2012 Nissan GT-R Front Lip Spoiler From STILLEN

STILLEN has been designing and making urethane parts for cars for over 20 years right in Costa Mesa, CA.  This latest urethane lip spoiler for a 2012 Nissan GT-R takes the hugely popular front lip spoiler and fits it to the newest car. The installation is fairly easy as it installs over the factory lower lip. Instructions are available here:

Enhancing the aerodynamic performance of such a finely tuned car like the GT-R is no small feat.  When developing the car Nissan did a great job of developing an aero package that works well, but left some room for improvement for the true enthusiast.  One of the most common complaints of GT-R owners is the car has a tendency to "push" when exercised hard on a race course (understeer).  Two ways to fix this condition are through the suspension, or increasing downforce via aerodynamics of the car at higher speeds.  Increasing the aerodynamic downforce keeps the front end of the car planted and therefore improving front grip, reducing the "push" effect.

The STILLEN Urethane Lip Spoiler adds 2" of length to the OEM fascia, and installs directly onto the vehicle over the factory piece. This lip spoiler is designed to hold additional air onto the nose, with flares on the side corners producing a canard effect for extra control.

Another major benefit of the front lip spoiler is the durability.  Constructed out of high-quality polyurethane, this front spoiler is nearly indestructible and carries a limited lifetime warranty. This means it can stand up to the hazards of the race track or the drive around town with 100% driver/owner confidence.

One customer was tracking his R35 GT-R at VIR, and missed a section of the Esses, grabbing the curb and grass at around 80 mph.  It grabbed the front lip with enough force to remove it. However, the lip was recovered, and in good enough shape to reinstall.  That is tough. If you did the same thing with fiberglass or carbon fiber, you would be left with a handful of shredded parts.

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