GTROC Drives the 2012 Nissan GT-R (2011 UK)

As far as English speaking Nissan GT-R owners go, the UK forums are very active, and have been for a number of years. The owner of the forum, Blowdog, has gone though several Nissan Skyine GT-R's, and currently on some kind of Lambo something that is probably not that important or significant. In his position, Nissan has seen fit to loan him a 2011 UK (2012 US) DBA GT-R for a three day evaluation and write up.  Write up, is what he does well. A very amusing read, head over to the GTROC UK for his full story.

What makes it so devastatingly quick is beyond my comprehension. My Lamborghini LP560, with 550 BHP and less weight, is not this quick. Nor is it so damn well equipped, with every luxury conceivable thrown into the mix. Sat nav, dual zone climate control, cruise, bluetooth, iphone integration, heated leather seats - and four seats with a boot.

It makes a compelling argument against the supercar establishment. Certainly, in pure performance figures, if you remove the Nissan name, you have a car that can destroy all but the most functional track devices on road and off. So why do we still aspire to the illogical, impracticalities of super car ownership when the GTR gives us more than we’ll ever need? We’ll come back to this later. It’s a conundrum, make no mistake.


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