2012 Nissan GT-R Launch Control for 2009-2011 GTR

 One of the upgrades for the 2012 Nissan GT-R, that helps to improve its 0-60 time so much over the 2009-2011 car is the new launch control or LC4. It is called LC4 unofficially as this is the 4th version of launch control, but the first version officially acknowledged by Nissan.  However, it has a few limitations, as it has to be used with VDC(vehicle dynamic control) in R mode. This is fine for a stock car with LC4, however a big power car will spin the tires enough to cause the VDC to kick on, with the car will falling on its face.  In the video below from the Cobb development team, a LC2 TCM was reflashed with LC4, and it has the ability to be launched with VDC Off.

This is a big development for all Nissan GT-R's. The clutch engagement on LC4 is much smoother than the violent wheel hopping clutch drop of LC1.  Check out the videos below.

The first launch control on the GT-R was called LC1.  LC1 would allow for 4500 rpm launches.  VDC off, transmission up to temperature.  Without launch control the car would come off the line at 2000 rpms.  The problem with the 4500 rpm launch, was wheel hop.  The GR6 transmission as used in the GT-R was the first production use of an longitudinal dual clutch transaxle.  By September 2008, the first pictures of failed GR6 transmissions were floating around the web.  The first failures seemed to be a catastrophic failure of first gear.

By October 2008 there were a few individuals that had transmission failures, had switched VDC off, and were denied warranty claims. A few owners started calling for a class action lawsuit. Lots of controversy erupted.  At the end of October, I posted a few options on ways to fix the GR6 transmission and launch control.

In December 2008, Edmunds Inside Line tested their GT-R with the 4500 LC1, and with a non VDC off, 2000 rpm launch.    With LC1, they saw a 3.53 second 0-60 time(1 foot of rollout), and a 11.77@118.63 mph 1/4 mile. From a 2000 rpm launch, they saw a 4.3 second 0-60 time(1 foot of rollout), and a 12.3@118.5 mph pass.

In January 2009, Edmunds Inside Line reported that Nissan was going to be reprogramming the launch control on the Nissan GT-R, we would start to call this reprogrammed launch control - LC2. 

- Launch Control remains, but the maximum allowable engine speed with the VDC system switched off will be reduced from the current 4,500 rpm to between 3,000 and 3,500 rpm. The clutch engagement program will also change to reduce driveline stress, e.g., less abrupt engagement on launch.

- When launching with the VDC on, the new programming will allow for higher engine speeds and a more aggressive clutch engagement than the current setup.

- Nissan reiterated that launching the GT-R with the VDC off is not covered by the warranty.
Some owners with LC2, saw 0-60 times actually decrease to the low 3 second range.  Here is a video of one car 3.1 seconds 0-60 mph.

By September 2009, Nissan had settled the transmission warranty claim lawsuit.  Here are the results of the lawsuit.

1-All GTR owners that have LC1 used before and were afraid that the tranny did not have any warranty because of turning VDC off and doing a LC1 will have their warranties re-setted for 5yr or 60k miles if they upgrade to LC2. All LC1 will be forgotten and the tranny will be fully covered by NISSAN. After LC2 being installed, all LC2 with VDC on will be fully covered by NISSAN. If you turn VDC off today , do your thing ( drag/road course/etc) and the tranny goes bad at that moment, the warranty will not hold, BUT if the problem arise some time later after turning VDC off back on and driving the car without any issues and then BAMMM.......the tranny will be covered 100%. If not NISSAN WILL HAVE TO PROOF that turning VDC OFF a week or a month prior the damage was the cause of failure. THEY WILL NEED TO PROOF IT , not like before that they just saw the BB data and said it was not covered.

2- ALL 2009 GTR owners will get a $75 coupon for any kind of service at any GTR approved Nissan dealership as part of a class compensation for the time taken to update LC2.
All this will be happening in the next 2-3 months when GTR owners will be receiving notification from NISSAN.
For 2011, the Nissan GT-R launch control got further improvements, which we called LC3.  LC3 would allow for a 3300 rpm VDC in R mode launch, making the launch covered under warranty.

In 2012(US), the launch control was again revised. This time it is an actual advertised feature, called R Mode Start, with limits. LC4 allows for four launches prior to it requiring a mile and a half drive to cool the transmission down. The quick numbers are generated with the setup switches in R- Comf - R.  4000 rpms comes up, and 0-60 times happen in anywhere from 2.8- 3.2 seconds. 



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