Sep 30, 2009

778 Wheel Horsepower :SP Engineering R35 GT-R

Is this the most powerful Nissan GT-R in the world ? The Garage Saurus R35 GT-R did 834 ps in Japan, but we hear that was at the engine power, not at the wheels power. No matter how you correct it, SP-Engineerings R35 is probably the most powerful Nissan GT-R currently. A twin Greddy TD06 turbo kit, Haltech ECU, and an assortment of other parts add up to the 778 whp figure.
Source : SP Engineering.

SP35 breaks record again! from SP Engineering on Vimeo.

Sep 28, 2009

Nissan Settles Lawsuit over GT-R Transmission

The Nissan transmission issue has been ruled on in court, and there has been a settlement come to that seems to put this area of the car behind people. The transmission became a hard point as it was such an expensive car, and after many owners had abused the car, they had warranties denied. In the end launch control was upgraded to a lower RPM's which actually helped to improve 0-60 and 1/4 mile times.

Sept 18 at the 9 District Federal Court in LA Nissan finally settled the GTR TRANSMISSION claim issues regarding the LC1 and the denying of warranty .

For all the GTR owners that believed in our claims and gave us support, we thank them,for those GTR owners that believed that we were looking for money and said that our claims were ridiculous, once they receive all the benefits that arised from this settlement they may change their minds about it.
This is the end result:

1-All GTR owners that have LC1 used before and were afraid that the tranny did not have any warranty because of turning VDC off and doing a LC1 will have their warranties re-setted for 5yr or 60k miles if they upgrade to LC2. All LC1 will be forgotten and the tranny will be fully covered by NISSAN. After LC2 being installed, all LC2 with VDC on will be fully covered by NISSAN. If you turn VDC off today , do your thing ( drag/road course/etc) and the tranny goes bad at that moment, the warranty will not hold, BUT if the problem arise some time later after turning VDC off back on and driving the car without any issues and then BAMMM.......the tranny will be covered 100%. If not NISSAN WILL HAVE TO PROOF that turning VDC OFF a week or a month prior the damage was the cause of failure. THEY WILL NEED TO PROOF IT , not like before that they just saw the BB data and said it was not covered.
2- ALL 2009 GTR owners will get a $75 coupon for any kind of service at any GTR approved Nissan dealership as part of a class compensation for the time taken to update LC2.
All this will be happening in the next 2-3 months when GTR owners will be receiving notification from NISSAN.

Source : NAGTROC Forums

Nissan GT-R is super, but still trails established leaders

Some people, automotive journalists included, just don’t get the Nissan GT-R. This article is a perfect example of someone that just doesn’t get it.  The Nissan GT-R is a performance model. A GT car more biased towards performance than comfort.  Its even a tough car for much of the public, coming from a Lexus, Mercedes, or BMW to understand.  Hard ride, loud brakes, loud transmission.

Its just one of those tough things Nissan had to face when making this car. Make it soft to please a good portion of the people that might “want” the car. Or tune it hard, for better performance.  They made some compromises, and they even had to give up some of the luxuries to make the US price points.

Seriously. The floor mats are an option on an $83,320 car, one of several brain fades - no memory for seats and mirrors? - that make me wonder how well Nissan understands the mind-set of BMW, Corvette and Porsche owners.

It also lags other super coupes' fuel economy. The EPA rated the GTR at 16 mpg in the city and 21 mpg on the highway. The 505-horsepower Corvette ZO6 scored 15 city/24 highway, while the 385-horsepower all-wheel drive 911 Carrera 4 S notched an outstanding 18 city/26 highway.

The price comparison may be the Z06 and the 911 Carrera 4S, but the performance point is the ZR1 and the 911 TT.

