Nissan GT-R Sales in July 2011 : 56 Units

#1 Black Edition GT-R from NAGTROC
56 units sold in July 2011. It was a pretty weak selling month for the Nissan GT-R. -34.9% from July 2010. Year to date, a total of 883 Premium and Black Edition Nissan GT-R's have been sold. They do not have a break down of Black Editions sold, but they are slowly making their way out to customers. A lot of the Black Editions slated for the US were destroyed in the Tsunami and Earthquake.

Red GT-R's are faster
56 cars sold means that the Nissan 370Z is about 10 times as popular as the Nissan GT-R. In July 550 Z's were sold.  About twice as popular as the GT-R and Z combined, the LEAF sold 931 units.  On another note, Nissan sold 21,430 Altimas a 16.8% increase over July last year.  Overall sales were up 2.7%, showing Nissan and Infiniti are bouncing back from the twin natural disasters.

Source: Nissan News

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