Pimp My Ride ? : R35 GT-R at CES

Take one fully functioning near supercar at $80k(edit- he says he paid $110k on the car). Throw $30k(edit- he says he spent $125k) in ridiculous mods at it. Spend $20k on 500 lbs of stereo equipment. Airbrushing, forward opening hood. Big chrome wheels. Not only that, they are clueless enough to call it a Skyline GT-R. Obviously not my style, and I have an opinion on junk showcars. Do these guys just pull out a Dub Magazine, and apply what they see to anything ?

Why is it, that the guy that dreamed up this car is demanding my respect ? Why is it that people are asking me to lay off this car ? The car is junk. I don't have to like every car I see. I don't have to keep my mouth shut about why I don't like a car. You get respect when you earn respect. This car deserves no respect. Its exactly how you do not build a car. The guys that get it get it, the guys that don't well they never will.

Put lambo doors, that are about the most non-functional thing ever. If you have ever tried to deal with a car with "lambo" doors. We had a couple cars come though RB with them. Couple of peoples show cars. Non-Skyline cars. If you have to push them, you can't open the door far enough to get at the steering wheel. You can't get in, you can't get around the door. Just a waste of time and effort, for something that works about 20% as good as a normal door.

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Anonymous said...

That car is SMOKING hot!!!!!

MMats is has stepped it up for their 2009 line up. The car is the best at the CES show "BAR NONE."

I want Tint and Music in Tampa, Fl to do my car!!!

CorporateHustler32 said...

How Dare they ... ill..

Anonymous said...

God sheds a tear every time a GTR is effed up! Some people just have no sense of style...

Eu Jin said...

They made the car worst rather than more 'pretty'.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well to the idiots out there who one dont understand the time money and heart to build a car of this nature. My name is David hoeksema owner of tna and by the way creater of this gtr. SO MY ANSWERS TO BLOGS. Mr sean morris maybe when you posted your blog at 7:19 a.m. you left your brain in the bed. Apparently you and other bloggers would never ever be able to afford a car of this stature first. Second lets give you the truth about your blog. Maybe if you would research a car before you hid behind your camera you woulndnt look like the ass im about to make you look like(maybe this is why your not a famous photo journalist?) 1 car was 110k 2.125k in mods is a skyline gtr r35 think this is a junk showcar better than you junk honda accord 5.we made dub cover tu 6. lambo doors are motorized very functional (my final note to the crew who put there heart and soul into this build im thankful and by far we set the bar at ces we will do it all year. What oter company can produce a procuct of this stature in 45 days with hand built wide boy and kit, the largest wheels ever custom made 22 16.5 rear 21 9.5 front. Motor mods that no oters have plus suspension., and the best paint and interior(flawless) so poeple before you decide to hate on something educate yourself first and stop hating. tna customs 813-877-8000.

Anonymous said...

this car is fknin unbelievable, its any petrol heads dream. all you haters jus jealous.

Sean Morris said...

#1 . You spent way too much money if you paid $110k. I bought 8 of them and sent them to Dubai. Including cars the first week. The most I paid was 100k.

#2 125k in mods. I have some ocean front property in Arizona that I would want to sell you. Money doesn't buy class or sense. Something you seem to have neither of.

#3. It is not a Skyline GT-R. No where in Nisssans literature does it call it a Skyline GT-R. So. Thats 0 for 3 so far.

#4. Showcars are junk. I have built plenty over the years. I don't have a Honda Accord.

#5 Should I be impressed by the Dub Cover ? I'm not. All it takes is something gaudy, with big wheels.Stock cars with big wheels get on the cover. If I listed how many cars I have had on the cover of magazines, I would run out of space here.

#6 Lambo doors are junk.

The car is ugly and guady. Non functional, and stupid. Next time pick an Escalade.

Anonymous said...

It's an art form. If it's not your cup of tea, fine, but don't trash it. It took someone alot of time and money to put their heart into something they believe in and you just come in destroy it.

Sean Morris said...

Someone else put a lot of time and effort into building the car itself. Product planners. Then this guy comes and paints the thing blue, puts lambo doors on it, and wheels that weigh 100 lbs. So who trashed the car ?

Anonymous said...

I'd say YOU, Mr.BORE-is, junked the car with your pathetic, whiney, show-car hating attitude. I find it ridiculously childish of you to bash a car just because it's been modified, painted, and upgraded. You may not like it, and hey, you're entitled to your own opinion, but it's just so childish of you to sit there and hate on it because it's not what YOU like. If you don't like the idea of spending money on an awesome sound system (and it was SO awesome! I felt my shirt vibrating when they turned it up, but heard no clunky or junk noise! Pure pleasure to my ears!), lambo doors (which were actually fully automatic and allow you to take up less space width wise when opening them), and a truly unique and awesome paint job all done freehand, then get a life! If you took any time to looked into the modifications, you would have seen there were plenty of functional upgrades. I was at the car show and actually read up on everything that was done to the car, plus I talked to the designer and builder.

I guess all the necks that gtr broke at the show was just all in my head, right? The lambo right next to it felt quite lonely.

