Apr 30, 2012

Twin Turbo 530 HP Infiniti Super G

Four Door Infiniti Super G - 530 horsepower
Four Door Infiniti Super G

Motor Trend is reporting on a number of details on future Infiniti product, including a possible 530 horsepower Super G. From the article by Pete Lyon, the Infiniti insider says that the Super G will be built at the Tochigi plant, the same plant where the Nissan GT-R is built. Infiniti is probably looking to tie a little of the Red Bull F1 relationship, and naming on those cars.  So far they have annouced a Sebastian Vettelized FX, but something like a Super G would make a lot more sense than an SUV.

Q. Finally some real performance from Infiniti. And where will it be built?
A. It'll only be built at the same plant as the Nissan GT-R, our Tochigi plant. I think our marketing types want to create a special high performance "Tochigi brand," as this will be the only place where the GT-R and IPL engines are basically hand-made. Tochigi will come to mean "a unique brand of Japan-made performance, luxury and quality."
Q. What about pricing? Won't this IPL be expensive?
A. The 530-hp IPL-spec G will probably be priced at around the same price as the GT-R if not a fraction more. Given that the basic C63 AMG costs (in Japan) around 10 million yen, that is where the IPL will be priced, I feel.
Q. And finally, any more surprises?
A. One more. Remember the Infiniti Etherea hatchback concept from Geneva? Its styling might be toned down a little for the production model, and it will employ Mercedes MFA (Mercedes Front-drive Architecture), but you can expect to find it powered by a Nissan-built 2.5-liter, four-cylinder, supercharged hybrid. That's the QR25DER series engine and is the only powerplant being considered for that car at the moment, a vehicle that will be built in Austria by Magna Steyr.

Head over to the Motor Trend blog post, for the full interview.

Apr 29, 2012

2012 Motorsports Auto West Coast Z Nationals

Motorsports West Coast Z Nationals 2012 was this weekend April 27-29.  The road out front of Motorsports Auto was closed down for the nationals. A huge number of 240, and 260Z's were in attendance. Every engine and swap from stock to RB's, and Chevrolet LS1's.

View this entire album: Motorsports West Coast Z Nationals 2012

History of the GT-R Manga Comic - Part 13

History of the GT-R Manga Comic - Part 13

Pages 26 and 27 of the History of the GT-R comic. In its first race, the Nissan GT-R was able to gain a victory, when the car that finished first was penalized for blocking.

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Apr 28, 2012

Nissan GTR Drag Race Videos - 50 Races

Brian Zuk got a chance to record 50 1/8th mile, well near 1/8th mile passes by Nissan GT-R's from the 2013 Nissan GT-R Experience at Laguna Seca. Check out the video below for GT-R on GT-R action.

One Lap of America : SSGT1 Big Bore Class Review

I really enjoy the One Lap of America. I have not participated in the event, but I have lived vicariously though a few friends and customers over the years. There has been an R32 GT-R, and R33 GT-R that have competed, and done decent, but not finished during the One Lap.  From all accounts its a great fun event, not too competitive with a good time had by all. However there is a winner, and it is a timed event.
Big Bird had a bad time at One Lap one year.

 This year it seems like the Nissan R35 GT-R is strong in the SSGT1 Big Bore class.  Last years winners, TopSpeed Motorsports are back like the 6 million dollar man, bigger, faster, and stronger.  Last year they dominated the event, and this year they are expecting more of the same. I would say they are the favorites, but lets have a look at some of the other cars entering.

2012 Nissan GT-R-Chariots of Palm Beach . A GT-R is always going to be a threat in One Lap. This car looks pretty stock, 2012 Black Edition from the view of the seats.  Last year, Hugh Bate finished in 2nd spot in a 2011 Porsche Turbo. This year he is stepping up his game, and bringing out a Nissan GT-R. Will he be a threat to overall?

