Feb 28, 2010

Stillen 25 Year Anniversary May 8, 2010

Stillen is celebrating 25 years of operation. 
Development of that race program prevented us from being able to hold our annual Open House Customer Appreciation Day, but we are very excited to announce that 2010 will see the return of the highly anticipated event.  We would like to invite you to come down and celebrate our 25th year in business!
Come down, bring your Nissan or Infiniti (or just yourself) and join us as we celebrate 25 years of STILLEN and Nissan/Infiniti performance!
Special Features and Attractions:
  • Thousands of highly modified Nissan/Infiniti cars from around the country
  • Discounted Dyno Runs
  • Show Specials on Products
  • Special Guest Appearances
  • Shop Tours
  • Technical Seminars
  • New Product Launches
  • Great Raffle Prizes and Giveaways
  • And much much more!
Source: Stillen Blog

Feb 27, 2010

Gruppe S Hankook Tire Drift Nissan GT-R Updates

Grupee S posted up some pictures of the engine mounted in their R35 GT-R drift car.  They are preparing the car for the Formula Drift season.

The engine going in the car is not the VR38DETT but rather a turbocharged VQ35 from a 350Z, stroked and bored to 4.0 liters.

Feb 25, 2010

Portland Trail Blazers Forward Jeff Pendergraph’s Nissan GT-R

Jeff Pendergraph is a basketball play for the Portland Trailblazers.  He comes in around 4 minutes into the video and shows off his Nissan GT-R.

Nissan GT-R Commercial

This is not an official commercial , but its still a cool video.  I don’t remember putting it up online.
Source : NAGTROC via Youtube

Nissan GT-R vs Ferrari F430GT Video

Forged Performance had their Nissan GT-R out at NASA time trials this last weekend, and took home two 1st places. They also had a chance to be out on track with a Ferrari F430GT . Check out the Video.


Feb 24, 2010

NAGTROC Nissan GT-R Trackday at VIR

A good group of Nissan GT-R’s went to VIR racetrack. The weather conditions got wet, but the guys had a great time. There are lots of pictures and videos on the NAGTROC forum thread.  Check it out.

Feb 23, 2010

Brass Monkey Racing to Campaign Two R35 GT-R’s in World Challenge GT

Brass Monkey Racing has just announced  their entry into the 2010 World Challenge GT with two Nissan GT-R’s.

KW Suspension Coil Over Kit For Nissan GTR

The KW suspension kit adapts the standard Nissan GT-R Bilstein suspension to include height adjustability and spring changes.  This will allow you to have the three position suspension switch to adjust the dampening. The Japanese price should put this coil over setup at around $1500.

Feb 21, 2010

Hakosuka Skyline GT-R : Out for A Sunday Cruise

Well not a Sunday cruise. Best Motoring video of Gan-San in a Hakosuka at Fuji.   Listen to that engine.  Beautiful. This video is for anyone that says the Nissan GT-R has no heritage.

Feb 20, 2010

823 Wheel Horsepower Nissan GT-R

Highest Horsepower in the World ?  This remains to be disputed.  This Nissan GT-R, tuned by Boost Logic,  was run rear wheel drive only, by disengaging the front propshaft, and layed down 823 wheel horsepower and 670 ft-lbs of torque at 25 psi of boost. 
This car features our turbo kit, intercooler, exhaust system, and our fuel system. The turbos on this setup are Journal Bearing so there is definitely spool to be had on simply upgrading that

However, yesterday SP Engineering's GT-R made 816 all wheel horsepower/770 ft-lbs of torque. The clutch started to slip when they tried to run 1.8 bar so they stopped the tuning at 816.9 all wheel. I have to give them that 0.9 hp.

Formula 1 Driver and His Nissan GT-R

Add one more Formula 1 driver to the list of Nissan GT-R fans/owners. Fairuz Fauzy, newly announced driver for Lotus, has owned a Nissan GT-R since early 2008. Cobb blog posted up a story on Fariuz and the Accessport that he is using on his R35 GT-R.

Feb 19, 2010

Gruppe S VR38 Crankshaft Development : Drift R35 Updates

Gruppe S just posted some information on a VR38DETT crankshaft / stroker kit they are working on.   They expect from 4.0 – 4.3 liters of displacement from the Nissan GT-R engine. There is no replacement for displacement.  Displacement plus technology and turbos = yummy.
Now onto drifting and the Hankook tire R35 GT-R.  The roll cage is going in the car. The sound deadening has been removed, and the chassis has been spot welded to add rigidity.

