Mar 31, 2011

Liberty Walk Nissan Skyline GT-R ATV

Liberty Walk, a well known tuner from Japan, took a 1970 Nissan Skyline GT-R and shunk it, put it on an ATV chassis. The proportions on the Royal Phantom just look right. Shunk, but right.  Here in the US, the Hakosukas are not very well known, but in Japan they are legendary. Their Lambormini's have been featured several times in Heavy Hitters Magazine, even on the cover.

GT-R Black Edition Updates For North America

Post earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster in Japan, the country is getting back onto its feet, and starting up production. The North American allotment for the Nissan GT-R Premium has been completed, and Nissan had just started on producing the Black Editions for North America.  The rumors state that 27 BE were shipped just prior to the tsunami.  From the reports, several BE destined for North America were destroyed by the tsunami.   Other than the 27 cars, it looks like the Black Editions will be delayed a few months due to the tragedy.  Head over to the Red Cross, and donate to the Japanese relief effort.

Mar 28, 2011

GTROC Drives the 2012 Nissan GT-R (2011 UK)

As far as English speaking Nissan GT-R owners go, the UK forums are very active, and have been for a number of years. The owner of the forum, Blowdog, has gone though several Nissan Skyine GT-R's, and currently on some kind of Lambo something that is probably not that important or significant. In his position, Nissan has seen fit to loan him a 2011 UK (2012 US) DBA GT-R for a three day evaluation and write up.  Write up, is what he does well. A very amusing read, head over to the GTROC UK for his full story.

What makes it so devastatingly quick is beyond my comprehension. My Lamborghini LP560, with 550 BHP and less weight, is not this quick. Nor is it so damn well equipped, with every luxury conceivable thrown into the mix. Sat nav, dual zone climate control, cruise, bluetooth, iphone integration, heated leather seats - and four seats with a boot.

It makes a compelling argument against the supercar establishment. Certainly, in pure performance figures, if you remove the Nissan name, you have a car that can destroy all but the most functional track devices on road and off. So why do we still aspire to the illogical, impracticalities of super car ownership when the GTR gives us more than we’ll ever need? We’ll come back to this later. It’s a conundrum, make no mistake.


Nurburgring Video : Nissan GT-R vs Corvette ZR1

In this synchronized video, the Corvette ZR1's 7:26.4 time is matched up to the 2012 Nissan GT-R's 7:24.2. The 530 hp Nissan does pretty well against the 630 hp Corvette.  Physics? The heavier, less powerful car, should be slower than the lighter, more powerful car?


AMS Product Release: New plug and play 4 Bar ALPHA MAP sensor

As tuners and enthusiasts push the limits of the stock ECU in the Nissan GT-R, new tuning solutions have to be found. In the case of the Nissan GT-R, the OEM manifold pressure sensors are limited to 24 psi. For a stock car running 10-13psi, this gives them lots of headroom. For a 1100 whp GT-R running 37 psi, they are unable to accurately give proper feedback for boost control,and for proper boost logging.

AMS Leads The Way For Solid Tuning Solutions

The AMS Alpha MAP Sensor is a solid, plug and play solution for precise boost control over 24 psi. Following the success of the Alpha MAF Sensor Upgrade, the first on the market to solve drivability problems for high hp GTR’s, we quickly found it necessary to upgrade the MAP sensor for the R35 GTR. We noted that higher boost levels created inaccurate boost control with the R35 GT-R and we needed a bullet proof solution.

What's The Problem With The Factory MAP Sensor?

The factory MAP sensor only reads to 24 psi reliably which leaves very little room to have a working boost cut in case of an over-boost situation. The factory boost control is also pressure based so after 24 psi there is no longer any ‘control’. The boost will run whatever it wants to in relation to air temperature and density for that day. There is also no way to log or tell how much boost a car is running when it is over this limit currently.

Add Safety And Reliability When Increasing Boost Levels

AMS now brings you a simple solution for reliable and precise boost control with a simple, seamless integration into your GT-R. By utilizing a 4-bar sensor we were able to regain control of the boost accurately up to 44 psi. This will not only give you regained control over boost but allows for better data collection for the Tuner resulting in a more accurate and safer tune on the dyno.