The fourth place car from last year was a nearly stock Nissan GT-R driven by Todd Treffert, and Tyson Timperly from Speedconcepts. Last year they had just some STILLEN/AP Racing Curved vane slotted rotors, and 285 Dunlop Sport Maxx tires in all around. This year, they are packing some more heat.

The fifth place car from last year was driven by Catesby Jones, sponsored by Tangerine Associates.  He should be coming back out stronger than last year. update from Forged here.

2010 Datsun?Nissan GT-R(not actual picture) from AOK Networking. The more GT-R's the merrier.

2011 Nissan GT-R driven by Peter Cassini and Todd Ford, sponsored by Jotech Motorsports

Apr 27, 2012

History of the GT-R Manga Comic - Part 12

History of the GT-R Manga Comic - Part 12

Pages 24 and 25 of the History of the GT-R comic.

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Apr 26, 2012

1300 Horsepower Switzer Tuned Nissan GT-R on the Dyno

Switzer R1KX

Mustang dyno posted this Switzer tuned 1300 horsepower Nissan GT-R on their MD-150 all wheel drive dyno. With over 1300 all wheel horsepower, and 1000 ft/lbs of torque, this Nissan GT-R is a beast. R1KX. Not too bad. It should move out nicely.

Stock 2013 Nissan GT-R Runs in the 10's

Further proof that red is faster

There have been a couple of near stock 2012 Nissan GT-R's that ran in the 10's with a midpipe and other than stock tires.

 One 2013 Nissan GT-R owner took his car to PBIR, and laid down the first stock 10 second quarter mile pass. I believe this actually proves that red is faster, however there are some that disagree with my red theory.

The quickest run of the night was a 10.87 @ 125.26 MPH with 0-60 MPH coming up in just 2.7 seconds and a 60-130 MPH time of 8.89 seconds (VBOX).  Peak G forces on the launch were 1.3 G’s. The little extra power and torque of the 2013 Nissan GT-R along with the updated LC5 Launch Control system clearly shows when compared against the 2012 we tested last year which had a best time of 11.07 @ 124 MPH.
A comparison of the 2012 Nissan GT-R split times vs the 2013 Nissan GT-R split times. 

2012 - 2013

60': 1.646 - 1.654
330': 4.585 - 4.557
1/8: 7.082 - 7.017
1/8 MPH: 97.88 - 98.28
1000': 9.244 - 9.137
1/4: 11.07 - 10.94
MPH: 124.45 - 125.39

Check out the video below:

Apr 25, 2012

History of the GT-R Manga Comic - Part 11

History of the GT-R Manga Comic - Part 11

Pages 22 and 23 of the History of the GT-R comic. The GT-R was an expensive car, 50 percent more expensive than Nissans next most expensive car, the Nissan Cedric.For more information on importing your own Nissan Skyline, or any other vehicle over 25 years old, head over to: http://www.importavehicle.com

1.5 million yen in 1969, the GT-R was an expensive car. 

Apr 24, 2012

24 Hours of Nurburgring Racing GT-R's Spied

Nissan is planning on competing in the 24 Hours of Nurburgring May 17-20, 2012 with some specially modified R35 GT-R's.
24 Hours of Nurburgring GT-R

Even though actual shots of the vehicles exist, in these pictures the cars wear camouflage. In these pictures from Pistonspy, the center lock wheels, and the fuel filler door are covered.

The 2 cars will be driven both by Nissan and the PS3 Grand Turismo Development teams.
# 23 Team: Team NISSAN GT-R (GT -R Development Team)
# 123 Team: Team GT Academy GT-R (Polyphony Digital Team)

Head over to the Pistonspy post for all the pictures.

CRP Racing World Challenge Nissan GT-R's at SP Engineering

Our friends over at SP Engineering helped CRP/Hawk Racing with their World Challenge GT class Nissan GT-R's after their race at Long Beach Grand Prix. The CRP/Hawk Racing GT-R's have been converted to rear wheel drive with a Hewland sequential transaxle.  So far this year they have run two races with the cars in what they are calling a development year. World Challenge is a tough race series, and getting a new car competitive takes time.

