R33 to R35 GT-R Conversion : Drift Car Philippines

I am not so sure about conversions, trying to make one car, look like another car. Some people have to have the latest and greatest model.  A company in the Philippines took an R33 drift car, and gave it the R35 GT-R look.  It makes it unique looking, but an R33 is fairly unique looking too.
This is how the car started R33.

On its way to looking like an R35 GT-R

RB26DETT inside.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Source: Custom Pinoy Ride


Jhon Davis said...

The speed and the look of this car is too sexy! I love its ride.

- John Devis
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Anonymous said...

Nice conversion, It's like owning a dream car w/ a price of ordinary car. Sweet!

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