World Time Attack : Final Results

Sierra Sierra Evo at World Time Attack
It was a fight, with a bit of controversy thrown into the mix, but once again, the Cyber Evo came out on top of the World Time Attack Challenge. Followed up in second by the US team, Sierra Sierra. In third place the Garage Revolution RX-7 filled in the last podium spot. The fastest GT-R, was an Skyline R34 GTR from Mark Berry and Advan/Hi Octane Racing with a 1:31.934. For R35's, Australia's two quickest cars finished in 9th and 11th places with a 1:32.4 for GT Garage, and a 1:33.5 for Mercury Motorsport.
SSE garage locked up tight

The big controversy came after the Sierra Sierra Evo, after running in the 1:30 range on Friday, came out with guns blazing on Saturday morning and laid down a 1:29.0. Just about straight over the 29's and nearly into the 28's.  After clocking 280 km/hr(173 mph) down the straight, the Japanese teams said it was impossible for the Sierra Sierra car to go that fast unless they were cheating. Calls of nitrous, Sierra Sierra getting real secretive

Mark Berry's Nissan Skyline GT-R. Wild Aero

However on the next session, the Cyber Evo answered with a blast into the 28's with a 1:28.85. This would be enough to keep them at the top of the charts, as in the last session, no one could improve their times.  Once again - Christine - the nickname of the Sierra Sierra Evo is a bridesmaid, not a bride.  It would be interesting to see if they will make some improvements, and try and go up against the Cyber Evo on their own ground, at Tsukuba. Sierra Sierra took away Cyber Evo's record at Buttonwillow, but its been two years in a row that the Cyber Evo has bested SSE in Australia.
Fastest R35 GT-R of the day. 

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