World Challenge Nissan GT-R. Greddy intercooler piping and blow off valves
 As mentioned earlier, CRP brought in both of their GT-R’s for us to further calibrate. SP Engineering’s senior technician Naoto Negishi, being a former employee of Sakata Motorsports, has vast experiences with many Motec systems; with skills ranging from ECU calibration to data acquisition and race support. Naoto has completed years of tunes with 100% satisfaction from motorsport teams and drivers from all around the world. SPE’s COBB tuner Kristian Wong, helped out alongside with Naoto in the tuning process for the CRP GT-R’s. Fuel mapping, ignition mapping and boost control strategies were reviewed and fine tuned.

Check out the videos below.

Brandon Jacobs and His AMS Tuned Nissan GT-R

Brandon Jacobs Nissan GTR

Talk about much ado about nothing. Brandon Jacobs, running back with the San Francisco 49ers, AMS tuned Nissan GT-R owner , was one vehicle in a group of vehicles with a police escort on a highway in New Jersey. This has turned into a little bit of a controversy, however it just shows how many drivers are just not aware of their surroundings.

The troopers involved with the escort have been suspended pending further investigation.  Some of their higher ups, bending to public pressure, and misleading reports in the mainstream media.  You would honestly think that 100 mph is fast.

Here is a quote:

According to the Star-Ledger, many drivers struggled to get out of the way of the oncoming cars, with one elderly driver nearly ending up in a ditch.
Nearly ended up in a ditch?  An elderly driver could nearly end up in a ditch if they noticed a sale on the side of the road, if it started raining, if the sun came out, if they realized it was Tuesday.

A group of cars, with a police escort is much ado about nothing.

The kind of people that react harshly to this kind of thing, are the same people that are the problem in the left hand lane, blocking traffic. If they paid attention to the road, and were aware of their surroundings, they would have got out of the way much earlier.


Driving is dangerous, that is true.

Montana had no speed limits for a while. http://www.motorists...-safety-paradox

Here is what the Montana data shows. (chart below) After all the politically correct safety programs were in place and fully operational, complete with federal safety funds, more laws and citations being issued. Here are the results.
1. After the new Speed Limits were established, interstates fatal accidents went up 111%. From a modern low of 27 with no daytime limits, to a new high of 56 fatal accidents with speed limits.
2. On interstates and federal primary highways combined, Montana went from a modern low of 101 with no daytime limits, to a new high of 143 fatal accidents with speed limits.
3. After a 6 year downward trend in the percentage of multiple vehicle accidents on its 2 lane primary highways, multiple vehicle accident rates increased again.
4. With the expectation of higher speed when there was no daytime limit, Montana’s seat belt usage was well above the national average on its highways without a primary law, lane and road courtesy increased, speeds remained relatively stable and fatal accidents dropped to a modern low. After the new limits, fatal accidents climbed to a modern high on these classifications of highway, road courtesy decreased and flow conflict accidents rose again.

Source: NAGTROC and Dupont Registry

Apr 23, 2012

Lamborghini Murcielago vs. Nissan GT-R Street Race

Lamborghini Murcielago vs. Nissan GT-R Street Race

GT-R three finger salute

Lamborghini vs Nissan. Is this really even a race.  The Japanese car doesn't stand a chance, does it?  Robert Himler from Razzi, takes his Lambo vs his GT-R in this video.

History of the GT-R Manga Comic - Part 10

History of the GT-R Manga Comic - Part 10
Nissan R380 and Nissan GT-R engine

Pages 20 and 21 of the Nissan GT-R history comic. The engine in the Nissan Skyline GT-R evolved from the R380 race car. Dual Overhead cam, four valve, 80 PS(~80hp) per liter. Not bad for a 1969 street car engine.

