2013 Nissan GT-R SpecR? Evo? Nording?

Is this the 2013 Nissan GT-R? Two different wheels

Ben from GTC posted a few pictures from the Nissan GT-R event at Nurburgring today. The pictures really raise more questions than answers. From the pictures posted, the blue car being driven might be either a Nording product, or perhaps the SpecR, or "Evo" Nissan GT-R.

New wheels on the front. Aggressive offset
 This looks like the car with the carbon fiber trunk, and carbon fiber rear wing.  It also appears to have a front lip with brake ducts in them.  Nording has a trunk,wing, and front lip similar to these parts.

Nording wing and trunk lip

Nording front lip spoiler with ducts
The schedule of events for the next few days. The supposed time attack for today was postponed. It was said there was an issue with the tires. Perhaps Nissan is taking a page from the book of Chevrolet and going with a real soft compound tire, like the Pilot Sport Cup. All the quickest cars now, are on a real DOT tire.

 Source: NAGTROC

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