AMS Makes Upgrading MAP Sensors Easy To Install And Calibrate

Every set of Alpha MAP Sensors includes the necessary calibration parameters and tuning tips which will allow for plug and play installation without a lot of guess work for the tuner. Installation requires no cutting of wiring because it has the same stock connector to plug right into the factory harness. The AMS Alpha MAP Sensors will work with the stock ECU or any aftermarket engine management system available.


* Greater safety by retaining factory boost cut feature
* Accurate control of boost over 24 psi
* 4 bar absolute pressure sensor allows for up to 44psi to be measured reliably
* Allows for better data collection by the tuner for the better tuning results
* Plug-and-play installation using factory hardware
* No need to cut into your vehicle harness! Connector is the same as factory!
* Will work with stock ECU or any aftermarket engine management system

$159.95 Each sensor

Mar 26, 2011

2012 Nissan GT-R Deep Pearl Blue For Sale

Deep Pearl Blue 2012 GTR

Looking for a 2012 Nissan GT-R in the new Deep Pearl Blue for sale? The 530 hp, 2.8/2.9 second 0-60 mph DBA, is being offered in the Deep Pearl Blue for the first time as a 2012 model.

Two of them are for sale right now on eBay. The first one is located in Wilmington, North Carolina. It has floor mats, and the backup camera, they are looking for $89,830. The car has 100 miles.  Three days left in the auction.

Race 1 FIA GT1 World Championship Highlights

Race 1 of the FIA GT1 World Championship has been run at won at Yas Marina Circuit. Aston Martin took the chequered flag, with drivers Clivio Piccione and Stef Desseldorp driving their car to victory after starting the race in P5, they managed to hold off the #22 Nissan GT-R of Peter Dumbreck and Richard Westbrook to take the race win. Third place went to Lamborghini in the #38 car driven by Markus Winkelhock, and Marc Basseng.

 Source: NAGTROC

Hot Lap Video : Nissan Safety Car R35 GT-R Abu Dhabi

Ben and Wattie's Abu Dhabi Hotlap by GT1

Ben and Wattie out on the Abu Dhabi circuit, in a Nissan GT-R safety car.

Picture: Crank and

Brass Monkey GT-R Finishes 6th in Race One of Two

Steve Ott #98 GT-R , and Tony Rivera #97 GT-R
Steve Ott, in the #98 Brass Monkey Nissan GT-R finished in 6th place in the season opening race number one at St. Petersburg, Florida. Tony Rivera in the #97 GT-R had contact with the wall just two laps in, and was unable to complete the race.

Patrick Long in the Truspeed Motorsports 911 won the caution shortened first race on Saturday. Longs quick time was a 1:16.2, the quick GT-R time was a 1:18.3, so they need to pick up the pace for the second race of the weekend, scheduled for Sunday at 4:30PM.  The second race is viewable via livestream at

Tony Rivera
Source: World Challenge

Nissan GT-R's Second, Third, Fourth, and Eighth in Pre-Qualifying Race

Ford Marc VDS Racing's Maxime Martin and Frederic Makowiecki claimed a hard-earned victory in today's qualifying race, resisting heavy pressure from the No. 22 Nissan JRM to triumph in the first race of the season.

Racing together for the first time, the duo started from second and held position until the pitlane opened, when an excellent stop by the Marc VDS team allowed them to jump into the lead.

They came under severe pressure for the duration of the second half of the race, but remained composed throughout and held on to claim a maiden GT1 win. Nissan meanwhile celebrated as it occupied the next three slots, with the No. 23 JRM and No. 20 Sumo Power GT-Rs following the No. 22 JRM home.
"This is our first race together, so it's a fantastic result," Maxime Martin said. "The team did a very good job in the pit stops, and we are very happy with this result."

There was drama at the start of the race as the No. 7 Aston Martin Young Driver car of Tomas Enge and Alex Muller missed its breaking point and tapped the inside of the No. 41 Ford, before spinning on the exit of turn one.