For more information on importing your own Nissan Skyline, or any other vehicle over 25 years old, head over to: http://www.importavehicle.com

Apr 22, 2012

GTC Tuned E900 GT-R for Time Attack

SVM GT-R's. Someone likes lime green

If you haven't heard of GTC and Ben Linney you should have, as he has been one of the good guys in the GT-R tuning world. Providing tuning around the world via e-tunes, or on site, he is one of those guys you are glad to have around. I had a car with 2000 cc injectors that we were having an issue getting a tune from another vendor. Ben sent us a tune within just a couple hours time, good enough to get the car started, and then sent us several revisions over the next few hours. A lot more than what we could have asked for. GTC Racing technology and Cobb Tuning will be supporting Richard Marshal’s R35 GT-R in Time Attack UK for 2012 Time Attack GT-R e900. Wish them luck.

Cobb Tuning software

Spec list includes-
SVM CNC Block Machining & CNC Balancing
Custom Cosworth Pistons comp 9.3.1
Custom Rings
Cosworth (aka Carillo) Rods
P&P Head
Tomei Cams
Garrett Compressor Covers mated to OE Turbine Housing inducer 52.3mm comp exducer 72mm..larger turbine of 54 mm
90mm Down pipes & exhaust
ID Twin Feed Fuel Rail System
Marston aerospace Intercooler with 80mm hardpipes
Breather/Catch Can/Coolant Reservoir
Oil Cooler
Trans Cooler
Diff Cooler
80mm Intakes with k&n air filters
Kevlar 14 plate Clutch & steels
OS Giken LSD
Trans & DIFF Fluid
COBB Tuning AccessPORT NIS006
GTC mapped. selection of 9 maps for e85 (changeable using GT-R cruise control button)
KW 3 way suspension
Dixel rotors
Source: GTC

Apr 21, 2012

History of the GT-R Manga Comic - Part 9

I started putting this up last year, and never finished putting up the whole book. This history of the GT-R comic book was released when the Nissan R35 GT-R was first shown in the US.

Page 19, and 20 of the book first introduce the 1969 Nissan Skyline GT-R. 2 liter inline 6 cylinder engine. Dual overhead cam, 160 PS @7000 rpms. It was a screamer, not too impressive by modern day standards, but it was getting it done in 1969.

For more information on importing your own Nissan Skyline, or any other vehicle over 25 years old, head over to: http://www.importavehicle.com

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

Apr 20, 2012

Michelin PSS Tire Test by TopSpeed Motorsports

Nisan GT-R at Roebling Road during Michelin tire test

I have been a fan of a "square" setup for a while. In this test by TopSpeed Motorsports they take what has been a favorite tire in the GT-R World, in new sizes. In this test, TopSpeed takes a stock Nissan GT-R, sticks Leh Keen at the helm, and tries out a few different tire setups. The first is the slower of the two available Nissan GT-R tires, the OEM Bridgestone Potenza. The OEM Dunlop is a little quicker than the Bridgestone, even though it was the "Premium" tire for 2009-2011, with the Dunlop being the base option tire. In 2012 Nissan went with the Dunlop Sport Maxx as the OEM tire of choice for the GT-R.

The test was performed using three different setups, on the same car, back to back, with the same driver.

Track: Roebling Road Raceway
Driver: Leh Keen


Stock Bridgestone Potenza RE70

255/40/20 (F)
285/35/20 ®

Michelin Pilot Super Sport (PSS)


255/40/20 (F)
285/35/20 ®

Michelin Pilot Super Sport (PSS)

285/35/20 (F)

285/35/20 ®

Check out the video and driving impressions from Leh below.

Road and Track Attends the 2013 Nissan GT-R Experience

2013 Nissan GT-R Experience
 Nearly 80 west coast Nissan GT-R owners, plus journalists got to attend the second 2013 Nissan GT-R experience. This event was held at Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterrey, CA. In this special report from Douglas Kott from Road and Track Magazine, he recounts his day.