And no sense of style? Actually, I thought it was a completely unique, one of a kind gtr. One of a kind paint job. One of a kind free hand dragon airbrushed onto it. Custom wheels and my my. So many haters.

Props to the designer! May your hard work not go unrecognized! I've gotta get down to Tampa!

Anonymous said...

OMGGGGGG that is the hottest gtr I've ever seen!!!!!! Haters!

Anonymous said...

Umm, according to nissan's direct website...... "The 2009 Nissan GT-R supercar, formerly known as SKYLINE, is here."

According to Edmunds..... "2009 Nissan SKYLINE GT-R: The most eagerly anticipated new performance car of the century

The 2009 Nissan SKYLINE GT-R is a legend before it even enters production."

According to
"2009 Nissan Skyline GT-R - Spied. Will the fabulous Skyline GT-R come to the U.S.? The answer is yes. At the 2006 New York International Auto Show (NYIAS), Nissan president Carlos Ghosn announced that it indeed will come to America as a Nissan (not an Infiniti). The production car's official debut will be at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show."

Geez dude! You nit pick more than my wife! I didn't think that was remotely possible!

Sean Morris said...

I feel like I am arguing with a retarded kid. You obviously are, if you chose to do this to a near supercar. You add non functioning doors, non functioning wheels, non functioning everything.

I have built plenty of show cars. Plenty. I have had cars at SEMA since 1997. There is a time and place for everything. I give props where its due. This car deserves none. Take some washed up old styles and apply it to a car in 2009. Florida, at anytime you want to step into the 2000's, its ok.

The idiot went and said he spent $225k on it. How dumb is that ?

The car is trash and he trashed it, buy turning it into some Dub Magazine wanna be.

Nissan has purposely tried to distance itself from the Skyline name. None of Nissans offical information says its a Skyline. If you had any reading comprehension to go with the $225k, more dollars than sense, you would realize that they said "FORMERLY , Skyline". That means past. That doesn't mean currently. Formerly would be in the past.

The car is ugly, and a huge waste of time and money.

Again, more money than sense.

Anonymous said...

This Message is for Sean, Wanna be.
I am the owner of the gt-r. I also own 07 911 turbo. You said you put your car in SEMA? Where is it? Post it and let all the others decide if it is worth their time hating it.
Since you started this blog, I will discuss few things with you.
First, study the car in detail, before you make your point of views. GT-R lost weight even with the audio systems. I guess you didn't take your time reading our info board next to the car?
GT-R has a very thin clearance in its fender. Most of experts like yourself told me it couldn't be done. That is the reason we installed lambo door with motor.
I have 07 911 turbo pimped out as well. I guess you aren't going to like it. Next time, close your eyes and your mouth, and most of all keep your fingers off the little key board of yours.
I currently have Audi R8 V10 on order. I am going to pimp that out too. I look at it this way. You talk about ocean front property that you own in Arizona? Well, I got the money to do things to a car to make you ill, just like now, but what about you? You talk about Ocean front property on middle of nowhere. Don't hate the playa, Hate the game, Sean.
Finally, I currently own or owned all the European and Asian sports car. Nissan didn't create a super car like most of the readers think. It's just a another Nissan. Press may spin this into a conversational piece, but you have to baby this car.
You judge a car by articles in magazines, I judge a car by buying it and driving the tar out of the car. GT-R didn't and doesn't impress me. I've got almost 4 thousand miles on that GT-R before it was pimped, and It really didn't impress me.
So Sean, how many super car or even a sport car have you owned????.
Finally, I would like to offer my appreciation for the crew who worked and their heart out on my GT-R. David, Lewis, Rob, and Mitch, Thanks for the hard work. BTW Sean, I will see you at SEMA. Come and show me your tin can. We'll talk.
My final suggestion to you Sean is this. It is a part of Bobby Brown's song at it went something like this. "I MADE THIS MONEY, YOU DIDN'T" However I wanna spend my money is my thing, pal. So if you can't not be objective with your point of view, shut the ____ up!

Anonymous said...

Sean and Eu Jin,
Sean you claimed you bought many of GT-R and most you paid was 100K?LMA0! I forgot to tell you, but I paid Invoice. LMAO! Next time, don't worry about what ppl do with their car, but worry about your own pocket and paying too much.

Eu Jin, Don't be a hater. Like you said, your pocket isn't deep enough to do what I did to Nissan tin can GT-R. LMAO.

I will see you gents at SEMA. come by talk to me. Sean, I look forward to your cars at SEMA. Would you like to run your toys against my GT-R? If all of your claim was bs, you have about 3-4 months to build one.

Wish you luck.

Anonymous said...

Ok....the car is ugly?

I'm sure EVERYONE would turn down an opportunity to drive or own that smokin car cause it's sooooo ugly. I bet if a car like that was dropped off in your driveway for Christmas, you'd totally tow it to the junkyard cause it's SOOOO ugly.

Yeah right.

I feel like arguing with Mr.BOREis is like arguing with an old man who's ridiculously anal retentive.