That caused a chain reaction in the field as first the No. 37 All-Inkl car - demoted five places from the pole Nicky Pastorelli and Dominik Schwager claimed in qualifying - and then the No. 47 Corvette DKR made contact with Enge's Aston Martin, ruling all three cars out of the race.
As the field reassembled it was the No. 8 Aston Martin Young Driver of Stefan Mucke and Darren Turner which set about establishing an early lead, with the No. 41 Ford Marc DVS second and the No. 22 Nissan JRM in third.

The order remained consistent at the front until the pit stop window opened on lap 12, when disaster befell the No. 8 Aston Martin as a slow pit stop dropped them behind the Ford GT, before a problem with the left-front tyre caused them to retire completely from the race.

The No. 22 Nissan meanwhile had opted to stay out one lap longer, and the move almost paid dividends as it rejoined the track side by side with the No. 41 Ford Marc VDS. A frantic battle for position ensued over the next series of corners, with Maxime Martin eventually emerging in the lead but under severe pressure in the Ford.

That pressure remained for the duration of the race, with the gap between the lead two cars only exceeding one second on the penultimate lap.

There were similarly enthralling battles throughout the field, particularly at the start as a five way battle for fourth raged between Nissan, Corvette and Lamborghini. The No. 20 and No. 23 Nissan GT-Rs eventually came to the fore, but there was late drama as Lucas Luhr and Michael Krumm in the No. 23 dived down the inside to snatch third from their sister car of Enrique Bernoldi and Ricardo Zonta.

Clivio Piccione and Stef Dusseldorp finished fifth in the No. 9 Aston Martin Young Driver, ahead of Lamborghini All-Inkl's Markus Winkelhock and Marc Basseng and Corvette DKR's Mike Hezemans and Nicky Catsburg - who completed an impressive 360 spin when fighting for position in the early stages of the race.

Eighth meanwhile went to the No. 21 Nissan Sumo Power GT-R of David Brabham and Jamie Campbell-Walter, the duo fighting back from problems at their pit stop to make up two places in the final seven laps.

Source: FIA GT1

Brass Monkey Nissan GT-R's Qualify 9th and 10th in 2011 Season Opener

The Nissan GT-R's from Brass Monkey racing at back at St. Petersburg, Florida for the first round of the 2011 World Challenge season. After a partial season in 2010, the cars are back for the 2011 sporting several changes to make them more competitive.  Qualifying in the #9 spot, Tony Riveria posted a 1.17.529, and in the #10 spot Steve Ott posted a 1.17.666.   The Saturday race starts at 11:50 am Saturday, or right now.  Live timing and scoring can be found at the World Challenge website and a live video stream at

Front left tire showing a lot of load
This is the first season that the Pirelli World Challenge cars have been shod with Pirelli Racing Slicks. Previously, the series ran on DOT-approved treaded tires. Every class record was broken during yesterday's qualifying. Long will start on the GT and overall pole after a lap of 1:15.071. Skeen, Sofronas, Pobst, and Crescentini also start in the top five.

Head over to World Challenge for the pictures and action.

Picture Source - SCCA World Challenge

Mar 25, 2011

2012 Nissan GT-R at Nurburgring : 7:24:22


The 2012 US (2011 world)Nissan GT-R has several key improvements over the 2009-2011 CBA-R35. These improvements that include a bump in horsepower to 530, have helped to lower the GT-R's Nurburgring time to a 7:24:22 in less than optimal conditions. If the conditions were better, how fast would it have gone? We may get to find out later on this year.



FIA GT1 : Sumo Power GT-R's Yas Marina Circuit

After the recent announcement that all four of its drivers are confirmed for 2011, the Sumo Power GT team has arrived in Abu Dhabi and is preparing for the first round of this year’s FIA GT1 World Championship, which takes place at the impressive Yas Marina Circuit this Saturday, 26th March.

All four drivers: Ricardo Zonta, Enrique Bernoldi, David Brabham and Jamie Campbell-Walter had an opportunity to drive the team’s pair of Nissan GT-Rs at Zolder in Belgium two weeks ago. Although track-time was limited, each reported they felt comfortable in the cars and are eager for more seat-time to get properly dialled-in.