Source : Lansing State Journal

Sep 24, 2009

Nissan Spec V Turbocharger's Tested - 730 PS

HKS Technical Factory in Japan has been doing some testing and upgrades on the Nissan GT-R Spec V.  On paper the Spec V costs a lot more than the regular GT-R, and offers little  performance increases in the engine compartment. However, it seems something is hiding within the turbochargers.
The Spec V turbos are 3 mm bigger on the inlet side of the compressor and 4 mm larger on the exducer side of the compressor.  The exhaust side exducer is about 8mm larger which will give this turbo reduced backpressure, and the reduced backpressure will turn into more top end power. HKS TF took a Spec V added the GT600 kit with larger injectors and fuel pump and at  1.4 –1.5 kg/cm2 of boost saw 730 ps or about 720 horsepower.  There was no mention in the article if this was at the wheels, or at the engine horsepower.
For those people wanting to purchase the Spec V turbochargers, the price comes in at 1,000,000 yen each, or about $10,900 each .  This puts them out of most “reasonable” peoples price range.  HKS TF is working on their own upgraded turbos, that will have a similar compressor wheel to the Spec V turbocharger, but with a cutback normal GT-R exhaust wheel. They expect them  to be able to provide 650-680 hp.
20090917-HKS_TF-08 turbo (1)
Standard Spec V HKS-TF
COMP  Trim 60T  60T 64T
IN(mm) 43.4  46.5  46.5
OUT(mm)  56  60  60 
Number of blades 12  12  12 
EXH Trim 57T  82T  57T
IN(mm) 53  53  53
OUT(mm)  39.8  48  39.8 
Number of blades 9 11  9 + cutback

Source : GT-R BlogGTR-World

Mines Camshafts and Engine Upgrades for the VR38DETT

mines-camshaftproII-0011-540x311 Mines is a well known and respected Japanese tuning company, one of the few I really respect. They believe in doing more with less, and their builds are always understated but impressive. They always have the cars that look really stock, but are faster than the big crazy cars. They are well known for the video of their R34 GT-R that scares a couple of Japanese race car drivers, as the response and setup of that car makes it just haul around a track.

Mines is the first company so far to offer upgraded camshafts for the VR38DETT. Camshafts help increase the airflow into and out of the engine, and increase horsepower. Mines has not released any information on horsepower increases, but along with tuning, expect some good gains.

The stock VR38 camshafts are 238 degrees of duration with 9.56mm of lift intake, and 248 degrees and 9.88 mm of lift on the exhaust.  The Mines camshafts are 256 degrees with 10.2 mm  of lift on the intake side, and 264 degrees with 10.55 mm of lift on the exhaust side.


R35_VR38DETT_PISTON_1000 R35_Con-rod_1000

Mines is also soon going to be offering a complete engine. Lightweight Mahle pistons, and titanium rods will shave off approximately 1920 grams or about 4 lbs of rotating weight out of the engine.  The lighter reciprocating assembly will be able to accelerate quicker, and rev high safer.  If Mines builds it, it is sure to be impressive.

Rather than maximum horse power, Mine's have continuously pursued the ultimate response. Our aim is to build the same kind of great responding engine like our BNR34 engine.  Mine's complete VR38DETT engine by using Mahle pistons and I-shaped titanium conrods which will shave off approx. 320g a piece, and that's times 6 for cylinders. 
Therefore, it is going to be light with excellent pick up and hi revving engine.


Source : GT-R Blog and Mines English Website

Sep 21, 2009

Switzer P800 R35 GT-R 310km/hr in a Standing Mile

Lots of big power modifed cars were out at the Moscow 500+ Unlimited event recently. Two R35 GT-R's with Switzer Performance Upgrades were in the top 3 fastest cars. Check out the list of the Mile, and 1/4 mile results.

