Manufacturer Testing at Nurburgring Video

My friend and driver of the DG Spec Scion tC, Scott was in Germany a couple weeks ago, and took some footage of manufacturer testing at Nurburgring. This is not the current cars being tested within the last two days.  The 2013 GT-R is according to some sources in Germany going for timed laps tomorrow.  Its not likely those times will be available until the Tokyo Auto Show.

A couple of the cars look like they are really hustling.  One manages to have a little bit of a "moment" on corner exit. 

Video footage of private manufacturer testing on the Nordscheife at the Nurburgring, featuring:
- Porsche 911 Coupe & Cabrio
- Cadillac ATS
- Audi R8
- Jaguar XK
- Nissan GT-R
- Audi RS4 Avant
- BMW M3 & M6
- Mercedes-Benz ML
- Hyundai Genesis Coupe

He even got a chance to run around the 'ring in a Renault Megane RS Sport. I would love to hit the ring one day. I don't need to go that fast, just want to check it off the list.
A lap of the infamous Nordschllefie in a Renault Megane RS Sport from RSR Nürburg during Touristenfahrten. By lap 5 I'm finally beginning to push a bit on this 13-mile-long track, also known as The Green Hell

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