Nissan Settles Lawsuit over GT-R Transmission

The Nissan transmission issue has been ruled on in court, and there has been a settlement come to that seems to put this area of the car behind people. The transmission became a hard point as it was such an expensive car, and after many owners had abused the car, they had warranties denied. In the end launch control was upgraded to a lower RPM's which actually helped to improve 0-60 and 1/4 mile times.

Sept 18 at the 9 District Federal Court in LA Nissan finally settled the GTR TRANSMISSION claim issues regarding the LC1 and the denying of warranty .

For all the GTR owners that believed in our claims and gave us support, we thank them,for those GTR owners that believed that we were looking for money and said that our claims were ridiculous, once they receive all the benefits that arised from this settlement they may change their minds about it.
This is the end result:

1-All GTR owners that have LC1 used before and were afraid that the tranny did not have any warranty because of turning VDC off and doing a LC1 will have their warranties re-setted for 5yr or 60k miles if they upgrade to LC2. All LC1 will be forgotten and the tranny will be fully covered by NISSAN. After LC2 being installed, all LC2 with VDC on will be fully covered by NISSAN. If you turn VDC off today , do your thing ( drag/road course/etc) and the tranny goes bad at that moment, the warranty will not hold, BUT if the problem arise some time later after turning VDC off back on and driving the car without any issues and then BAMMM.......the tranny will be covered 100%. If not NISSAN WILL HAVE TO PROOF that turning VDC OFF a week or a month prior the damage was the cause of failure. THEY WILL NEED TO PROOF IT , not like before that they just saw the BB data and said it was not covered.
2- ALL 2009 GTR owners will get a $75 coupon for any kind of service at any GTR approved Nissan dealership as part of a class compensation for the time taken to update LC2.
All this will be happening in the next 2-3 months when GTR owners will be receiving notification from NISSAN.

Source : NAGTROC Forums

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