Yes, formerly known, meaning, many people still make the connection of the skyline to the new gtr....meaning, it's still part of the skyline legend, only a newer model, hence, the skyline gt-r. If nissan wanted to completely seperate the gt-r from the skyline, they would have never even mentioned that part of it, nor announce the upcoming skyline gt-rs finally being released. You must nit pick as much as that dude's wife.

And you're right. A sound system that grand has absolutely no function whatsoever, because great sounding entertainment serves no purpose to the driver or passengers. And the Lambo doors actually served their purpose well in getting your attention whether you like it or not. Hmm.....automatic doors.....maybe their function is to allow your full hands to be free when entering the vehicle when they're full of the manure you keep spitting out. Enjoy manually opening your doors everytime. I'm sure the ladies won't notice.

Anonymous said...

this GTR is stuck in 1999

Anonymous said...

Really.... a dragon.... haha lmfao.
Come on, that thing is an abomination to all GTR's. And why would you put a big ass dragon on the side of the car? Even the ricers stopped doing that like three or four years ago. You have managed to do two things, 1.Mold the fenders to some hideous body kit, that if you actually drive it now, is going to crack all the time because there is no gap for expansion and contraction. and 2. Turned a truly great car into some kind of Fast And Furious wannabe about 5 years after that scene died.
You said that you weren't impressed by the car, then why not go to the japanese tuners like TOP SECRET, MINE'S, JUN, etc., or even american tuner COBB that have managed to improve on all aspects of the car and break all kinds of records with them?
Oh yeah, lets throw a bunch of gaudy crap on it instead, and turn it into an obnoxious, out of date, DUB car with ugly wheels that is virtually useless "just to say we did it".
To each his own, but come on, you had to know that you would get flamed for doing that to this car. And to the guy who claims to be the "creater of this gtr", creator is spelled with an "o" along with the many other mispelled words in your pathetic rant to try and make yourself look good. And exactly how are motorized lambo doors a functional upgrade when the regular doors work fine with less weight? By the way before you give another retarded reply, I too (not tu) have built many show winning cars without having to put all of that crap on them, and I drive an 07 Gallardo with real "lambo doors" that open just like everybody elses. Also, if someone really spent $235k on this car, they should be public stoned for being that big of an idiot.
To the comment about breakin necks... Pep Boys sells an awful lot of those stick-on fake hood vents, but it doesn't make them cool. There is always someone out there that will find even the dumbest piece of crap to be attractive, but it doesn't mean that it is.

Anonymous said...

dude with Lambo,
show me your ride or shut the hell up.
again, do your research, It has hks, cobb, and mines tuning part in it.
You may grew up watching the movies and games, but I actually drove fast cars.
as far as your ride goes, I will believe you when i see it.
you are nothing but a wanna be, who trashes what other worked hard for.
like I said before, come see me at Sema. we'll talk. don't forget to bring your ride. was it lambo?! lmao! yeah right.
Your dad will have to sell his house and your college fund and it still wouldn't be enough for a down payment.
now get off line and hit the books. you might be able to afford it when you grow up. lol

Anonymous said...

This is the creator again. I'm sorry I misspelled; I was intoxicated. I want to thank all of the people who have stood up for T & A Customs and our build. I'm tired of reading this blog and Sean Morris answering anonymously. All of the tuning that you brag about? Done. Regarding the aesthetics of our build – we created the dragon to pay homage to the previous generation of Skyline builds and specifically chose the color, "Oriental Blue," to show respect for the Japanese designers who created this car. I don't build trailer queens. I build functional cars. I'm finished with this blog. We'll see all the haters at SEMA, and then we'll see who has the last laugh. Thank you, DH.

P.S. See? I can spell.

Anonymous said...

Thats one ugly gtr,

surprised I dont see spinners on it.

Truely a mexican dubbed/designed car.

not to be racist but come on , lets not turn these cars into honda accords with neon and low rider paint jobs, please tell me they didnt put airbags on it.

Anonymous said...

you guys have big lifestyles and little dicks....stfu!

Anonymous said...

imo the z-tune skyline is the best looking. modded with noting but the best nismo has to offer. slightly showy but 100% functional. I can't picture a gt-r with dubs either. those are my 2 cents

Anonymous said...

I think this argument has gotten seriously out of hand...The amount of work that went into making the car is obvious, and respect is due to the craftsmen who put the wrench-time in. However, I still believe this car is a waste. There are plenty of other cars that were more attractive to begin with and better suited to being "pimped out" than a GTR. Modifying a pure bred sports car and basically eliminating its functionality is senseless. It defeats the purpose of choosing the GTR to begin with. Also, the "builder" of the car keeps writing, "oh, I have this and that supercar and I got money to mod them..." That's fine, but just because you have money, resources, and experience doesn't mean you're either A. qualified B. have good taste C. knowledge. I've met a lot of people in this world that will talk until they're blue in the face about how they're "qualified" and they "know everything about a topic" just because they told themselves they do. It doesn't make it so...
Oh and one last point, the model name of the GT-R is officially GT-R, it's not a Skyline. It's built on a totally different platform from any modern Skyline and Nissan has repeatedly stated that it's not a Skyline. If you want to give the argument that Edmunds and all the other online American auto journalists called it so, it's because they were dead wrong. I've been to Nissan's Ginza headquarters (it's on the other side of town), I've seen the documentation and they never listed it as a Skyline. They'll even correct someone who calls it so. Just FYI

Anonymous said...

how sad!!!

