Cadillac CTS-V Wagon vs GT-R

GT-R vs Caddy Wagon

If are in the business of selling parts, selling tuning parts and packages for cars, you want to produce a good demonstration of those parts.  In this video, Hennessey Performance puts a 650 hp Cadillac CTS-V wagon, vs a 485 hp Nissan GT-R. The Cadillac was on a drag radial, the GT-R was stock.  It wouldn’t be much of a video, if the Cadillac lost to the Nissan GT-R, so in this one, the Cadillac wins.  It makes a point, but if you own a 650 hp Cadilliac Wagon on drag radials, it wouldn’t be a good idea to pick many races with GT-R’s, especially if it’s a 530 hp 2012 GT-R.

Throw an exhaust, a Cobb Accessport, or a quick stock GT-R against this Cadillac, and the video would never see the light of day, after all, who cares about a GT-R spanking a wagon?

Source: Autoblog

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Jeff C said...

They also ran the same wagon against a 480 hp 997 Turbo with a torque converter and they were dead even. Try it with a 530 hp 997 Turbo S with the PDK. Anyone that cares, knows the result is bogus. Anyone that don't know, don't care anyways.

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