996 All Wheel Horsepower : 9.8 @ 145mph

Godzilla2009 from NAGTROC has been upgrading his Nissan GT-R over the winter.  From the engine built at Accelerated Performance, to the larger turbos, this is one heavy hitter on the drag strip. On E85 the car put 850 hp to the wheels at 24 psi.  That is more than double what a stock car makes on the dyno. At 30 psi, on C16 the GT-R did 996 hp, but they ran out of fueling capacity, and couldn't raise boost any higher.

The first pass was a 10.4@144.5 mph with a 1.88 60 foot, the next pass was the sign of things to come, as the superstock 650 ft/lb capacity clutch started to slip.  The best pass, with a 1.61 60 foot was a 9.8@145.9 mph, but the car did not fully engage 5th gear. The next upgrades are to the fuel pump, with an increase in boost, and hopefully a low 9 second quarter mile pass.

 well............the car makes great power..... it was suppose to run 153-155 mph if the clutches were somewhere in the 9.4-9.5...maybe even a 9.3 but with a better 60ft.
new clutches are going to be on soon and the fuel pumps will be rewire to get more flow....if I can get to 35-38psi the car should make somewhere around 1100-1150hp.

More dyno and dragstrip videos.

 Source: NAGTROC

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