Grudge Match : AMS vs Switzer : 8.9 vs 9.0


When you were a kid, did you ever get into a "my Dad can beat up your Dad" kind of argument? Maybe you were too sophisticated for that? You probably gave up doing it a while ago. Then again, you might not have. Take two car enthusiasts, both supporters of opposing shops, give them a public forum to hash out some differences, and watch the fur fly. First you get the horsepower dyno battles. 1248 awhp on a Mustang dyno. 1356 awhp on a Dynojet.  No dyno reads the same, no correction is ever the same, but people still like to race dyno's. Then the cars head to the track for private test days, and the numbers, the videos of the best passes show up on Youtube.  Its human nature, its competing, its what makes us survive and strive for more. The excuses come out, it was hot, they were on the wrong tire, the DA was horrible, the track prep sucked, the track is downhill, that lane always reads wrong, the car was on pump gas, it was "only 37 psi". The asterisks to the times never stop. The forum posts go from my dynochart can beat up your dynochart, to lets settle this at the dragstrip.

Forum members try to setup a race, but the two quickest R35's, are not really willing participants.  While a race between the two quickest GT-R's would be cool, side by side, it probably wouldn't settle anything. It would just give each side more ammo to go at each other on forums.   The report is now, that both R35 GTR's will be in Texas for TX2K in 2012. Will they line up against each other? Its hard to know for certain. Until then, we have video of the two quickest Nissan GT-R's in the world.

Supplementary in-car video vbox footage of the AMS Alpha 12 GT-R. It includes the pass prior to the 8 second run and the 8 second run.

This was our second attempt to evaluate the R1KX project at a drag strip before sending the car home to its owner. As you will see by watching, an 8 second pass was just one hundreth of a second away. The car achieved some incredible performance numbers none-the-less.

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