GT-R Memory Box for Setup Switches

The Nissan GT-R has three setup switches, that allow the driver to choose several levels of performance from the car. The three switches are for transmission, suspension, and vehicle dynamic control (VDC). One annoying issue with the switches, is when you turn off the car, they reset to the default position. One owner has come up with a way to lock the positions of the switches, even after the car is turned off and back on.
The video below shows his prototype development box.
Like my other kits, I've made the unit so it is totally plug and play; * Remove the plug from the existing switch * Insert the removed plug in to my unit * Then plug the other white connector in to the switch. Total install time will be 10-15 minutes and need only a Phillips screwdriver. The third(grey) connector may not be on the final kits, it basically allows debugging to be performed on a laptop and allows flashing new firmwares. As suggested, I'm trying to get everything ready to go so when the larger quantities of connectors arrive I can ship out in reasonable quantities. Having said that, I may be taking pre-orders as that date gets closer, so please let me know if you are interested. I'm still finalizing the costs but kit is expected to be ~$275

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