T88-34D Equipped R32 Skyline GT-R on a Road Course

An oldie, but its a goodie. Cryodon Wholesalers R32 GT-R on Pukekoke Circuit in New Zealand.  T88-34D and Holinger sequential transmission equipped.
Croydon Wholesalers Racing Nissan Skyline GT-R Godzilla running a hot lap at Pukekohe in 2002 with onboard camera as Nick wrestles the new Holinger 6-speed sequential and 1000hp around during a Track Day.

Feb 18, 2010

Four Tuned R35 GT-R's Battle From AutoStream

Autostream posted up this link to a four GT-R 3 lap battle.  Head over to Autostream, and check out some of their online content partners.

R34 GT-R Anniversary Cruise

Speedhunters posted an article and pictures from a Nissan Skyline GT-R – R34 Anniversary cruise that took place near Sydney Australia.
About 30 R34 GT-R’s showed up for the meet and took a cruise to Mt. Wilson from Penrith.
Next year will also mark the 21st Anniversary of the legendary R32 GT-R, which is planned to be held at the Motorsport Museum in Gosford and will be hosted by motorsport legends Terry Ashwood and, possibly, Fred Gibson.
Head over to Speedhunters to check out some more pictures from the event.
Source: Speedhunters.com

Feb 17, 2010

Nissan GTR Vs Bentley Continental Super : Motor Trend Video

Motor Trend Magazine seems to be into these odd comparisons recently.  They also like using the GT-R, which is understandable. Its a good bench mark for performance.
Rocket vs Refinement, Hooligan vs Gentleman, GT-R vs Bentley: Who will win in this all wheel drive turbo charged duel? The 621-horsepower, $273,000 Bentley Continental Supersports or the 485-horsepower, $87,000 Nissan GT-R?

Feb 15, 2010

Mines R34 GT-R vs Three Tuned R35 GT-R’s

From Hot Version #103.  The Mines R34 GT-R with Tarzan Yamada driving vs three tuned R35 GT-R’s.

The full version got taken down.
A preview.

Feb 14, 2010

Top 10 cars for Single Girls on Valentine's Day


The Nissan GT-R made it to the MSN Autos Canada list of top 10 cars for single girls on Valentines Day. I always joked that the earlier series Nissan Skyline GT-R’s attracted a lot of boys, so they might be a good car for a gay man or an ugly woman.  Some people just never got that joke though.

This isn't your average Nissan. The GT-R is pure muscle power coupled with a chiseled and distinct exterior design. It's a winner when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. Guys of all ages will flock to these wheels. And the power will knock his socks off, too. It has a 480-hp twin-turbo V6 under the hood. Don't go too fast ladies, you don't want to leave Mr. Valentine in the dust!

Other cars on the list include the Dodge Viper, Lamborghini Gallardo, 911, Corvette, Audi R8 , and 370Z roadster.

Source: MSN Autos Canada

Feb 12, 2010

GTR Injector Tuning

John from Akuma Motorsports put up some good information that will help out some people tuning R35 GT-R’s.  Larger injectors change two important parameters, theoretical pulse width and base fuel schedule, if the car is not tuned for the larger injectors correctly, the car will not respond well in AUTO mode, as the transmission uses these values as an input for shifting.

