Jotech Track Day GT-R Gets Some Upgrades

Jotech has just recently completed some modifications, and upgrades to a customers track day Nissan GT-R. The car looks great on a set of Volk TE-37's in an 18 inch with Hoosier tires. The additional aero of the wing and splitter, should help keep this car stuck to the track. This car runs a set of Penske double adjustable coil overs.

SSP Ball Bearing Turbos Upgrade (Dyno 620whp) E85 Next
Mishimoto Radiator
Quick Disconnect Front Bumper & Rear Tie Down Hooks (For Easy Loading ; Strap Down Trailer)
APR Carbon Fiber Rear Wing
APR Front Splitter
Sparco Pro2000 Seats / Sparco Harneses
CL Brake Pads

I like the easy off bumper, and the extra tie downs that make it much easier to strap the car down in a trailer.
Cobb Auxiliary oil cooler

Support for quick release bumper

Dzus fastener

Rear tie down hook
From the report, they had a great day, and managed to keep all the temperatures well withing acceptable ranges.

Saturday: 80s F
7 sessions (30 minutes each)
Sunday: 80s F
7 sessions (20-30 minutes each)
Coolant temp max: 236F
Engine Oil Temp max: 232F
Transmission Oil Temp Max: 235F
Used 70 gallons of E85


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