Unofficial Results:
1.(10) Nissan GTR R35 Switzer P800 (Oleg) - 26.928 seconds.(310.88 km / h)
2. (26) Porsche 911 Switzer SPI 750 (Dmitry) - 26.959 seconds. (307.95 км/ч) (307.95 km / h)
3. (09) Nissan GTR R35 Switzer P800 (Yuri) - 28.005 seconds. (289.38 км/ч) (289.38 km / h)
4. (29) Koenigsegg CCX (Andrei) - 28.267 seconds. (306.90 км/ч) (306.90 km / h)
5. (24) Corvette ZR1 (Andrei) - 28.731 seconds. (298.50 км/ч) (298.50 km / h)
6. (46) Nissan GT-R R35 HKS570 (Vladimir) - 29.446 seconds. (291.02 км/ч) (291.02 km / h)
7.(49) Dodge Viper SRT-10 (Sergei) - 29.551 seconds. (282.79 км/ч) (282.79 km / h)
8.(13) Audi RS6 Evotech (Yuri) - 29.818 seconds. (286.62 км/ч) (286.62 km / h)
9.(65) Mercedes SL65 FAB Design (Miguel) - 30.272 seconds. (284.13 км/ч) (284.13 km / h)
10.(43) Audi RS6 MTM (Yegor) - 30.280 seconds. (276.92 км/ч) (276.92 km / h)
The 911 turbo just edged the two R35's out over the 1/4 mile, but the R35 was just on top for the standing mile.

1/4 Mile
1.(26) Porsche 911 Switzer SPI 750 - 10.303 sec. (213.39 km / h)
2.(10) Nissan GTR R35 Switzer P800 (Oleg) - 10.418 seconds. ( 218.31 км/ч ) (218.31 km / h)
3.(09) Nissan GTR R35 Switzer P800 (Yuri) - 10.566 seconds. (210.03 км/ч) (210.03 km / h)
4.(46) Nissan GT-R R35 HKS570 (Vladimir) - 10.807 seconds. (205.36 км/ч) (205.36 km / h)
5.(49) Dodge Viper SRT-10 (Sergei) - 11.573 seconds. (199.00 км/ч) (199.00 km / h)
6.(11) Jeep SRT-8 (Tigran) - 11.575 seconds. (187.59 км/ч) (187.59 km / h)
7.(50) Chevrolet Corvette (Bogdan) - 11.588 seconds. (211.39 км/ч) (211.39 km / h)
8.(13) Audi RS6 Evotech (Yuri) - 11.595 seconds. (195.12 км/ч) (195.12 km / h)
9.(24) Corvette ZR1 (Andrei) - 11.602 seconds. (208.45 км/ч) (208.45 km / h)
10.(29) Koenigsegg CCX (Andrei) - 11.608 seconds. (212.89 км/ч) (212.89 km / h)
16650 USD

18490 USD

Sep 20, 2009

Sport Auto Supertest : Corvette ZR1

Sport Auto 7-38

There has been lots of internet controversy over Nurburgring lap times.  There are no “official” times, but Sport Auto Magazine does their Supertest which is regarded as a pretty good gage for lap times at the ‘ring.


The comparison lap times of the Corvette ZR1 vs the Nissan GT-R. (ZR1 / GT-R): Nürburgring - 7:38 / 7:38 Hockenheimring - 1:09,7 / 1:10,7 Wet Handling Course - 1:35,8 / 1:32,4 The stock Nissan GT-R, and the stock ZR1 seem to put down some fairly similar lap times in Europe.

Source : NAGTROC forums

Sep 19, 2009

Nissan Skyline R34 Buggy Car Video

Nissan Skyline R34 Buggy Car.  Not much to do with R35’s, but there were lots of R35’s at the SP Engineering event today.

Yes its very strange in real life. For some more pictures and information on the R34 Skyline buggy car.

SP Engineering GT-R Day

CIMG5829SP Engineering held a GT-R Owners Day  and end of summer BBQ today.  R35 GT-R’s were out in force with over 30 cars making an appearance over the day.  Three R32 GT-R’s , two R33 GT-R’s, and the R34 GTT/VW Buggy car also showed up.  CIMG5828


Three cars made dyno pulls on SP's all wheel drive Mustang dyno with the highest R35 in  570 whp range.It was good to meet up and talk to many of the owners and other industry people.   SSP made the trek out from to southern California.  The are supposed to be doing instrumented testing with Edmunds: Inside Line later on this week, and that sounds like fun. Thanks to Alex and SP for hosting this event. It was a good turn out, and we can’t wait till the next track event for GT-R Owners.  


Check out the album pictures, and a few videos to be uploaded later. 