Fuel injector inputs GT-R

To scale injectors correctly, and subsequently, keep the trans running correctly, he must do the following.
1. Set the Target AFR table to the appropriate values...11.1..11.2...10.9 what ever you want the AFR to target.
2. The tuner must first adjust the FUEL MULTIPLIER(lower the number for a leaner response)...800cc approx -15 -20%
3. The tuner must then watch the AF Trims to see where the AFR Learning values are. We want a lean...115%. At idle and about 95-105% under cruise and under load the fuel curve is close to the BASE FUEL TABLE values. No need to go crazy with boost, just see that it does not drop below the desired target AFR.
4. If you upgraded to a larger MAF, I have seen about a 5%increase through the entire MAF curve is a good start. Keep in mind there is a MAX value at 4.91 Volts that you can not exceed 255...it is a physical limit of the ECU. Keep in mind the stock MAF curves vary for each bank. You may find keeping them a little closer to one another keeps the variation in each bank(AFR) closer...you will have to find out what the intakes/intercooler set up work best with.
5. Start the car and open the FUEL VE Table. In the beginning you will want to use the Trace feature to get a sense of where you are. You will use this table to smooth out the AFR Learning and the Fuel Curve. Cruise is in the 30 -60's, idle 16- 24s', and WOT is in the upper few columns172+. try not to do a Cell by Cell smoothing, rather keep the table rather smooth, 'V' and 'H' are your friends...LOL
6. Do a few VERY light load/boost pulls...no need to go to redline here. See what your AFR and Load-Theor Pulsewidth are doing. If your injectors are bigger than 750cc, your Theo PW will be off.
7. If the AF Learning and the THEO PW are too far off, look out trans and P0700! smile.gif This is where the last step comes in. manipulate the BASE FUEL SCHEDULE value to gain proper resolution in the tables. Reducing the value too far will put you in a worse situation(you would only raise it for smaller injectors than stock). Start with a 10% reduction for 750cc, 15% for 850cc or bigger. See what works best for the car.
Rinse and repeat. ;)
This is how to Properly scale injectors and load. Do not manipulate the Target AFR table to make large changes in the AFR curve. This will take time, but it will work. If you are having trouble, let me know and I will do what I can to help out.

Transmission shifting


Nissan GTR on E85 runs 10.48 @133mph at PBIR

Nissan GTR on E85 runs 10.48 @133mph at PBIR

1/4 Mile ET: 10.482
1/4 Mile MPH: 133.210
1/8 Mile ET: 6.764
1/8 Mile MPH: 105.370
0-60 Foot ET: 1.645

Nice 60 foot. A 1.645 is good. 14.5 psi stock acuators , Cobb Access Port, running on E85. 573 hp/577 ft-lb on a Mustang dyno.

Feb 11, 2010

Hybrid Porsche 911 GT3 Race car

Porsche unveiled its latest race car just before its first planned appearance at the Geneva auto show. The car is being used as an R& D platform for a possible future return to the 24 Hours of Lemans. The 911 GT3 RSR R hybrid uses an electro mechanical flywheel ,mounted on the passenger side floor ,that uses kinetic energy created by braking to provide electrical energy to a pair of 60 kilowatt(80 hp) electric motors.  The electric motors are mounted in the front axle assembly, making the Porsche all wheel drive.

Feb 10, 2010

Sumo Power and Swiss Racing Team FIA GT1 GT-R Drivers Announced

Sumo Power and the Swiss Racing Team though Nissan and Nismo have announced some of their drivers for the Nissan GT-R GT1 for the FIA Championship.

For the Swiss Racing  Team Karl Wendlinger, Henri Moser and Max Nilsson will drive ,with one other driver to be announced.For Sumo Power  Michael Krumm and Peter Dumbreck will share one of the GT1 GT-R's. The names for the second car have yet to be announced. Krumm and Dumbreck will work with Nigel Stepney as their chief engineer.

Source: Planet Lemans

Feb 9, 2010

Password JDM Dry Carbon Fiber Rear Seat Delete


When developing a true function-over-form product for the R35, sometimes the end-result happens to be extremely aesthetically pleasing as well! We had to put our thinking caps on when bringing a real “game changer” rear seat delete alternative to market… the premise for the design and build was to delete the rear seat and delete all the stuff required for the rear seats. this premise came about since we find the factory rear seats near useless by design. there was hardly any leg room, so why even bother. reducing as much weight as possible without making this car look bare and naked has been our agenda since day one. The PWJDM Rear Seat Delete project has followed this directive to a T.

Priced at $2899.99 the dry carbon seat deletes are not an inexpensive way to get rid of the rear seats. I did not see how much weight they save, but the stock rear seats are not very heavy. Although nicer than the SpecV cover for the rear seats, does the price make sense ? GT-R Tax.

HKS Premium Day Pictures

Garage Defend R35

Daryl from Tunerlab posted up a huge lot of pictures from the HKS Premium day at Fuji Speedway.

