New Records : 9.10@159 mph : 3.58 seconds 60 - 130 mph

AMS brought several Nissan GT-Rs to the Texas 2K11 event, and one of their Alpha 12 combinations set a few new records. Lowering their previous best 9.19 quarter mile ET to a 9.10 time with John Shepherd at the wheel. The 60 foot time was a 1.65. 0-60 is 2.6  seconds with wheelspin and some wheelhop. They also bettered the 60-130 time to 3.58 seconds. That is three and a half seconds, to go from sixty miles per hour, to one hundred and thirty miles per hour. From 100-150 mph, the car did 3.49 seconds.  Currently they have run into a limiting factor with the factory ECU with the Cobb tuning. This is going to be something that will be worked on in the coming months.

9.10 @ 159.97 mph Tim Sanders Alpha 12 GTR w/John Shepherd driving, New World Record! 3.58 seconds 60-130mph time
At this point we have eclipsed what is currently possible with the stock ECU using only a COBB AP for tuning. Turning up the power further is not currently possible due to a lack of control of the stock ECU's load strategy.


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