GT-R Black Edition Updates For North America

Post earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster in Japan, the country is getting back onto its feet, and starting up production. The North American allotment for the Nissan GT-R Premium has been completed, and Nissan had just started on producing the Black Editions for North America.  The rumors state that 27 BE were shipped just prior to the tsunami.  From the reports, several BE destined for North America were destroyed by the tsunami.   Other than the 27 cars, it looks like the Black Editions will be delayed a few months due to the tragedy.  Head over to the Red Cross, and donate to the Japanese relief effort.

Nissan Report #8 - Post Earthquake Activities - (Japan)

We at Nissan express our deepest condolences to the victims of the earthquake, and extend our deepest sympathy to those individuals and families still suffering from the disaster. Nissan is committed to making all efforts to support the restoration of the areas impacted by the earthquake, with sincere hopes that relief and recovery progresses as quickly as possible.

The following is an update to previous reports regarding the impact of the recent earthquake on Nissan and the facilities of our affiliated companies.

Forecast on future production
As a result of corporate-wide restoration activities, Nissan is now capable of resuming normal operations at all of our Japanese plants except for the Iwaki Engine Plant. We are aiming to resume normal operations at these facilities from mid-April.

Currently, we have been in production using remaining inventory of supplies. Yet going forward, we will start receiving parts from our suppliers and resume normal operations. However, as the delivery of parts will still take time to be fully reestablished, operation levels will still be limited, depending on the delivery status from suppliers. Nissan will continue to provide necessary support to our suppliers to ensure their swift restoration to normal levels.

Operations schedule after Monday, April 4
•Oppama Plant, Tochigi Plant, Kyushu Plant, Nissan Shatai, Nissan Shatai Kyushu
Vehicle production will be suspended between Monday, April 4 and Friday, April 8.

•Yokohama Plant and the casting and axle production departments at the Tochigi Plant
Production will continue during the week of April 4, manufacturing the necessary powertrain units for the aforementioned vehicle plants that are now planned to resume production in mid-April.

•Iwaki Plant
Partial operation is planned to resume in mid-April. Complete reparation of facilities is targeted for the end of April.

•Production of parts for overseas manufacturing and repair parts will continue after April 4.
Impact to production volume
The impact to our production since the earthquake until the end of March is estimated at 55,000 units against original production targets.

Nissan's and Infiniti's destroyed at the port

Source: NAGTROC and the Red Cross

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Good on them for keeping the public updated. best PR mover they could do in this case.

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