One Lap of America GT-R : Top Speed Updates

Top Speed posted a few pictures of some upgrades going on their One Lap of America GT-R.   The latest round includes brake upgrades from STILLEN and Endless, along with a custom splitter.  The plan for this week is to drive the car 400 miles to VIR, test and drive it back.  Sounds like a fun road trip.  Check out the photos, and we will be looking forward to some videos and the results.
STILLEN/AP Racing J-Hook rotors

Front end is pretty much ready to go, Dodson tranny fluid is in and HKS cooler is full...ARP extended wheel studs are in, new brakes are on curtsy of Endless & Stillen! (more on that later)

Tomorrow a couple more packages come, then we button the car up ready for the 400ish mile drive to VIR....Yes thats right...we are driving the car to the track. This girl is no trailer queen!
STILLEN/AP J-Hook rotors
Turbo with Canard


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