Stay Away From This GT-R !!!!!



Well stay away from it if you are under 10.  My joke has always been that the heritage GT-R’s would be a great car for gay men, or ugly women as they attract a ton of young boys.  All you have to do is stop at a gas station, and you are surrounded by kids in Civics snapping pictures.  These pictures popped up on Facebook, and well, I had to post them. 



More pictures of GT-R's. My Little Pony , Carebears , and Sponge Bob make appearances.

If you don’t know what Pedobear is…look it up.  As you can tell, its actually just a photoshop. Funny photoshop.

Pedobear spotting at the Red Bull Drifting Championships.




payne said...

I'm sure you saw what they did to my car. They put My Little Pony and Care Bears on it LOL.

Sean Morris said...

No, didn't see it. Send me a link... dope.

John Zhang said...

heheh glad you guys liked it :)

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