The team was also pleased that, although having undergone a complete rebuild, both cars performed well - even on base-settings. The next time the two Sumo Power GT Nissans will see the track will be on Wednesday (tomorrow), when the championship’s first official test is held at the Abu Dhabi circuit.

When the team arrived at the Yas Marina track last year, the whole operation had only been in existence a few weeks. Now, with a season of competition in the FIA GT1 World Championship behind it and with an impressive line-up of drivers, hopes in the Sumo Power GT camp are high that it will get its 2011 campaign off to a flying start on Saturday.

Qualifying for the opening round of this high-profile global sports car series takes place on Friday afternoon at 19.45 UAE time (15.45 GMT), with the first of the weekend’s two, one-hour races, taking place at 13.15 (09.15 GMT) on Saturday. The second – the main Championship race – gets the green light later the same day at 19.45 (15.45 GMT).

Both races will be televised live and can be watched from the team’s website:

Team Quotes

David Brabham (Car 20)
“I really liked the Nissan when I drove it at the test. I had a smile on my face after the first lap. Although I’ve never driven the Yas Marina track before, from what I have seen on TV it looks like an amazing place and my goal will be - as always - to win.”

Jamie Campbell-Walter (Car 20)
“As I’m the official Yas Marina two-seat F1 car driver I spend a lot of time at the circuit. It’s like a second home for me. Although my deal with the Sumo Power GT team was only announced a couple of weeks ago, I have been training for the London Marathon which keeps you mentally and physically prepared for anything, so I can’t wait to get back into the Nissan to start my second season with the team.”

Ricardo Zonta (Car 21)
“As I have said before, I am very excited by the prospect of racing with Sumo Power GT and to be sharing the car with Enrique, as we have never raced in the same team before. As we are close friends I think the partnership will work well and I am sure we have a very promising season ahead of us.”

Enrique Bernoldi (Car 21)
“I think Yas Marina is an excellent track with great facilities and I really enjoy competing there. It has a lot of overtaking places, which makes for a good race. My objective for this first event will be to work well with the team and, having driven the Nissan GT-R in the test, I can’t wait to see how it goes in the race.”

Hiroki Furuse (Team Manager)
“The cars have been fully rebuilt since last season. The whole team has put in a lot of effort, so a good result this weekend would be an excellent reward for their work. It is always difficult to tell how competitive your cars will be until the first round. I therefore hope that our experience in 2010 will give us an edge.”

Andy Barnes (Team Principal)
“This is it then! The start of a new season and I can’t wait. Our driver line-up is probably the best there is on the grid, so I’m really optimistic about our chances. However, it’s going to be critical that we get the drivers and cars dialled-in during the official test and practice before the races – and if we do – look out!”

Source: Sumopower 

Mar 24, 2011

Dragtimes 2012 Nissan GT-R : 0-60 in 2.8 seconds , 11.0@124 mph

Dragtimes took a Deep Blue Pearl 2012 Nissan GT-R, and put it on the dyno and the dragstrip to test its real world performance. The numbers are every bit as Nissan claimed.  0-60 in 2.8 seconds as verified with the VBOX.  Best of three runs was an 11.0@124mph. On the dyno the DBA put 474 horsepower to the wheels on a Mustang dyno, most CBA's put 430 horsepower to the wheels on the same dyno.  The new power, along with the revised LC4 launch control 4,000 rpm launches add up to a nearly 0.7 second improvement in quarter mile times.

We dyno tested the 2012 Nissan GT-R on a Mustang AWD dyno at HP Logic in West Palm Beach, FL where it put down 474 horsepower and 420 ft-lbs of torque to all 4 wheels.
Check out the video below and the full story, time slips, and dyno chart over at Dragtimes.  On a better air day, we should see some stock 2012's break into the 10 second range.  Modified DBA's  should be easily able to break into the 10's. 

