SpoCom 2011 : DSport and NAGTROC Showcase

I don't go to many car shows anymore. About 15 years years going, and the older I get, the more out of place I feel. However, its good to go and see industry friends, check out some trends, see the latest dance crews, and show them my best moves. That last part isn't true. Anaheim is just a quick hop skip and jump from where I live, MotoIQ was going to be there, plus a good group of R35 GT-R owners.  Since this blog is about R35's, its always a good idea to go out and talk to some of the guys.
Black Edition 2012 Nissan GT-R 
Rifs 2012 Black Edition GT-R. He just got a set of impossible to obtain SpecV exhaust tips.  As far as us R35 guys can tell, this car was the second Black Edition built for the US. Nissan built all the Premium editions for the US as a batch, however right near the end, they built a small run of Black Editions, switched back to Premiums, and when they were finished with Premiums, they started again on the Blacks. Then the twin disasters happened, and nearly all of the later Black Editions were destroyed. Just a few Black Editions made it to the US, the number being something around 27 cars built in the small batch near the end of the Premium run for the US.  Production is now up and running, but a lot of guys have had to wait for a while to get their orders for a Black Edition GTR.
Now with SpecV exhaust tips

These exhaust tips are impossible for mere mortals to obtain.

 Chris' Midnight Purple 3 - LX0 R35 GT-R, now with C-West wing.  The wing is new from C-West. The last time Omoto from C-West was in the US, he checked out Chris' GT-R and they worked out a deal on a wing. The trunk is from Seibon carbon.

Dry carbon fiber and purpleness - LX0

 A nice Datsun 510. Updated with SR20DET power. Modern large wheels and tires. Some subtle fender flares.  I can't have all R35 GT-R coverage, there are lots of other cool cars out there, and at the shows.
SR20DET Power
2012 Nissan GT-R - Super Silver

2009 Titanium Nissan R35

Titanium was only offered in 2009. Its a unique color, but was not popular

Unique trunk. Perfect for tailgating?

Early GT-R logo. The R35 logo, the R is pointy, not squared off. Details, notice the details

Notice how nicely this wearable GoPro frames Aidan. He was checking in
girls at the  DSport booth, so he should have some good footage

They look like golf cart wheels

Honda 600 engine

Honda 600. Yes that hatch looks like carbon fiber
Cobb Time Attack R35 GTR. Its for Sale if you are looking for a TA car

Seibon Carbon R35 GT-R. Dry carbon fiber hood

Seibon dry carbon fiber mirrors. I though they were just a cover, then...

I noticed that it wasn't just a wrap.

More dry carbon fiber from Seibon

Now this is a unique color

GT-R's and R's, and ...a BMW

Fontana Nissan GTR. 

GTR wheels on an FX

Doesn't really look like a GT40. The color combo is always good.

Interesting detail on the engine of this Honda. ITB, nitrous. Clean

This 350Z was called minty. Sporting the hellaflush, streched tire, big offset, custom color
rims in a contrasting color. I think I like it.

Unique twist on stock wheel finishing. Paint the inners

Nismo 370Z

SpoCom Camaro

Individual throttle bodies on the Porch.

Hybrid CRZ widebody

Its a rotary. GT30 turbocharged

Carbon fiber intake tube on this BMW

FD RX-7. You forget how small these cars are until you see one.

Kouki Nissan S14

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