Twin turbo supercar will put Porsche in the shade

Richard Hammond

This is a Nissan. It has 473bhp, will do 194mph and should to be able to blast its way to 60mph from standstill in 3.5sec.

It has the same power as a Porsche 911 Turbo and, on paper, is a bit quicker. Oh, and it is £37,000 cheaper than the Porsche.

It's full name is the Nissan GT-R but before I tell you any more mouthwatering facts, here's a brief history lesson...

In 1969, Datsun (as Nissan was called in those days) made the Skyline GT-R - a hot version of a sensible family saloon. It had 160bhp, which was around the same power that a Porsche 911 had back then.

Of course, we Brits never heard of the car because the only Japanese stuff we got back then were Honda 50s and transistor radios. Skyline GT-Rs finally came on our radar in the late 1980s.

By this time, they were twin-turbo monsters with complex 4WD systems. Nissan didn't import them into the UK, so enthusiasts brought in their own. In 1999, Nissan GB took the hint and brought in the GT-R R34 version which, sadly, was only made for a couple of years. It has taken until now for its replacement to arrive. But it seems as though it has been worth the wait.

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