An originial shape

'The mission was to achieve a distinctive car, a supercar, but not a normal fast car - it's chunkier, more practical and more muscular,' says Nakamura. 'The element of functionality is core to the GT-R. It's not too low; it's easy to get in and out of, has good visibility and is easy to drive. That functionality is reflected in the design. It is clearly not an Italian, German or American car - it is unmistakably Japanese. It is very mechanical, almost like an animated robot - it is obviously made from metal, has big shoulders and looks strong and muscular. The previous R34 GT-R had the same image. Almost like you could be playing this car on a video game.

'We didn't want a nice elegant shape - we wanted an original shape. Some people who buy this car will also have a Ferrari and a Porsche. This car must be different from all others. I see it as a car influenced not by feminine beauty, like Italian cars, but by masculine beauty - it is strong, well toned, well muscled. It has big deep flanks and is very toned - that's part of the muscled stance.'

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