Greddy TDO6-20G Turbo Kit for R35 GT-R Priced

TKup_R35_20G Greddy has just announced pricing on their TD06-20G kit for the Nissan GT-R. Coming in at an MSRP of $9800.  The kit will only be available though  GReddy Master Tuner Shops like SP Engineering. SP has USA-spec GTR, with a stock engine.


With their tuning methods they were able to increase horsepower by 305whp and 210.8 ft/lbs at just 1.45kg/cm2. That makes a 700+whp GTR. Check out the video of the car here.


Source : Greddy Blog


Anonymous said...

Using a common rule of 20% driveline losses, that should equal about 840hp at the engine. Converting the 1.45kg/cm2 comes to 20psi. Does it seem correct to assume that the engine in NA form is probably making about 340hp?

Sean Morris said...

I don't like figuring driveline loss. I think any formula is a flawed formula . I like at the wheels numbers, and I take those with a grain of salt.

NA form, there is no NA version of the VR38, but the VQ37 is 330 hp.

Jeff Chong said...

The VQ37 is pretty close to be the NA version of the VR38, and it does make 330 hp. Most of the time, boost pressure and hp is directly proportional. NA is 330 hp, 15 psi would make 660 hp, 30 psi would be 990 hp.....etc

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