2012 Nissan GT-R DBA - R35 : 530 hp

GT-R Blog is reporting a few more updates, and more detailed information on the new 2012 Nissan GT-R to be  officially shown around October 2010.

The higher than expected number is an estimated 530-540 ps, or 532 hp, a big jump from the 2011's 485 hp.  There is no information on how this increase is achieved, but at a 2011 boost pressure of 10.2 psi, there was plenty of headroom to allow for more boost.

Nissan has worked on refining the suspension for 2012, with a change in the lower mounting position for the damper, the sway bar, castor angles, and the rear lower roll center. Moving the damper and damper mounting position closer to the wheel, changes the motion ratio of the suspension. It also changes the angle of the damper, which changes its effectiveness.

New tire options in the Bridgestone and Dunlop, along with 3kg lighter wheels, help to reduce weight, and improve performance. Aerodynamic changes have helped improved the coefficient of drag by 10%.

Will all of these changes add up to a big improvement on the 7:26.7 Nurburgring lap time? The never published SpecV time, was supposedly a 7:18, are these changes enough to put the 2012 DBA under 7:20?

GT-R Blog is also reporting that the SpecM, or Gentlemans edition R35 GT-R, will be labeled an Egoist.  This is a bit of an odd name, as it has negative connotations in English. It would almost seem like someone is pulling an April Fools joke a little early.  We will have to see how true some of the information actually is, come October.

Source: GT-R Blog

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Jeff C said...

530hp, same as the Turbo S.....this is getting boring! Thankfully Nissan is doing a bunch of other changes to keep it interesting. Hopefully direct injection is added, or at least come with the bigger Spec V turbo.

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