Sep 17, 2009

GTC R35 runs 10.8 at Santa Pod

GTC-R35-SantaPod Ben from GTC in the UK took his R35 GT-R to Santa Pod Raceway, and ran a string of high 10 second passes.

Modifications to the car are : Cobb AccessPORT GTC Titan GTC Carbon aero GTC Down pipes Forge Intercooler

Stillen R35 GT-R Day 3 of Racing at Targa Newfoundland

Targa 2009 Day 3 231 The Stillen R35 GT-R has completed its third day of racing, fifth day of the Targa Newfoundland yesterday.  They replaced the CV boot that was giving them trouble, and completed the stages with a penalty of 6 seconds to keep under the 135kph average. Their total time is +12 seconds now, putting them in Sixth place overall, and first place in the Modern Division, Large Displacement class.  About their only other worry was fuel vapors in their van they are using to carry fuel around.   Head over to the Stillen Blog for more pictures and details on the day.





Source : Stillen Blog

1995 R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R $39,750.00 - SOLD


SOLD-R33 Skyline GTR for sale. Imported by Motorex, DOT bond released.
For sale outside of California only. Not ARB certified.  US title
18" Stern wheels. HKS exhaust, Hicas canceler. Tein Suspension. N1 ducts. 33750 miles. Very Clean.


We have hundreds of sets of used JDM wheels in stock. Check our eBay listings or our webstore for more JDM rims. Refinishing service available, please email us for pricing.
Ebay Store

Sep 16, 2009

SSP Solid Transmission Mounts

ssptrans South Side Performance has released a new R35 GT-R product: Solid Transmission Mounts.


SSP introduces a new product to help stop some of the violent wheel hop that GTR owners experience. SSP has been designing a solid mount transmission kit (billet aluminum) to help keep the transmission in its place. Under sever loads the transmission mounts will allow for some movement. We believe that this movement contributes to wheel hop. Currently there is no cure for 100% of the wheel hop, but this carefully designed product will help prolong the life of the transmission.

ssptrans2 The eight piece kit will introduce some road noise, and take away some of the smoothness of the stock mounts, but for some people willing to make compromises this is something they might need to help prolong the life of the transmission. The kit retails at $1699

Stillen GT-R at Targa Newfoundland Racing Day 2

stillen_gtr_targa_newfoundland_day2_marcurbano_450 The Stillen R35 GT-R is still doing well at the Targa Newfoundland rally. They ran eight stages yesterday, one of which was canceled due to crowd control issues.


The GT-R caught one Subaru on a stage and was unable to pass safely, so they missed a time goal by 6 seconds. The goal for this rally is to run it within the allotted time without missing a time goal. If you miss a goal you get that time added to your score. The Stillen GT-R is now +6 seconds.


Videos and pictures are over at the Stillen Blog, so head on over. 


Source : Stillen Blog

1971 Hakosuka GT-R Clone , 1971 Hakosuka , 1974 Ken and Mary 2000GT For Sale in the US.

Nissan GT-R heritage cars. 1971 Hakosuka 1971skyline

Sep 15, 2009

Stillen Nissan GT-R Doing Well After First Day of Racing at Targa

Stillen GT-R

Steve Millen is doing well after the first day of the Targa Newfoundland rally. The car completed all the stages without any penalities and is tied for 1st place with a group of cars. Targa Newfoundland scoring system is based on a set time that competitors have to finish a stage. If they are slower than the set time then they get that time as their score,ie 2 seconds late, then they now are +2. The average speed limit on the stages is 135 kph.
The good news, Steve and Mike have said that they are well under the goal time for each stage so far. [EDIT: Confirmed from Targa Newfoundland Results - Tied for 1st with other competitors running a perfect day with no time penalties: Targa Newfoundland Results] This is a good sign for the week and we’re hoping they keep up the great work!