Source: Dragtimes via NAGTROC

Mar 23, 2011

Brass Monkey Racing Nissans Return to World Challenge in 2011

Last year Brass Monkey racing entered World Challenge with a pair of nearly stock Nissan GT-R's. They ran into some issues with the short development time they had for the car, ending their season after five of the twelve races.  After making several changes, and doing testing in the off season, they are back for the 2011 World Challenge season. The season starts this weekend in St. Petersburg, Florida. The races are able to be viewed via online feed starting at 11.55 am Eastern, Saturday March 26th, and 4:35 pm Sunday March 27th Eastern on

After missing the second half of the 2010 World Challenge season, Brass Monkey Racing returns with a vengeance in 2011 with its pair of Nissan GT-Rs. The Pirelli World Challenge season starts March 25-27 at the Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, in Florida.

Brass Monkey introduced the Nissan GT-R to North American racing in 2010, but the season was cut short after five of 12 races; the team electing to focus the rest of the year on development for 2011. The team expects that development will put its pair of orange GT-Rs at the front of the field, battling for race wins, the Manufacturers' Championship and the Driver’s Championship with pilots Tony Rivera and Steve Ott.

Team Manager Rivera, of Angleton, Texas, focused the off-season development on the car’s suspension. “The GT-R is a supercar and tuned to be a world-beater on the street,” Rivera said. “One of the goals of this project has been to utilize as many stock components as possible—more than the other cars in World Challenge GT. While the suspension is well suited for street performance, it didn’t quite translate to the racetrack, at least not in World Challenge. “There were a few modifications that we needed to spend time on in the chassis and suspension department and I believe that the changes we’ve made will really improve the car on the track, particularly with the new Pirelli slick tires.”

Rivera returns for this third season of World Challenge competition. He was the breakout star of the 2009 season, winning his first-career race (Sebring) and adding another victory (Road America) en route to a third-place finish in the Championship driving a Porsche. He will again pilot the #97 Brass Monkey Racing Nissan.

Ott, of Houston, Texas, is anxious to get to St. Petersburg. “I’m looking forward to getting back on the track,” Ott said. “It feels like forever since we last raced [Mosport in May 2010] and I’m excited to see how the changes help us stack up against the competition.” The former Continental Tire and Atlantic Series standout has stayed sharp since May competing in a variety of Club Racing events. Ott will be back in the same, albeit improved, GT-R as 2010, but changes from #96 to #98.

Owned by A.J. Brass and located at MSR-Houston in Angleton, Texas, Brass Monkey Racing would like to thank its sponsors for their support, including Nissan North America, Eurotech Industries Inc., Penske Shocks, AMS Performance and Seibon Carbon. For more information, please visit

Managed by WC Vision and sanctioned by SCCA Pro Racing, the Pirelli World Challenge Championships represent the best production-based racing in the world. Utilizing a single driver format and standing starts for the 50-minute races, the series offers non-stop action in each of its three categories—GT, GTS and Touring Car. The series features 12 races at eight different venues in 2011, starting with a doubleheader weekend at the Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg in conjunction with the IZOD IndyCar Series, March 25-27. Each race will be broadcast on a tape-delayed basis on Versus, with the St. Pete races airing Saturday, April 9 at 4:30 pm EDT. For more information, visit

Image of Brass Monkey Nissan GT-R from St. Petersburg in 2010. (Mark Weber Images). Contact: Brass Monkey Racing,

 Source: World Challenge

Mar 22, 2011

2012 Nissan GT-R Stock vs 2010 Nissan GT-R with a tune and mid-pipe

The 2012 Nissan GT-R DBA-R35 is just starting to hit the streets, and match up against the CBA-R35 GT-R's.  From Nissan we saw a matchup of a stock 2011 vs a stock 2012, this video shows a more likely matchup.  A 2010 Nissan GT-R with a Cobb AccessPORT tune, and a mid-pipe upgrade going against the 2012.


New Records : 9.10@159 mph : 3.58 seconds 60 - 130 mph

AMS brought several Nissan GT-Rs to the Texas 2K11 event, and one of their Alpha 12 combinations set a few new records. Lowering their previous best 9.19 quarter mile ET to a 9.10 time with John Shepherd at the wheel. The 60 foot time was a 1.65. 0-60 is 2.6  seconds with wheelspin and some wheelhop. They also bettered the 60-130 time to 3.58 seconds. That is three and a half seconds, to go from sixty miles per hour, to one hundred and thirty miles per hour. From 100-150 mph, the car did 3.49 seconds.  Currently they have run into a limiting factor with the factory ECU with the Cobb tuning. This is going to be something that will be worked on in the coming months.