Anonymous said...

this is to all 2 haters yo 4 eye how come no pic of you car but a ass end of it. my guess is you're a parking attendent the the car in the pic is someone else lmao. and just took the pic with the car you poser. and sean who ever you are dont be bitter because only thing you can do is buy car for people who have shit load of money and send a you to buy the car they want so they have more time for golf or etc. you said you hate the gtr for someone who hates it so much you should do spend alots of time on comp talking about it. dont be like littlt school girl bit-- just because you can't afford one. my guess is you probly
drive a KIA. guys who work on this gtr in my opinion got what they want GET NOTICE. so dont be a hater
maybe if you work hard and play lotto maybe one day you to can can have a car like this.
so to guys who worked on this car
tell all the haters to KISS U R A--
and keep up the good work. can't wait to see what you guys are going to do audi. peace

Anonymous said...

Geez. Talk about people dissing cars.

I actually like the scheme. I dig the dragon/japanese/asian theme to it. I didn't realize there was a specific oriental blue, but that's cool too.

Props to the designer. It's one of a kind.

Boos to the guys dissing it because they didn't leave it plain.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering about the skyline thing too actually. When I went to Nissan last year, they had 2 gt-rs that had me drooling!!!! OMGGGGGGG what I would do to own one! Two of the salesmen did throw in "skyline" repeatedly while talking about it to some customers.

In my opinion...t's from a line of's just the newest and they're trying to get away from it and give it a new name...but to me (and many others, at that), it's still a skyline. Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

To take a no-nonsense performance wonder like the Nissan GT-R and turn it into a show car is not a crime.

But to take a no-nonsense performance wonder like the Nissan GT-R and turn it into THIS THING is indeed a crime.

I don't have anything against show cars - but I do have something against a car that is slower and uglier than the original without coming up with at least one thing that is original.

There is genius in this car in its' stock form - there is NONE of any kind of genius in the car as modified here.

RIP poor GT-R - what it is now I have no idea. "Abortion" is about the best word I can come up with.


Unknown said...

Im taking Sean's side on this.

That GT-R is gross.

I've seen MUCH BETTER show cars than that POS.

1)Airbruched blue paint..... Done by Apline Audio's show cars 3 times in a row. they haven't done it again.

2)When will this car be driven on the streets?

3) Can't wait to see this car for sale in the next few years cause it serves no form, or function. This GT-R wont even make it to the automotive museum even if it gets the critical acclaim, and awards.

To the two dickheads who are hiding behind the "Anonymous" name. Its easy to E-Thug your way into a bloggers post, and then bash him for stating HIS OWN OPINION on the car.
Its a fucking car, get over it and move on.
If you dont think your $225k was a waste then thats fine. But dont treat this little debacle as if the car is the hottest shit out.
The Hyundai Genesis Coupe is hot shit, my grandmothers 2009 Subaru Legacy Spec C Limited is hot shit, my daily driver 1988 Toyota Corolla is hot shit cause it gets awesome gas mileage. My Silverado 3500HD on 6" lift kit is hot shit. My Yamaha Raptor is hot shit and so on and so forth....YOU and that GT-R is not hot shit.

Thank very much.

Anonymous said...

This is last time I will respond to you non researching, wanna be critics.
1. non fuctional? Everything that was made for that GT-R works.
2. when will it be on the road? Come to tampa, and we can drive the car to make a believer out of you.
3. You boys act like you know GT-R, but only through articles you read and through play station.
4. You boys think you got something better? Then show it.
5. Sean, I'm still waiting for you to post hot rod of yours.
6. Point is this. I buy cars to drive and make it into something I want. You boys have problem with that?
7. I'm the one who speaks out about Nissan GT-R isn't all what ppl say it is.
8. It doesn't matter how hard you push the car, it will not do 3.8 sec quarters. It is possible only with launch control, but once you disengage the system, kiss your warranty good bye.
9. It is getting ready to have its engine up graded to 700 hp. Again boys, Bring your ride and lets run it against GT-R. You might be shocked that you can actually drive this car.
10. It is a show car that can be driven hard everyday.
Finally, a picture might say thousand words, but It also can mislead you. Most of you hater are mislead by Sean, the GT-R mania. I'm still waiting to see his ride.

Sean Morris said...

The problem is, you have not a clue on how to build a car. Dubs,widebody, and airbrushing are fine for a Escalade, but not for a GT-R. How much does each of your wheels weigh ? How much extra weight did you add to your car ? Some people will never get it. I have built show cars and I hate them.

You are waiting to see my GT-R ?

I just drive everyone elses. That includes the first one sold in the US.

The first right hand drive cars imported to the US.

Just about every Nissan Skyline GT-R imported to the US.

If you want to see other cars, I am a car dealer, so what I have at any one time isn't really that important. I have a bunch of cars, nothing that important, nothing that expensive.