However they did find a small hole in a CV boot on the car. The spare part they had was not the correct part, so they effected a temporary repair that they hope holds up. Maybe someone in Canada can FedEx them a new axle or two. stillen_gtr_newfoundland_day1_racing3 Source : Twitpic – Marcurbano

Stillen Blog

Sep 14, 2009

Camouflaged Nissan GT-R at the Ring

500x_Nissan-GTRspecM-TOPEdmunds Inside Line and Jalopnik have both reported on a camouflaged Nissan GT-R that was photographed by KGP photography.  They are reporting that this is perhaps the “M-Spec” version of the R35.  The M-Spec version or “man spec” version of the R34 was for gentlemen, rather than the boy racer type of R34 owner.  The R34 had leather seats and softer suspension.  Kris over at GT-R Blog thinks its something different, just the 2011 face lifted R35 GT-R.

I think a good way to stay in the news and to get a lot of free coverage for Nissan is to camouflage up a Nissan GT-R and go at drive it at the Nurburgring.


Source : Edmunds Inside Line and Jalopnik

Targa Newfoundland : Day 1 : Prolouge

Targa_Newfoundland_2009_GT-R_Prologue_StartSteve Millen from Stillen and Mike Monticello from  Road and Track magazine are competing in the 2009 Targa Newfoundland from September 13-19th.  Their car is number 975 a 2009 Nissan GT-R that has been modified to 620 hp and 0-60 times in 2.9 seconds.   


The Prolouge is a shake down/precursor to the actual event, so most people were taking it easy. However the Subaru from North American rally rolled, both driver and navigator were ok.


Head over to the Stillen Blog for more pictures. 


Source : Stillen Blog

Sep 12, 2009

Twin test: Nissan GT-R v Porsche 911 Turbo

MSN UK posted a review of the Nissan GT-R  vs a Porsche 911 TT.  They like the GT-R, but seem to like the 911 more as its harder to drive hard. The GT-R is easier to drive hard and its faulted for that.



But the Porsche is the more thrilling of the two. You sit closer to the ground, you're aware of the engine stuck out behind you, the noise is more intense and the ride more forgiving.


After a few days in its company it is difficult to come to terms with the staggering performance and handling of the Nissan. Be in no doubt, Nissan has built a fantastic car. The problem is, extracting its best isn't exactly challenging. While I'm hugely impressed of the engineering achievement, the GT-R doesn't keep you on edge like the Porsche.

Thats a pretty strange quote. Driving a car to its best is not challenging. I guess they like cars to feel edgey and not in control.
If you can only spend £60k on a performance car buy the GT-R and you will not regret it. However, if you want a real everyday supercar that will also challenge you, buy the Porsche. The problem is you have to fork out supercar prices.
I'll pick the faster one over the "more challening" one. If I wanted more of a challenge I would ride a unicycle. Source: MSN UK

GTC Racing Carbon Fiber GT1 Hood

GTC Racing has released a few pictures of a new hood they are working on for the Nissan R35 GT-R.  The hood is inspired by the hood on the Nismo GT1 spec R35 GT-R.  The hood is vented to help keep that high power GT-R cool, and includes ducts that direct air at the turbos.  The hood weighs in at 10.5 lbs which is 16 lbs lighter than the stock hood.  Pricing has not been finalized.


Source : GTC Racing via GT-R Blog

Sep 10, 2009

675 whp On Pump Gas : Altered Atmosphere

header-photo-25 Altered Atmosphere’s R35 GT-R with their GT800R turbo upgrade kit recently hit the dyno and put down 675 wheel horsepower at 6800 rpm and 651 lb/ft at 5000 rpms on 93 octane fuel at 21 psi.
2009 Nissan GT-R equipped with AAM's GT-800R Turbo Upgrade. This GT-R is also modified with AAM's High Flow Catalytic Downpipes, Resonated Midpipe, Rear Variable Exhaust, FMIC Kit, and Stage 1 Fuel Rail System.


Source : Altered Atmosphere

Sep 9, 2009

Emergency Hookers Towing




Emergency Hookers Towing Company offers 24/7 Roadside Assistance, Lock-Out Service, and Flat-Bed Towing in and around the Greater Los Angeles Area.