In my opinion, this event was far better than the Tokyo Auto Salon and Nismo Festival. HKS has really worked hard to make this a memorable event for the fans. Also, compared to the complete lack of R35 GT-Rs at the Nismo Festival, the HKS Premium Day features highly-tuned R35s from various shops.
This day consisted of 3 events, run one in the morning and once in the afternoon.
1) Hiper Challenge - HKS fans and customer racing
2) Option FSW Super Lap - racing between various tuning shops such as ATTKD, Pan Speed, Yashio Factory, Auto Select, HKS, HKS Kansai, Top Fuel, Esprit, etc.
3) R35 GT-R Battle - a battle of GT-Rs between Esprit, MCR, Garage Yawata, Garage Defend, Screen, Sunline Racing and HKS.

HKS Technical Factory R35

HKS Technical Factory R35 GT-R

Screen R35

Screen R35 GT-R

R35 GT-R

I like the wheels and stance on this car. Plus red is faster.

R35 SpecV

A Nissan GT-R SpecV.

Source : GTR.co.UK

Daily Godzilla: Living with the Nissan GT-R

Motor Trend has a long term Nissan GT-R test car that Arthur St. Antoine recently posted an online blog .
What I noticed right away is how well our family Godzilla has held up. The odo is showing around 23,000 miles now, and -- rest assured -- all but maybe a couple hundred of those have been clocked with the twin turbos whirling in fury. The GT-R hasn’t complained. It starts easily, idles smoothly, doesn’t creak or groan or rattle.
Read more: http://blogs.motortrend.com/6637239/editorial/daily-godzilla-living-with-the-nissan-gt-r/index.html#ixzz0f4GHYX87
He does mention something about the transmission having a hiccup, but it might just be the transmission needing an adjustment. The clutch touch point, and capacity can be adjusted in 15 different steps by the dealership. This is part of the Performance Optimization Service.
A few premium rides might ultimately be faster, but in almost any impromptu stoplight or freeway acceleration-flexing the GT-R is going to triumph. It’s simply blinding out of the gate (aided, of course, by all-wheel drive), and the combo of its high-pressure six and rifle-shot dual-clutch shifter create withering, all but foolproof sprints. Most drivers already seem to know this. Such is the street cred of the GT-R: You’ll notice hot cars pulling up behind or alongside for an admiring look, but they tread lightly. No one wants to risk getting bitten by Godzilla.
Read more: http://blogs.motortrend.com/6637239/editorial/daily-godzilla-living-with-the-nissan-gt-r/index.html#ixzz0f4Grc8lr
The GT-R is fast. Lose your license fast if you aren’t careful. Just plodding along on the freeway, dip into the throttle to pass a slower car, and 90 mph comes up very quickly. Motor Trend named the Nissan GT-R their car of the year for 2009.

Souce: Motor Trend

FIA GT1 Nissan GT-R Video From Nismo Festival

Three FIA GT1 R35 GT-R’s and a Group A R32 GT-R at Fuji Speedway for the Nismo Festival.
 Nismo Festival R35 GT1

FIA Nissan GTR GT-1 (demo run)
Source : Streetfire

Feb 8, 2010

VIDEO: Virgin VR-01 Formula One Test At Silverstone : Nissan GT-R

Whilst Timo prepares himself for the VR-01 cockpit, check out Nick Wirth having a religious moment as he puts his absolute faith in Lucas driving ability. The car that Lucas' is driving is actually Nicks treasured Nissan GTR

Here's some video of the Virgin Racing test day at Silverstone.  Lucas diGrassi at the helm of the GT-R having some fun in the wet.

HKS GT II Turbochargers for R35 GT-R

20100208-hks-turbo-gtII -1 
In conjunction with HKS Premium day at Fuji Speedway, HKS announced a new turbo series named the GT II turbine. The turbos feature ball bearing housing with an inline turbo oil filter to keep debris out of the center section.  The turbos are going to be specifically made for the right and left hand bank of a V series engine, separate housings for each side. They claim that this will help balance the turbos output for each bank of a V engine.

Feb 6, 2010

Sumo Power/JR Motorsports Factory Tour

Sumo Power has been in the GT-R world for a long time.  Known for being the UK HKS dealer, Sumo Power has done everything from drag racing to time attack. Just recently they became one of two teams running the FIA GT1 GT-R.  Jonathan Moore from Speedhunters took a tour of the Sumo Power/JR Motorsports Factory.
Sumo Power GT600 Skunkworks development car.

