a new wheel to wheel race series on the west coast called the Pacific Tuner Car Championship Series.

Are you bored with track days and HDPE events? Ever wanted to see what you have and go wheel to wheel with other tuning enthusiasts? Ever wanted to see who's the best driver and who could build the best car?  Ever then go to a legal sanctioned racing event only to find that your lovingly built street car is only legal in some super unobtainable class because of your tuning and the parts you installed?  Ever then find out that you can only race if you took off 80% of your hard earned parts only to race in some boring close to stock class?

There are going to be two main classes based on power to weight ratio and tire size. Tuner Under or TU which will run a 12:1 power to weight ratio and Tuner Over or TO which will run a 8:1 power to weight ratio.

You can also take your existing race car from many popular sedan racing classes in Grand Am, SCCA or NASA and with a little tweaking, be competitive. The rules have enough flexibility that nearly any unibody equipped race car can be competitive. If you are a racer from a restrictive rules class, you will probably find it refreshing not to have to come up with risky and expensive ways around the rules.

A full Draft copy of the rules can be found on the MotoIQ site.

Sep 16, 2010

1006 awhp Nissan GT-R : The Dyno Battle Is On :R1K

Neil from Swtizer Performance posted a dyno chart from their R1K Nissan GT-R.  This 1006 awhp pull, makes this the most powerful Nissan GT-R we know of this week.  However, SP Engineering did do 997 awhp last week, so they might have another 10 hp in the bag.

Boost never went above 34.5psi. Fuel is VP C16.

SP Engineering 997 awhp - 30 psi , Modified Greddy TD06 turbochargers


Moscow Unlimted 500+ : Results and Videos

A drag Mitsubishi Evo was quickest with a 23.9 @ 341 km/hr pass. #2 was a Switzer tuned Porsche P800 with a 26.127 @ 313.07 km/hr. #3 though #5 were taken up with tuned R35 GT-R's running 26.141 to 26.163.

Source: NAGTROC and

Sep 14, 2010

Axis Wheels Factory Direct Sale October 17, 2010

Axis wheels is having a factory direct closeout sale on AXIS, OG, EXE, LENSO and RAIDEN wheels on Oct 17th (Sunday) from 9-3pm.

You will find out more about the sale on up to 80% off on wheels , starting at $25.00 per wheel.

Vendors are going to be displaying their products, and there is plenty of parking.

There should be a good group of Nissan GT-R's at the event.  You can head over to the NAGTROC thread to sign up, to let Axis know how many people are coming.

9046 Sorensen Ave
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670


STILLEN Skid Plate for Nissan GT-R

The STILLEN Skid Plate mounts underneath the OEM Front Fascia to protect the factory piece from low curbs, parking lots, and the occasional bump in the road, keeping the bumper and paint in pristine condition.

Made from durable polyurethane, manufacturered in the USA at our Southern California facility, the skid plate attaches via self-tapping screws and 3M automotive tape.

The STILLEN skid plate is priced at $229.

Sep 13, 2010

2011 GT-R Backup Camera

A member at NAGTROC has put together the pieces to add a backup camera to a 2011 Nissan GT-R.  This particular setup will only work on the 2011, as the 2009, and 2010 MFD's and wiring are different.

This setup includes grid lines, and will automatically turn on when you put the car in reverse.

I am putting together kits for other 2011 owners that contains everything you need. A Kenwood camera that renders a detailed 310,000 pixel resolution color image, and with its CMOS optics eliminates distortion caused by nearby light sources like headlights.

  • Installed in less than 2hrs - Requires the removal of the MFD but NOT the AV unit
  • Full step by step instructions with lots of pictures
  • No soldering
  • No cutting of any wires
  • Uses factory software with on-screen guide lines
  • High Quality Kenwood Camera


Sep 8, 2010

Most Powerful Nissan GT-R in the World : This Week :997 awhp

SP Engineering R35 GT-R

All the details were a little sketchy, some rumors, some innuendo on the NAGTROC forums, but this weekend at GReddyfest, we were told this car put 997 all wheel horsepower to the ground at its last tuning session.  SP Engineering didn't want to put out the information, until they had the drag strip number to backup the dyno figure.  This R35 GT-R is already the quickest and fastest GT-R in the world with a 9.62@150 mph pass in April.  Now the car is making more than another 130 whp with some additional upgrades to the GReddy turbochargers. Are we going to see the first 8 second / 160 mph pass soon?   Is the transmission going to hold?  Are they going to get it to be able to hook up?

It doesn't look like 997 awhp.

Sep 5, 2010

GreddyFest 2

Greddy held an open house at their US headquarters this Sunday. Lots of people and cars showed up to show off, get a chance to win some raffles, and purchase overstock items at a big discount. About 12 members of NAGTROC brought out their R35 GT-R’s, plus SP Engineering's demo car, Greddy’s demo car, and Hings R35 GT-R in the shop.   The rumor was one of the cars at the event recently laid down 997 all wheel horsepower.  Pretty close to that “magic” 1000 awhp number.