In case you think I no nothing about cars, or show cars, here you go....just some of the things I have worked on or appeared in magazines. I hope you check this stuff out, cause its going to take me some time to dig this up.

USCC 02 -

USCC 03 -

Big Bird - Yellow R33 from the first Fast and Furious movie - First 10 second GT-R in the US -

Working on Huberts D1 R32 -

Working on BFG R34 GT-R -

927 hp R32 GT-R that I ran in NOPI-

Two covers and 3 articles including Option Magazine with the Evo -

RB26 Mustang from FNF3 -

Built a BMW Wagon for Trick it Out -

Couple of shop cars at HIN Night shift -

World Challenge R34 at SEMA in the Volk booth -

You can check out my You Tube Videos. Just a couple of me driving cars. Just a couple -

If you are on the street in LA, glad to meet you somewhere. I'll bring an 11 second car...probably.

You talk about Gran Turismo. You are barking up the wrong tree talking to me about Gran Turismo.

Anonymous said...

The new sound system is quite lighter than the old one, and has the perks of sounding incredible to say the least.

The wheels are about 100 pounds lighter.

The titanium exhaust is also lighter.

So much for being weighed down, eh?

Next time read the credits and ask questions in person instead of snapping off pictures and making poor assumptions.


Anonymous said...

About picking at the name...the new GT-R is a new version of the GTR which was seen last time with the R34 skyline version.

The Skyline changed to a less sporty car and times changed back then and the sales of performance cars slowed,the 350gt(infiniti g35) came out and that had the 350z as its sporty car.

With sales back up on performance cars, Nissan decided to reintroduce the GTR, a name that was well known the world over and with the Skyline GTR history behind it,it was a good start.

Early production of the GTR was going to be Skyline GT-R...this is seen on early documents and reviews for the GT-R. This was never totally dropped. As mentioned, the GTR is still part of the Skyline world and family by being the R35, so it follows on from the original Skyline GTR'S. Also, on the release of the car, many Skyline clubs and owners where invited by Nissan to see the new release of the new GT-R in Japan and elsewhere.
The Skyline part was dropped though reasons are mixed. One is that in recent times, the Skyline has a street car image and of being a tuner car. Nissan wanted to keep away from this image with the cost of the cars being so much and create a more high class sporty car image like the Porsche etc etc etc...

So the name was dropped although millions of Skyline owners and fans still class the GT-R as a skyline. The engine may differ but its still a gt-r and many cars have changed engines and shapes but are still a particular car.

Also, in Japan, where the car was born, it is the Skyline GTR. Everywhere else it'sthe GT-R or skyline GT-R.

Thousands of magazines call it by skyline gtr, and its birth country does as well. The salesmen at the dealerships will throw in skyline. The skyline fanatics follow this car because it its the newest skyline. Google 2009 skyline without the gtr and you will still get millions of hits for the skyline gt-r. It will always be a skyline because of its heritage whether or not you want to call it a skyline gtr or just a gtr.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I agree with that about the name. When I was nitpicking the name about Nissan calling it so, I was just trying to state that the official name is "GT-R." I think most people still associate it with the Skyline GT-R heritage for the reasons you stated. On the other hand, a lot of people, especially ignorant ones, hear Skyline and only think "GT-R." So when they see any Skyline, even the shitty old R32 GXis, GTSs, GTEs etc, they immediate go, "oh my god, it's a Skyline, no waaay!" But as far as the new naming goes, I completely agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Sean keep it up...but you're wasting your precious time teaching someone not educated in what the GTR was meant for.

That blue GTR was a waste of resources.

Please dont PIMP MY ride! lolz

heres what real cars are for!

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering..... Sean did you ever owned one? You are a GT-R expert and at the same time a model? Most of you haters, are you all know about this car tht much or are you all just pissed off at this guy who pimped it out because you all can't have or afford one?
I was at CES show and took some pics of this same car. Some of my buddies liked it and some didn't. Who made you the judge of how someone should spend his or her money?
All you young kids got nothing better to do than talk down on others? How many of you actually drove GT-R? I'm not defending the builder or the owner. I was at the show and spoke to the owner of the car. He was very polite and told me that he wanted his GT-R to stand out. I think he achieved his goal, because you poor GT-R lovers just can not leave it be. I ran into other pimped sports cars at the show. I don't see you guys taking about it.
I looked at your site, sean. I don't think you've ever owned a gt-r. Until you acutally own one, leave it be.
Shame on all of you haters. Get back to work and work until your fingers bleed! Maybe you can buy one. I think you guys are bunch a over informed on web, wanna be a gt-r owner nerds.

Sean Morris said...

I owned an R32 GT-R,but I don't own one current. I am pretty well sure I said above that I drive everyone elses.

I bought 8 R35 GT-R's for export. I have a couple titles that have my name on them, but whats that prove ?

I do not like fake show cars. This is a fake wack show car. Am I not allowed to not like a car ? Do I have to give respect to something I don't like ?

Why are you guys demanding respect ? You earn respect, and this car is a disgrace.

I don't care how much time and money they spent, they built a car straight out of 1995.

Anonymous said...