Feb 5, 2010

Blitz R35 GT-R Drifting

On the Dunlop Japan blog, this picture of a Blitz R35 GT-R drifting showed up in a post. Its hard to tell, as its a single picture, if it is the car that Blitz has been working on, or just a normal R35 GT-R getting sideways. I did a Google translate on the page, and nothing was very specific.  The wheels look similar, but the graphics and hood are different from the car that was shown at TAS 2009.
blitz r35 drifting

Feb 4, 2010

Virgin Racings Driver Timo Glock

Virgin Racing is one of the new teams for the 2010 Formula One season. While checking out some Nissan GT-R stories I noticed that the team had their VR-01 car at Silverstone Racetrack today in the UK for a test session. The article mentioned that while waiting for the car to get ready, Timo Glock and his teammate Lucas diGrassi took some hot laps in the bosses Nissan GT-R.
While checking to see if I could find any photos I checked out the Virgin Racing website, and 10 Questions with Timo Glock. One of the questions was his Favourite Road car, and his response was the Nissan GT-R.  So being a Formula One driver, it might have been his personal car that he was hustling around the track at Silverstone. He joins another Formula One driver , Jensen Button in enjoying the Nissan GT-R.

Source : F1SA , Virgin Racing

The Richest Nissan GT-R Owner ?

A member at NAGTROC posted some photos of a Nissan GT-R at a friends car dealership. The dealership is just down the street from Oracle, and Larry Ellison the CEO, dropped by with his 2010 Nissan GT-R. Not just an ordinary GT-R , but a Hennessey Tuned GT-R.  A Nissan GT-R is an interesting car for a 65 year old billionaire to be driving, but very cool.  Hope he is enjoying it.
Source : Nagtroc

Win a GT-R From YoParts

YoParts.com is building up a Nissan R35 GT-R to give away to one lucky member. Check out the video for the contest details.
Source : Apex Kings

Feb 3, 2010

Nissan GT-R vs Drift Scion tC’s

Motor Trend picked an interesting set of cars to put up against each other in a single test, an all wheel drive Nissan GT-R , and a couple of rear wheel drive converted Scion tC’s. The Scion’s normally compete in the Formula Drift series. The GT-R, we normally see on the streets.
Check out the video. The Motor Trend videos have really been improving. I like what Ed Loh is doing with the videos he is putting together.

Upgraded GT-R 10-135 mph Video


Take one R35 GT-R. Add in exhaust, AAM GT900R Turbos , Synapse BOV's,
HKS EVC VI ,800CC Injectors, stir, and this is what you get.   

Fast car.

Feb 2, 2010

HKS Large Front Mount Intercooler Kit

The HKS Intercooler Kit for the Nissan GT-R R35 features two lightweight, large capacity intercooler cores, polished aluminum piping and a carbon fiber air duct that greatly improves cooling efficiency. By utilizing two lightweight 400x260x65 mm cores with a new inner fin design, HKS was able to improve efficiency, minimize pressure loss under higher boost levels and reduce front-end weight.

E85 Nissan GT-R Tuning Video

Cobb Tuning recently tuned an R35 GT-R on E85 fuel. E85 is 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline fuel blend that carries an octane rating of 105 PON. This E85 burning R35 made 574 wheel horsepower with stock turbos.

Click though for video

Feb 1, 2010

Mojave Mile

mm_logo_10_009_lower3titleandlogo2 Standing mile events have become popular over the last couple of years. From a standing start you try and get to the highest speed possible by the end of a mile.
That’s right – standing-start, flat out speed, as fast as you can go in ONE MILE! In conjunction with the Mojave Air and Space Port, a private airfield in Mojave, CA, we will host the first ever Mojave Mile Shootout event on March 6, 2010. This facility features a 12,000’ runway which will allow for very fast speeds (250+ mph) and a comfortable braking margin. Since Mile Shootout racing is already very popular in Texas, the Midwest, and the East Coast, we look forward to being the premiere site for Mile Shootouts in the West! While the premiere of the Mojave Mile is scheduled to be a one-day event, future events will be 2-3 days long and will attract up to 300 participants!
The Mojave Mile will be open to both cars and motorcycles, and, as the event grows in popularity, is forecasted to be held multiple times per year. Mark your calendar to attend one of the most exciting new racing venues in the country!