9.10 @ 159.97 mph Tim Sanders Alpha 12 GTR w/John Shepherd driving, New World Record! 3.58 seconds 60-130mph time
At this point we have eclipsed what is currently possible with the stock ECU using only a COBB AP for tuning. Turning up the power further is not currently possible due to a lack of control of the stock ECU's load strategy.


Mar 18, 2011

MotoIQ : Cosworth R35 GT-R VR38DETT Pistons and Rods

G loads on the piston and rod combination

Eric Hsu from Beyond the Dyno at MotoIQ wrote up a great article detailing the Cosworth pistons and rods for the Nissan GT-R VR38DETT. At stock power levels 480 hp each piston and rod combination needs to be able to support 1/6th of the force placed on them. This figure is often broken down by horsepower, but horsepower alone is not a very good judge for the "strength" of a piston or rod. The weight of a piston, and its speed play huge parts into the durability of the component. Stock parts are good for stock power. With the GT-R, its easy to make over 500 horsepower at the wheels on the stock turbos.

Once you upgrade to larger turbos, its possible to get 600, 700, 800 horsepower out of the stock engine.  The problem with pushing the stock components this hard, is they are way outside of their design parameters.  Eventually the rods bend or the pistons fail, and there is a catastrophic engine failure.

Cosworth coated piston on top, OEM piston on the bottom

The piston is usually the most fragile internal component of the bottom end and yet it takes the bulk of the forces created by combustion events. It is has to deal with thermal shock by being constantly massively heated and instantly cooled, accelerated and forced up and down by massive forces, has to transfer these forces to the wristpin and connecting rod all 720° of crank rotation, and all the while it has to be able to live in harmony with smaller components that are inserted into it that are made of unlike steel alloy materials such as wristpins, piston rings, and clips.
Milled underside of Cosworth piston

The Cosworth VR38 connecting rods have also just been released. These rods were designed for 200 hp EACH. The rods are made from EN40B (similar to SAE4340). The pin end bushes are a high quality bronze material superior to most stock shelf rods and all Chinese rods. Cosworth rod bolts are made of H11 tool steel. Also notice the lightening pockets on the big end to the sides of the big end bore. This is another detail added to further reduce rotational mass without sacrificing strength.
Radial trussed small end to help reduce reciprocating mass

As a set the Cosworth rod and piston combination is 2.19 lbs lighter than the factory rods. The rods are 1.34 lbs lighter, and the pistons are 0.847 lbs lighter.  A 1 lb reduction in weight spinning at engine speed is like pulling 15 lbs of static weight off a car according to Herb Adams and Chassis Engineering.

Source: MotoIQ : More Signal, Less Noise

Get your Cosworth pistons and rods at STILLEN.

SUMO Power Nissan GT-R GT1 Test at Zolder Cirucit


This year JRM Group is running four Nissan GT-R’s in the FIA GT1 Championship, two under the SUMO power banner, and two under the JR Motorsports.  The team headed to Circuit Zolder in Belgium for a test prior to the start of the season.


For 2011,  eight drivers will share the four cars.  Michael Krumm and Peter Dumbreck will be in one JR Motorsports car, and Lucas Luhr and Richard Westbrook will be in the other.  In the SUMO power cars Enrique Bernoldi, and Riccardo Zonta will be in one car, and Jamie Campbell Walter, and David Brabbham in another.

“For the FIA GT1 World Championship and for NISMO, it is important to have four Nissan GT-Rs running in this year’s series”, explains JRM Group Executive Director James Rumsey. “Therefore, acquiring another two cars means that, not only does this satisfy these two issues, but it also strengthens our association with NISMO and gives us, as a group, a greater opportunity for success.”


