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This should shut some people up - 1:56.9 at Buttonwillow Race 13. Over 5 seconds faster than the 911 or the Z06.
"We knew coming into this test that Nissan's GT-R was good; we just didn't know how good. Our world-exclusive first test of the U.S.-spec GT-R marks a significant occasion because it's the first time anyone has driven the car with its newly revised suspension tuning, and the first time the GT-R's performance is being compared head-to-head with its rivals'."
The GT-R's handling was in a league by itself. The suspension felt more compliant than the Japan-spec model's, yet still provided unbelievable stability through all variety of corners. Just when you think you feel the rear end coming out, stay on the throttle and let the ATTESA E-TS awd system do its thing. It'll immediately transfer as much as 50 percent of the engine torque to the front wheels (the torque split for normal driving is 2/98), stabilizing the car without sacrificing speed. The Nissan's handling balance is so spectacular that it registered 1.01g on the skidpad and romped through the slalom at an impressive 73.4 mph, about 3 mph faster than the others (and faster than the Ferrari Enzo).


SuperCJ427 said...

Its not unbeleivable knowing the very fact that it does it all for you. Switch off the stability control and u will see how it will twitch. Porsche and Ferrari aren't built with that purpose. They want drivers to do it. Its not fun in a car doing it.

Anonymous said...

you drive a Jeep and are making a comment about the GT-R???? The F40 was the last Ferrari without driver aids, you are MO-ron.

Anonymous said...

Thats a COBRA JET not a CJ Jeep....look who's the moron now asshat

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone has sand in their vagina. It's faster. Stop making retard excuses and accept it. I'm sure you have never driven one so you have no idea what it's like. Keep your dinosaur at the drag strip and leave real driving to others.

Anonymous said...

can't imagine what the gap would be if they used the better tire option Bridgestone Potenzas vs. the Dunlops on the test.

Sean Morris said...

The Bridgestones are the premium tire, however the Dunlops are faster on a race track. In Japan, they have found about a second faster than the Premium Bridgestones. The Dunlops just don't last as long .

Just because its premium, or it costs more, does not mean its faster.

Anonymous said...

superCJ, good to see u whining about the same shit here. I've already explained this to you. The GT-R is fitted with VDC stability program that can be switched COMPLETELY OFF. With the VDC on the car is tuned to understeer as a safety margin. Look at the video of Millen driving the GT-R on youtube. He clearly states that the car is oversteering out of slow corners(but ATTESA helps straighten it up). Therefore VDC is OFF!!! Deal with it Man, the GT-R outhandles both the Z06 and 911t.

Anonymous said...

I own a zo6 an 08

tuned/ ram air intake/ headers/ real tires/ shifter/ ceramic brakes.

i doubt the limited production GTR will see mods as it inflated price will not offset its collectability., so i'm not worried about street encounter
or interstate encounters.

i like the GTR..i like itslooks and its techno dazzle.

though no human can achieve that 0-60 with that cas without the nannies....and stock to stock
i don't give up much...but then crush it in the quarter mile.

its nice to see the europe champ
911 dynasty, the American heritage Vette , and the Asian demon on the same track.

the Zero and Meshershmit were superior in their day... and they lost...

rally a few tweaks to the exsisting Zo6 will do it...the Zr1
has touble due to too much my estimation.. a Zo7 if you will
with a mod bump in hp, but a revamping of the suspension and tires and brakes would make for a better car ...Imo.

congrats to the GTR when i see you you be looking at my 345 rear tires

Anonymous said...

also you may add stiffer sways on the zo6 and coilovers.

since tey are mass produced and not collectable....i'd do it for racing (track pruposes...but hey it only pulls 1.02 g stock

look at what viper did with no egine mods and just suspension and braking.......yeah you don't see it being compared to the GTr cause it will easily outhandle it.

anyway none of ou guys could ring out these cars to the limit
very very few can....even pro's need seat time..before so really its crown is of brass.

Anonymous said...

Asshat......that's funny. I might add pompous as well. Have a good day.

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