RB26 Powered Nissan GTR Drag Car

RB26 Powered R35 Nissan GT-R Drag Car

Last month we posted up some information on three drag race R35 Nissan GT-R's that were being built in Australia. Now we have a little more detailed information and pictures on one of the cars being built.

Godzilla Motorsports car is coming together now, with RB power. A similar setup in their all wheel drive R32 GT-R drag car has gone 7's in the quarter mile.  Time is short, as the Jamboree is coming up August 27th and the 28th in Brisbane, Australia. No word on the other two Nissan GTR's, however it seems like they may even be 2JZ powered, that is a pretty proven inline 6- turbo engine.

All three of the GT-R's built at ITP are destined for inline six-cylinder turbo engines but only this one will feature the greatest Nissan engine of them all and the one most often associated with the model - the  RB26. And while Mark Jacobsen's Godzilla Motorsport R35 GT-R currently sits with just a dummy engine in place, it won't be long before the RB26DET from his 7sec R32 GT-R finds a new home in the mass of chromoly tube that comprises this monster's front end. Behind it, a brand new Lenco 5-spd and twin-disc clutch will send drive to the 10.5W rear slicks and with the heavyweight R32 capable of high seven-second passes at 180+mph
There were some rumors of the car getting a AMS built 1800 hp VR38DETT engine, but time is short, so the car is going to be running with the old iron lump of an RB26. If everything goes to plan, it should be capable of some 6 second timeslips. If it can run that fast, it should be the first RB powered car into the 6's.  Time is short, wishing the guys luck, and we would rather see them do it with Nissan power, and when they get around to it, the VR38 sitting in the front.

 Source: Zoom and NAGTROC

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would certainly look forward to a vr38 powered drag car

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