You over rate yourself. I don't think these guys want respect from a guy like you. How was the ummm.... MOTOREX? Was your GT-R legal in US? I certainly wouldn't want your advise on cars. Yes Sean, I know who you are. Now Leave those guys alone. They got something you don't have and can't have.
Silly little kid.

Sean Morris said...

Anonymous. Bring it on. Let me see your real name. Walk up to me at any event or show. I am out at plenty of things. I don't just hide behind Anonymous comments on the internet.

I have done plenty of stuff in the real world with GT-R's. So what have you done ?

I really don't get why I have to respect these guys for screwing up a perfectly good car ?

I don't know how you can say I need to give them respect for wasting money on a show car piece of shit.

Sean Morris said...


"? I certainly wouldn't want your advise on cars. Yes Sean, I know who you are. Now Leave those guys alone. They got something you don't have and can't have."

You don't fucking know me. If you did, you wouldn't talk shit. In real life I would punk you in front of your friends.

Bring your name, bring who you are. Talk shit to my face. I dare you. Be a punk ass bitch behind a computer.

You dont know shit.

Anonymous said...

Little boy,
Calm your little skinny ass down. I do know you. I even spoke to you in few occations.
It's not my car or yours.
You can't knock anyone out, specially me. I will gurantee you that. Ever wonder why everyone seem to distance themselves from you? It is because your uneducated, ignorant ways. Anyhow, I had my entertainment for a day from you.

Sean Morris said...

Still too much of a bitch to actually admit your real name.

Knock anyone out ? Step up. Show me who you are. Lets find out.

Punk ass bitch hiding behind a computer.Go home and suck your moms dick.

Anonymous said...

Mad are you? See what happens when you think you know everything? You can dish it but can't take none. All the ppl from the auto industries know what kind of childish, ignorant, jackass you are. LMAO! Don't want me to reveal about you? Shut the site down, You miserable bi-product of an horse's ass! LMAO ROTF!
I'm not hiding behind a computer. You will see me again, very soon.
I can imagine the silly monkey look you have on your face as you always do.

Sean Morris said...

Hiding behind a computer. I chose to put your comments up. I am not hiding anything. I could delete your comments, but here they are.

Like I said, walk up on me bitch.

Anonymous said...

Nice pink hair, Sean. HAHAHA. Did all those fumes from the cars you supposedly drove get to you? HAHAHAHAHA.

YOU bring it at the next show, you small car photographer wanna-be. I bet my 8 year old daughter could knock you out.

And anyone can import and export cars. My 73 year old grandma could if I explained it to her in an hour. It doesn't mean you have money or experience or education whatsoever. Next time why don't you try to do it legally, punk.

Anonymous said...

The car is sick but the doors are GAY!!!!!

Unknown said...

to the person that claims to be the owner of the car. i understand you put a lot of work into the car....but you killed the overall function of it. this car you built will never be able to keep up with a stock GTR in a road course, because you have weighed it down with all your showcar stuff.

car looks good ill give you that...but not my cup of tea...

Sean Morris said...

Pink hair ?

Wanna be photographer ?

Wow, you really do know me. You must have seen me 100 times the last year. Or maybe you are just looking at photos of me from say 10 years ago ?

Wanna be photographer ? Not sure where that comes from. Are you sure you are talking about me ? I am not sure you are talking about me.

Anyone can import cars. Yep you are right. Tons of people have imported and done DOT,EPA, and CARB work on Nissan Skylines. You are right. I am sure you have been over to Washington DC, and talked with the Office of Vehicle Safety and Compliance. I saw your grandma there. How did she like how my dick tasted ? You probably know, when you kissed her when she got back.

Legally ? Me, again serious? I am about the only one that has actually legally imported and brought cars into compliance. Are you talking about me, or some figment of your imagination ?

Anonymous said...

Christopher, I am the owner of the gt-r. I also own 2007 Porsche 911 turbo. I appreciate you objective point of view.
The car actually runs very good. It does have an audio system, but we off set the weight by lighter wheels and exhaust system. Some of the reader don't understand that we built this to get attention to our business. We had a resources and used it to pick up business. It has been a success. We are getting ready to put some video of my car running the track with some stock gt-rs. We will keep you up to date. I'm sure you'll like it.
I think this blog is gone too far though. I appreciate the one's who is trying to defend my car, and same time thanks for the haters as well. However, let's don't get personal on this issue. Thanks Sean for starting this blog.
T & A Customs, Tampa FL

Sean Morris said...

How much does each 22 x 16.5 wheel weigh ?

How much does each 21x 9.5 wheel weigh ?

The stock wheel and tire combination is 66 lbs in the rear. 63 lbs in the front.

The Dymag carbon fiber and magnesium wheels weigh 17 lbs for the 20x 9.5 20 lbs for the 20x 11 . Thats carbon fiber and magnesium wheels. The similar to stock size wheels and tires are about 7 lbs lighter per wheel. Thats 28 lbs lighter for the set. The run flat tires are heavy, but not that heavy.

You claim your wheel and tire combo is "about 100 lbs" lighter. I would like to see that data.

