VR38DETT Powered Nissan Super Juke

Has April Fools day come way early, or late this year? The rumors buzzing around the internets are of a Nissan Super Juke with Nissan GT-R power.

The rendering is well, as much a mix of GT-R and Juke as possible.  Some 13 year olds dream?  The Juke is an odd little car with a great engine in normal trim. A 1.6 liter direct injection gas engine.  They make great power for what they are, and even more power with some modifications.  This Super Yuke borders on  ridiculousness.  The expensive parts of the Nissan GT-R are the engine and transmission. I couldn't see Mizuno greenlighting anything related to the Nissan GT-R in a Juke body, not even associated with GT-R parts.  Perhaps this is more like the Dacia Duster than random at Pikes Peak this year.  Some companies one off, or some teenagers wet dream.

Source: Jalopnik


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