Mines Camshafts and Engine Upgrades for the VR38DETT

mines-camshaftproII-0011-540x311 Mines is a well known and respected Japanese tuning company, one of the few I really respect. They believe in doing more with less, and their builds are always understated but impressive. They always have the cars that look really stock, but are faster than the big crazy cars. They are well known for the video of their R34 GT-R that scares a couple of Japanese race car drivers, as the response and setup of that car makes it just haul around a track.

Mines is the first company so far to offer upgraded camshafts for the VR38DETT. Camshafts help increase the airflow into and out of the engine, and increase horsepower. Mines has not released any information on horsepower increases, but along with tuning, expect some good gains.

The stock VR38 camshafts are 238 degrees of duration with 9.56mm of lift intake, and 248 degrees and 9.88 mm of lift on the exhaust.  The Mines camshafts are 256 degrees with 10.2 mm  of lift on the intake side, and 264 degrees with 10.55 mm of lift on the exhaust side.


R35_VR38DETT_PISTON_1000 R35_Con-rod_1000

Mines is also soon going to be offering a complete engine. Lightweight Mahle pistons, and titanium rods will shave off approximately 1920 grams or about 4 lbs of rotating weight out of the engine.  The lighter reciprocating assembly will be able to accelerate quicker, and rev high safer.  If Mines builds it, it is sure to be impressive.

Rather than maximum horse power, Mine's have continuously pursued the ultimate response. Our aim is to build the same kind of great responding engine like our BNR34 engine.  Mine's complete VR38DETT engine by using Mahle pistons and I-shaped titanium conrods which will shave off approx. 320g a piece, and that's times 6 for cylinders. 
Therefore, it is going to be light with excellent pick up and hi revving engine.


Source : GT-R Blog and Mines English Website

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