Nissan Spec V Turbocharger's Tested - 730 PS

HKS Technical Factory in Japan has been doing some testing and upgrades on the Nissan GT-R Spec V.  On paper the Spec V costs a lot more than the regular GT-R, and offers little  performance increases in the engine compartment. However, it seems something is hiding within the turbochargers.
The Spec V turbos are 3 mm bigger on the inlet side of the compressor and 4 mm larger on the exducer side of the compressor.  The exhaust side exducer is about 8mm larger which will give this turbo reduced backpressure, and the reduced backpressure will turn into more top end power. HKS TF took a Spec V added the GT600 kit with larger injectors and fuel pump and at  1.4 –1.5 kg/cm2 of boost saw 730 ps or about 720 horsepower.  There was no mention in the article if this was at the wheels, or at the engine horsepower.
For those people wanting to purchase the Spec V turbochargers, the price comes in at 1,000,000 yen each, or about $10,900 each .  This puts them out of most “reasonable” peoples price range.  HKS TF is working on their own upgraded turbos, that will have a similar compressor wheel to the Spec V turbocharger, but with a cutback normal GT-R exhaust wheel. They expect them  to be able to provide 650-680 hp.
20090917-HKS_TF-08 turbo (1)
Standard Spec V HKS-TF
COMP  Trim 60T  60T 64T
IN(mm) 43.4  46.5  46.5
OUT(mm)  56  60  60 
Number of blades 12  12  12 
EXH Trim 57T  82T  57T
IN(mm) 53  53  53
OUT(mm)  39.8  48  39.8 
Number of blades 9 11  9 + cutback

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Jeff Chong said...

So the Spec V turbo is the new N1 turbo.......too bad they cost so much!

Anonymous said...

Sean, when do you think we'll start seeing R35's in the 1000+hp range? Seems like the R34's made way more power with less engine.

Do you think there will be R35's in the 9 second range, or is the thing just too heavy?

Sean Morris said...

1000hp range. It took R32 GT-R's till maybe 1994 or so till they were in that range. So thats about 5 years of development on the RB26 in the R32. R32,R33, R34 engines are all the same, so you have to really look at the release of the RB26.

Right now we are less than 2 years in, and I think that we will see 1000hp pretty soon.

R35's in the 9's . Maybe this week, maybe next week. Cars have done low 10's at 130+ mph. Not going to take much to go 9's. Once the formula is figured out, then its easy from there. Basic minor bolt ons get these cars deep in the 10's.

Sean Morris said...

Or if someone grows a set, and has more money than sense, a built engine and some big turbos. It won't take much nitrous to push the car into the 9's .

Jeff Chong said...

I think it is very easy to get a R35 into the 9s, build tranny, unrestrict the intake/exhaust, slightly bigger turbos, race gas, no cats, stripped the car to 3500 lbs. Much easier then making a RH9 R32-R34.

Anonymous said...

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