From MotoIQ : 1000 hp GT-R's in Australia

R32-runway Eric Hsu over at MotoIQ posted a link to this video of a few R32 , R33, R34, and R34 GT-R's doing some 0-400, and 0-800 meter runs. Source : MotoIQ MotiveDVD

Limited Edition Secondary Oil Cooler kit for the Nissan GT-R R35

gt-roilcooler560 Cobb Tuning has just announced availability on their limited edition secondary oil cooler for the R35 Nissan GT-R. Anyone that has ran a car hard on the race track knows that you have to try and keep the fluid temperatures in check. This secondary oil cooler kit that mounts on the opposite side of the factory oil cooler includes the very important ducting that makes the oil cooler core actually work. An oil cooler with no ducting is nearly as bad as not having one at all. Cobb claims their oil cooler kit during their testing has allowed for oil temperature reductions in the 20 C (36F) range.  This might be the difference between a rebuild and a long track life. The full kit comes in priced at $1395.  
Execution of the COBB Secondary Oil Cooler kit leaves nothing to be desired. A Mocal air-to-oil core is used for efficiency and durability. The core is mounted to the chassis using a custom CAD designed aluminum bracket that is designed to work with the included OEM oil cooler duct. The adaptor fittings are custom CAD designed and CNC machined aluminum with black anodizing. All hose ends are high quality aluminum -10 AN fittings with an attractive black and titanium anodized finish. Hoses are preassembled using smooth bore, lightweight synthetic rubber interiors with black nylon overbraid and encased in XRP Fyrefoil 2 radiant heat shielding for additional thermal resistance. The replacement gaskets are Nissan OEM parts.

Source : Cobb Tuning Blog

Sep 7, 2009

SP Engineering 707 awhp R35 GT-R


The SP Engineering Greddy TD06-20g equipped R35 GT-R at Seibon Customer Appreication Day.

Sep 6, 2009

R34 with R35 Front End Conversion

Mindlessoath over at NAGTROC posted up this picture of what is some variety of an R34 with an R35 front end conversion and widebody.   People always want something different, something new.


Source : NAGTROC forums

Sep 4, 2009

Forged Performance Time Attack GT-R


Forged Performance GT-R at Nashville Superspeedway at the Redline Time Attack series.



Source : NAGTROC Forum

Toyo R888 Tires in GT-R Sizes


Toyo has been teasing the R888 in GT-R sizes since SEMA last year. Now the press release is out, and they should be hitting the shelves now.

Originally previewed at the 2008 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the 285/35ZR20 (100Y) front and 315/30ZR20 (101Y) rear fitments are now available at authorized Toyo Tires dealers across the United States.

The Proxes R888 competition tire further enhances the track capabilities of this supercar with features such as a continuous center contact for excellent directional control during hard braking. A unidirectional, 6/32nd-inch tread pattern with v-shaped grooves enhances wet traction and control, while a semi-slick shoulder area helps to increase cornering force. The Official Tire of Speed World Challenge®, the Proxes R888 can also be shaved for maximum dry-weather performance on race day.

Source : GT-R Blog

Sep 3, 2009

Greddy TDO6-20G Turbo Kit for R35 GT-R Priced

TKup_R35_20G Greddy has just announced pricing on their TD06-20G kit for the Nissan GT-R. Coming in at an MSRP of $9800.  The kit will only be available though  GReddy Master Tuner Shops like SP Engineering. SP has USA-spec GTR, with a stock engine.


With their tuning methods they were able to increase horsepower by 305whp and 210.8 ft/lbs at just 1.45kg/cm2. That makes a 700+whp GTR. Check out the video of the car here.


Source : Greddy Blog

Grand Turismo 5 Screenshots : Super GT GT-R

gt5-supergt-gtr Grand Turismo 5 has been a long time coming. 


Over 1000 cars, and the ability to export your “racing” footage right to You Tube. You will be able to show those internet gamers what up. There is even crazy talk of damage, and other crashes. A little more like real life.


No details on a release date… maybe 2012? 2014 ?  Some time in the future I imagine. 





Source : Autoblog