Dymag wheels

Don't just talk out your ass without proof to back up your claims. I have the proof. Show me your proof.

Like I said, bring your car to the track. I'll see you at Buttonwillow race 13. I'll bring an old R32 GT-R.

Anonymous said...

shit is ugly...I thought it was another damn charger wit 26" rims or somthin buts its a GTR. Rather spend on the motor and functional rims at least.

sumthin you do to a lowrider not a damn supercar. o well.


Anonymous said...

Sean, You want me to come to LA to see something that is not yours? why don't you come down here and I will show you what i can do with this car and show you a thing or two.
Grow up. It doesn't matter what you do, the chance for you to drive a new gt-r seems very slim. You're a wanna be sitting on pile of data that you can't even put it to use. All the data that other ppl produced. You truely act like a trash. Prove it? why? so you can use that data as well? Nope. Get your own and get your own data.
You're a foul mouth, under grown wanna be. You can talk about gt-r until you turn blue, but at the end of the day, is it in your garage? You make a such a big deal out of over rated nissan tin can..... I guess you just got nothing better to do. Me? I'm laughing my ass off to the bank.

Anonymous said...

Aside from all of you silly boys having a KAK fight......

the car is fn hawttt!

Anonymous said...

bottom line if all the dum ass wanna be gtr owners read the blog you know why this guy did this to his gtr. THE CAR IS SMOKEN HOT.for all the haters out there unless you have a gtr and do a better job
then this people did all you wanna be just need to SHUT UP.
oh and sean stop playing with you'r chicken it's dead, lol

Anonymous said...

that gtr should be scrapped and put back to stock because this rich punk ass little daddys boy that gave him all his money to "make" his gtr. this little boy needs to get his ass beat, please someone!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW.., this is to the unfortunate individual who owns, and wasted all of the money involved in this atrocity.
It's a shame that you don't speak english as well as you seem to be able to ruin exceptional cars. You claim that you have an 07 911 Turbo, that is "pimped" and you have an Audi R8 V10 on order, that will be "pimped" as well.
Outstanding Sir, you will have managed to ruin three of the nicest cars available. You keep mentioning how these "little kids" are just jealous. Have you ever thought that maybe they just don't like seeing a very nice performance vehicle turned into some "Pimp my Ride", "Functional TV’s in the mud flaps", styled mess?
As I said before each individual has their own idea of what a car should look like, and they are entitled to their own opinion. Which is what Sean tried to do, "express his opinion", and then you guys lashed out at him for doing the same thing you did, "expressing himself".
I don't know Sean, and don't need to. I do however agree with what he said, which is "my opinion".
By the way if you haven't figured it out by now, I am the guy that owns the 07 Gallardo, and to respond to your comments, here you go.
First, I am a 39 year old software engineer and I own 100% of my company. So don't worry, my dad will not have to sell his house, (which I paid for), anytime soon for any down payments on my behalf.

Second, I grew up racing go-carts professionally, and have owned and driven many different supercars on almost every track worth driving in the United States and several other countries as well. So as far as you "driving fast cars", I would be willing to bet that I have a little bit more experience than you do, driving on the limit, which is probably why you seem to believe that what you have done to this car hasn't hurt how the car performs.

Third, I have a friend that actually talked to you at the CES show about this car, and he said that you indeed stated that you spent that much money on the car. Which is obviously a lie, since you stated on here that you didn't. So why would you lie about that?

Forth, You say that your wheels are 100 pounds lighter than the factory wheels and your "pimped" audio system is lighter than the factory set up, but refuse to give exact numbers. Why? Because you are lying again and trying to back up your ridiculous argument.

Fifth, I don't care if you put some small HKS, COBB, or Mines parts on the car, the fact is, all of the other things that you did counteract any benefit you may have gained. Sure in a straight line it may be faster than stock, but that's not what the car was built for to begin with. These cars were built to beat supercars around racetracks and then drive home in comfort for less than half of the cost. I have driven a few of them and they are truly awesome cars to drive on a track. If you don't believe me take a look at episode #40 of TOPGEAR on the BBC, and watch it put up a faster lap time than the F430, Carrera GT, CCX, Mclaren SLR, 911 GT3 RS, and many others.

And Finally Sixth, As far as showing you my car, it proves no point to post a picture on here, because you would simply say that it was someone else’s anyway. And yes I will be at SEMA and hope to see this travesty up close just for the hell of it, so I can laugh. My car will not be there, because it will be at the airport since I do drive it everyday without any issues, and I have grown out of the "show car" phase. At least that type of show car anyway. We will see if you still like this car in 3 years, as the design is about 5 years behind the times already anyway. Good luck with the DUB covers, and by the way, I may just end up helping my son buy a GTR because he loves them, but if he brought it home looking like this, I would beat him.
Enjoy what you have built.. a turd.

Anonymous said...

Style is up to an individual. I wish I had a GT-R to f it up.
Some may want performance, but some may want it pimped out.
How many of you actually take your car to a track?
Bottom line. This guy has his car, and I'm sure we all have one sitting in our drive way, right?
To the owner of the car, talk is cheap. If you think it will run, put it up on youtube or something. If it does what you claim, then you got a one bad ass ride with performance to back it up. As for all the others on this blog, don't hate.

