9.92 With LC3: 2011 Nissan GT-R

John Shepherd from Sheptrans was the first to 10's with his 2011 and now is as far as I know, first into the 9's with a 2011. The difference in the 2011 car is they have the third generation of launch control for the Nissan GT-R. The third version of the launch control is only active with VDC on, and allows for 3300 rpm launches. The problem for a high horsepower Nissan GT-R is wheelspin off the line, and then a loss of power when VDC kicks in.

The car is equipped with the AMS Alpha 9 package, runs on E85, and even more impressively is doing it on the all season Dunlop radials.  He is using the ProEFI to control the engine, and did some experimenting with it to get the car off the line harder. His best 60 foot, on the all seasons, was a 1.52.

60 foot - 1.69

1/8th mile - 6.50 at 115.85 mph

1/4 mile - 9.923 at 144.8 mph

He says once LC3 gets sorted, so it can be launched with VDC off, he will slap some drag radials on it, and see what it will really do. 


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