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Edmunds Inside Line has just posted an article on the Kids Heart  hybrid of a Nissan GT-R and a Stagea Wagon .  Kids Heart is a shop started by Tezuka Tsuyoshi , well known for driving the Bee-R R32/R34 Nissan Skyline in D1 Grand Prix.  The base for the conversion is a M35 Stagea with a VQ25DET , 276 hp engine.  A V-6, 2.5 liter, single turbo engine from Nissan, that we don’t see here in the US.  The previous generation Stageas were even available though Nissan/Autech as the Stagea 260RS with the full Nissan Skyline GT-R all wheel drive, and the RB26DETT.  Cool wagons, to haul the kids and dogs around.   Even with rear wheel drive and a VQ25, this car should still be fun to haul the rugrats.



Tatsu said...

My buddy Chris Jue photographed it:

Sean Morris said...

Thats cool. The original post came from Edmunds. When the Bee-R R32 broke an engine one year at D1, they brought it to RB, and we helped them swap in a replacement engine. They were surprised how quick we got it out and onto the ground.

"Thats what we do. We know RB's."

Anonymous said...

Nissan should consider this wagon ^^

Anonymous said...

Nissan ceased Production of the Stagea in early June 2007.

Jeff Chong said...

I am very surprise at how well integrated of the styling of this car is, I am very impressed at the craftmanship.

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