Anonymous said...

You seriously expect this guy to go through the trouble of looking up info on tires and rims or whatever the hell is involved in wheels just to give you exact figures so you all could shut the hell up about some weight? Are you guys really that anal and hurt?
Seriously. Give me a fn break. This blog is pathetic.
Fuck the race tracks. I'm sure you guys go out there every single day of the week right? The car is ONLY for racing right? Not for your enjoyment. Not for a nice ride. Not for the hot babes that come with it. Not for the attention. Not for the pure pleasure of knowing you have something nice and expensive sitting in your garage, right?
This is so sad. Men!
It is more on the flashy side, but fuck it. It's not yours and it's not your money! Looking at the credits, you can see all types of sponsors you idiots. So stop bitching that the car basically costs about as much as my mom's fn house with all the damn extras throw in it.

Anonymous said...

You're all a bunch of tight assed ridiculous old guys or guys can't afford nice cars to be so pissed that someone expressed themselves through their vehicle and just made it completely different from all the other cars.
My goodness. Oh no! Don't change anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

My condolences to this once proud BEAUTIFUL SPORTS car. No car of this caliber and heritage should ever look "Unqiue Whipped (tv show on Speed)" out. All show and no go SUCKS!

The kindest act this poor GT-R can ever receive is to be put down in the scrapper. What sucks is it wasn't even it's fault.

RIP buddy.

Justice said...

Next you should get a 997 GT2 and cut the wheel wells for some 24s!



I am really looking forward to seeing how they lost 100 lbs with 22s...

Anonymous said...

wow........ugliest shit ever. I wouldn't be caught dead driving that GTR...

Anonymous said...

fuck a duck you loser you might as well park that car in your lounge room and call it art cause that how functional it is. u really think its cool to spend money on shit. theres a museum for that. google it on your ridiculas computer with crome side bars, hand painted keyboard with ruby buttons dusted with uranium why don't you go get a veyron and strap and extra couple of turbo on it. what the fuck would bugatti know. lambo dude served u. the only way you'd get weight off the stereo is if you took out and the rims well maybe if you cast them out of bullshitanium. just imagine all those dumbasses that will drool over your rolling defect but hey your mum still thinks your cool

Anonymous said...

gee i wonder why the GTR first upgrade from factory contained no power upgrages only weight reduction and handling packages. to make it handle better. if u don't think much of the gtr u probaly could't drive a shopping cart down a supermarket

Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone for bringing a smile to my face today. I read all these comments and just couldn't help but laugh at most of them.

This is just like the dumbasses over in the UAE that get their Bugatti Veyron's gold-plated. Spending all kinds of money on ridiculous shit just because you have the money.

I own a Black Obsidian GT-R, and it just makes me laugh that the owner "wasn't impressed" by it...obviously. Yes, you have the money to buy $100k+ vehicles (and in this case a $72k-78k vehicle that you overpaid for) and spend ridiculous amounts of money on shit, but do I have to respect any of it, even the work that went into it? No. Nobody does. It was a waste of time and money, my friend Keith could do better body work than this. And the car would still be functional. This is all show. The owner claims no matter how hard you push, the car won't do better than 3.8 in a quarter (and I assume you meant 0-60mph, not quarter-mile)? You don't know shit about the GT-R and you got it just so you could "pimp" it, so don't even try to act like you know anything about fast cars. There's plenty of owners that are running 11.6 in the quarter WITHOUT using launch control. You're right though, it is just a Nissan, just like the Corvette is still just a Chevy and the Viper is still just a Dodge. If you took this GT-R to a track and pushed it to its limits, well, I just wanna see it. 22's are really awesome track wheels.

There's no way this car weighs less than stock. So more speakers, lambo doors and a TV make it lighter? Oh no, wait, you said the weight was offset by the wheels and exhaust. Yeah. Those "biggest custom wheels ever made" must actually be lighter than stock wheels. I'm starting to believe.

One more thing, for this car to still carry the Skyline name, it would have to have been just a modified Skyline 370GT (Infiniti G37) just like the R32/R33/R34 GT-R's were based off the regular Skyline model - but it's not. Different platform, different body.

Keep this car in Florida please.

Anonymous said...

please dont bash florida, just the blue turd.

Anonymous said...

Quite amazed that people doubt sean. Tsk tsk.

This car is fucking retarded, i would rather a stock gtr and all the money this guy wasted.

The wheels are dumb. Doors are stupid. Paint blows. I could go on and on.

Thank you sean for running an informative and interesting blog. Thank you for you time effort and knowledge you have given to the nissan community.

Anonymous said...

pisses me off that he ruined such a beautiful car

Jeff C said...

I missed this from 2 years ago, just read some of it. I loved it, you haven't change a bit Sean, good for you. Give it to the tasteless folks :)

Anonymous said...

The car is now torn to pieces. and who knows where it is at now... ha ha.. Thought it looked good for the time it was around..pretty sad though.. last time i saw it, it was in the back of the shop all wet sanded and buffed, million pieces..guess it was all just a waste.

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