And Nissan has done GT-R owners proud here at Laguna Seca Raceway, the second of three driving events held at no cost to GT-R owners (the first was at Palm Beach International Raceway in Florida; the last is planned for Monticello Motor Club in New York). With tutelage from Skip Barber driving instructors, it’s a day of lapping, autocrossing and other drills for owners in their personal cars, capped off with four or five laps in a Nissan-supplied 2013 GT-R. There are also a number of prospective GT-R buyers, hand-selected by Nissan dealers, in attendance. I’m just along for the ride, so to speak, one of a dozen or so journalists invited to attend and drive in 2012 GT-Rs. A real twist-my-arm scenario!!
GT-R's lined up ready to go.
 It’s a huge thrill to get into a car as powerful and competent as the GT-R on a historic track, and our final stint in the 2013 car was exactly 15 bhp more exciting: Output of the twin-turbo 3.8-liter V-6 has been increased to 545 bhp. The new 20-in. wheel design looks fantastic (and shows off the monster rotors and fixed calipers to great effect), and now there’s a carbon-fiber rear wing whose exposed cloth weave pattern is unique to the GT-R. Whether a 2012 or 2013, the GT-R is a formidable, focused machine built to a purpose: undercut the Porsche 911 Turbo on price, yet beat it around Nürburgring’s Nordschleife.
 Check out the links to the pictures from the events.  One more coming up later in New York. Its great to see Nissan doing these events in the US. As the second largest GT-R market in the world, the US buyers have been a little neglected until now.

2013 GT-R Experience at PBIR - Florida pictures
2013 GT-R Experience at Laguna Seca - Friday pictures
2012 GT-R Expereienc at Laguna Seca - Saturday pictures

Source: Road and Track , and NAGTROC

Wider is Better : Cobb Tuning Widebody GT-R

In this picture from Cobb Tuning, they show the dramatic difference in width between their AIT widebody Nissan GT-R compared to a stock Nissan GT-R. The stock GT-R is already a pretty large and wide car at 74.9 inches.  Their Time Attack car hasn't run in the last year or so. Its out in Texas now, perhaps we might see it at some upcoming events? Last time it was out, it did pretty well.

Apr 18, 2012

One Lap of America 2012 : Top Speed Motorsports Nissan GT-R

Last year, Leh Keen, Doug Wilks, and the team from TopSpeed Motorsports won the 2011 One Lap of America. Clearing the field by 30 seconds at some tracks, they truely dominated the event. However, if you let good enough sit, someone else will overtake you. So this year TopSpeed Motorsports, along with several other Nissan GT-R's are preparing for the event. Happy to be involved with the guys, and doing my best to support them.

2011 Overall Winner
T|S|M is very excited about our One Lap of America program this year and would like to once again share it with the community. In 2012 we will again be campaigning our 2010 Nissan GT-R, driven by none other then our "ALL-STAR" setup team of Doug Wilks and Leh Keen. In 2011 the T|S|M GTR ran very well clenching the Overall Victory early with a day to spare. Even still after last years win the team here knew we still had some time left on table so we got to work. 
 They are making a number of changes to the setup, from the turbos, to intercooler piping, inlet piping, oil cooler, transmission upgrades, suspension, and aero changes.So far it seems like its working.

Not wanting to leave any stone unturned our next stop was aero and chassis! Last year we ran on stock shocks with KW Sleeves with Stillen sways that performed flawlessly. This year we knew the chassis was going to need some more support. Given our winning track record and ability to provide feedback with pro driver Leh Keen, JRZ teamed up with us and supplied a custom valved set of RS Pros for the event. The JRZ RSpro's along with Stillen sways gave us everything we were looking for and the adjustment to make quick changes for different tracks.
TSM with Leh Keen at the helm getting it done

Last year their setup was good enough for a 1:14.7 lap time at Roebling Road, this year with the changes they have run a 1:13.4 picking up over a second.  Click though for the video.