GReddy 4.3 Liter Nissan GTR Video

Its not mentioned in the video, but the GReddy R35 GT-R was out at El Toro for some testing with Road and Track Magazine. It will be interesting to see the results of the test. Not sure how much power it does on 91 octane, but on the good stuff, its capable of over 1300 hp.

GReddy R35 GTR V2 with GPP built 4.3L VR-Spl. engine, TD06-20G Turbo Uprade, T-29 Cross-flow Intercooler, Carbon Air Duct, DCT Cooler Kit, 94mm Racing Titanium Exhaust.
Source: GReddy Blog

As long as we are looking at 4.3 liter Nissan GT-R's, this second car was built by SP Engineering. At 1319 horsepower and 1120 ft-lb, this car is very serious. Nick named Black Ace and Smokey, it is certainly quick. In the video below, the car is run on the dyno, and it doesn't do bad.

Hofman Godzilla Dyno from SP Engineering on Vimeo.

91 Pump – 975+ HP
C16 Race Fuel – 1350+ HP
* SPE Spec Full Blue Print and Balanced Race Short Block
* SPE Spec 4.3L Stroker Motor (94.4mm stroke)
* SPE Spec WPC Coated Block, Bearings, Rods, Pistons, Crank
* SPE Spec Sleeves
* SPE Spec Head and Main Studs
* SPE Spec Nissan Main and Rod Bearings
* SPE Spec Harmonic Damper
* SPE Spec Metal Head Gasket
* SPE Spec Stage 4 Race Head (Port/Polish)
* SPE Spec 1mm+ Valves
* SPE Spec Dual Valve Springs
* SPE Spec valve Lock
* SPE Spec Locator
* SPE Spec Titanium Retainer
* SPE Spec Ported Intake Manifold Runner
* SPE Spec 280 Degree Camshafts with 11.3/11.0 lift
* SPE TD06-SH 20G Turbo x2 (SPE HYBRID) 1150HP+
* SPE Spec Stainless Tubular Manifold
* SPE Spec External Wastegate
* SPE Spec 29R XL Intercooler (294x710x115mm core)
* SPE Spec Aluminum Intercooler Pipe
* SPE Spec Blow Off Valve + Charge Pipe
* SPE Spec Cold Air Suction Pipe Kit
* SPE Spec Titek Titanium 90mm Mid Pipe
* SPE Spec Titek Titanium 90mm Exhaust
* SPE Spec Injectors
* SPE Spec Trip Fuel Pumps
* SPE Spec Fuel Rail
* SPE Spec Fuel Pressure Regulator and Fuel Gauge
* SPE Custom Tune
* 91 Octane Map
* C16 Race Gas Map

Source : SP Engineering Blog


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CGS Motorsports said...

I just love how this car flies. It's really intense and filled with energy.

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