Magnesium oil pan - VR38 DETT

Doing everything they can to get weight out of the car, without costs getting too high.

Other technical innovations include a thermostatically controlled air-cooled type oil cooler system, for greater cooling efficiency. The engine oil is cooled by oil cooler system and in extreme cornering - of which the Nissan GT-R is easily capable - a scavenger pump maintains turbocharger oil flow. A collector tank inside the fuel tank always stores enough fuel to maintain fuel flow even under strong g forces. The oil collecting structure inside the engine is optimized by a lateral wet and dry sump system, which helps secure stable oil collecting and oil pressure in various driving scenes.The engines, like the transmissions, are all hand made. One craftsman hand-assembles the entire engine. The dedicated engine builders work in a special Nissan GT-R 'clean room' area of Nissan's Yokohama plant.

It is also a very efficient engine, reducing emissions and fuel consumption. The Nissan GT-R is the world's most efficient supercar in balancing speed, acceleration and fuel consumption. Environmental performance is further reinforced by its satisfying Japan's U-LEV (ultra low emission vehicle) standards.

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