Twin test: Nissan GT-R v Porsche 911 Turbo

MSN UK posted a review of the Nissan GT-R  vs a Porsche 911 TT.  They like the GT-R, but seem to like the 911 more as its harder to drive hard. The GT-R is easier to drive hard and its faulted for that.



But the Porsche is the more thrilling of the two. You sit closer to the ground, you're aware of the engine stuck out behind you, the noise is more intense and the ride more forgiving.


After a few days in its company it is difficult to come to terms with the staggering performance and handling of the Nissan. Be in no doubt, Nissan has built a fantastic car. The problem is, extracting its best isn't exactly challenging. While I'm hugely impressed of the engineering achievement, the GT-R doesn't keep you on edge like the Porsche.

Thats a pretty strange quote. Driving a car to its best is not challenging. I guess they like cars to feel edgey and not in control.
If you can only spend £60k on a performance car buy the GT-R and you will not regret it. However, if you want a real everyday supercar that will also challenge you, buy the Porsche. The problem is you have to fork out supercar prices.
I'll pick the faster one over the "more challening" one. If I wanted more of a challenge I would ride a unicycle. Source: MSN UK


Anonymous said...

Well the ZR1 and the Viper ACR are both faster than the GTR. Does that mean you would pick one of them over the GTR?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

there is always one isn't there...( zr1 & viper ) they were never the bench mark nissan aimed for...

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