GT-R Black Box Causes a Canceled Order

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A bit over dramatized in order to try and prove a point. The guy canceling the order was an attorney, so of course he is trying to set a precedent.

Weires says he's uncomfortable with the fact that every GT-R has a recording device strapped to its chassis, an electronic black box that monitors how each owner drives his or her GT-R.
I have been trying to find some more specifics about this recording device. I got some information from the NAGTROC forums a little while ago, but the last few weeks I haven't had time to look into it more.

EDRs soon will collect a bewildering amount of data in keeping with pending federal regulations aimed at standardizing information available from the devices. Those regulations, finalized earlier this year and set to go into effect Sept. 1, 2012 (on 2013-model-year vehicles), specify exactly how much and what types of information must be collected and saved electronically in the event of a crash or airbag deployment.

In 2006, the National High-way Traffic Safety Administration reported that 64 percent of manufacturers were equipping vehicles with EDRs, a number the agency says hasn't radically changed. But an informal survey indicates that most automakers--with some notable exceptions--are embracing the devices

Nissan has already had an on board data recorder in most of its cars. Something that is accessible though "Deep Consult".

It's that part about "warranty repairs" that has Weires worried. He says data collected by the VSDR could allow Nissan arbitrarily to invalidate all or part of the car's warranty. For instance, Nissan specifically warns owners that they could void warranty protection by running a car with its vehicle dynamic control (VDC), governing traction and stability, turned off. (In fairness to Nissan, the owner's manual does allow owners to defeat VDC when wheelspin is needed to rock a car that's stuck in snow or mud.)

I broke the transmission when I was rocking the car when I was stuck in snow or mud. Good excuse. Probably will not fly with the dealer.

Nissan officials are quick to clarify that VSDR data would be used only as a secondary way to verify that a car had been abused or raced. And only the damaged part might not be covered by warranty; a record of hard use wouldn't invalidate the warranty for the entire car.

"We don't say you can't drive your car in high-performance situations," said Hibma. "We do realize that some customers will take their car to the track for all-out driving. But racing is different."

Track / all out driving. Racing. Where exactly is the line drawn ? That would be the question.

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ultimate lurker said...

That is such a crock. How DO you draw the line? Taking the car to the track ie. HPDE with instructors vs. SCCA National level autocross... So theoretically the HPDE would not void the warranty, BUT the autocross would. And we know what's harder on the car and it isn't dodging cones...

As far as I'm concerned they need to figure this warranty issue a little deeper, because one day I'll own a R35 GT-R and I want it clearly marked that I DON'T have a warranty... lol

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