Camouflaged Nissan GT-R at the Ring

500x_Nissan-GTRspecM-TOPEdmunds Inside Line and Jalopnik have both reported on a camouflaged Nissan GT-R that was photographed by KGP photography.  They are reporting that this is perhaps the “M-Spec” version of the R35.  The M-Spec version or “man spec” version of the R34 was for gentlemen, rather than the boy racer type of R34 owner.  The R34 had leather seats and softer suspension.  Kris over at GT-R Blog thinks its something different, just the 2011 face lifted R35 GT-R.

I think a good way to stay in the news and to get a lot of free coverage for Nissan is to camouflage up a Nissan GT-R and go at drive it at the Nurburgring.


Source : Edmunds Inside Line and Jalopnik

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Kris said...

haha I think you're right about that last comment. They've cracked the viral marketing nut with camo'd GTRs at the 'ring.

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