Source: The

The 2011 GT1 Schedule

Yas Marina, UAE     25-Mar-2011     -
Zolder, BEL     08-Apr-2011     -
Algarve, PRT     06-May-2011     -
Sachsenring, DEU     13-May-2011     -
Silverstone, GBR     03-Jun-2011     -
Navarra, ESP     01-Jul-2011     -
Paul Ricard HTTT, FRA     15-Jul-2011     -
Ordos, CHN     02-Sep-2011     -
Curitiba, BRA     21-Oct-2011     -
San Luis, ARG     04-Nov-2011     -

Mar 17, 2011

2012 Nissan GT-R Video: A Promise Fulfilled

2012 Nissan GT-R Video: A Promise Fulfilled 2012 GT-R -Promise video

Check out this video from Nissan, chronicling Nissan development of the Nissan GT-R at Nurburgring. From 7:38 with the 2009 Nissan GT-R, to 7:24 with the 2012 Nissan GT-R.

See the powerful new 2012 Nissan GT-R. Watch as the development team takes the supercar to Germany's legendary Nürburgring and challenges the world's most demanding race course.

Cadillac CTS-V Wagon vs GT-R

GT-R vs Caddy Wagon

If are in the business of selling parts, selling tuning parts and packages for cars, you want to produce a good demonstration of those parts.  In this video, Hennessey Performance puts a 650 hp Cadillac CTS-V wagon, vs a 485 hp Nissan GT-R. The Cadillac was on a drag radial, the GT-R was stock.  It wouldn’t be much of a video, if the Cadillac lost to the Nissan GT-R, so in this one, the Cadillac wins.  It makes a point, but if you own a 650 hp Cadilliac Wagon on drag radials, it wouldn’t be a good idea to pick many races with GT-R’s, especially if it’s a 530 hp 2012 GT-R.

Throw an exhaust, a Cobb Accessport, or a quick stock GT-R against this Cadillac, and the video would never see the light of day, after all, who cares about a GT-R spanking a wagon?

Source: Autoblog

Mar 16, 2011

996 All Wheel Horsepower : 9.8 @ 145mph

Godzilla2009 from NAGTROC has been upgrading his Nissan GT-R over the winter.  From the engine built at Accelerated Performance, to the larger turbos, this is one heavy hitter on the drag strip. On E85 the car put 850 hp to the wheels at 24 psi.  That is more than double what a stock car makes on the dyno. At 30 psi, on C16 the GT-R did 996 hp, but they ran out of fueling capacity, and couldn't raise boost any higher.

The first pass was a 10.4@144.5 mph with a 1.88 60 foot, the next pass was the sign of things to come, as the superstock 650 ft/lb capacity clutch started to slip.  The best pass, with a 1.61 60 foot was a 9.8@145.9 mph, but the car did not fully engage 5th gear. The next upgrades are to the fuel pump, with an increase in boost, and hopefully a low 9 second quarter mile pass.

STILLEN Canards and Mudflaps for GT-R

STILLEN Canards,and APR splitter
 Some pictures from a customers Nissan GT-R that is tracked, and added some STILLEN canards, and APR front splitter, to generate some additional downforce for the track.  The additional front downforce, also helps to reduce some of the under steer inherent in the Nissan GT-R.  In addition to the STILLEN GT-R, the Top Speed GT-R is also using this aerodynamic enhancement for their One Lap of America car.

These canards accentuate the STILLEN GT-R Front Lip Spoiler for a more aggressive appearance. The aerodynamic advantages are applied with the Canards adding downforce to the front of the car.

No painting necessary, installs in minutes!

 The fitment was very good and they are easy to install if you don't mind drilling holes in your front bumper. I already have holes for my splitter stays so it didn't matter to me. I would suggest that you use some blue masking tape to mark where you want each end to be. I used the measurements in the instructions as a starting point and then adjusted to get the best fitment.
By the way, I also got the Stillen mud flaps and they do help cut down on the track rash from the marbles.


Mar 15, 2011

Limited Edition Goodridge Phantom Gstop Brake Lines For Nissan GT-R

Stainless steel lines are one of the best upgrades to a braking system, to improve feel.  OEM brake lines are made of rubber, and expand a small amount during use.  A stainless steel line does not expand like a rubber hose, and also helps to reduce water absorption though the OEM rubber lines.

The Phantom G-Stop kits take that performance and kick it up a notch, utilizing stainless hose ends, banjos and bolts, as well as feature black poly-coating to the stainless steel hoses.  Even the brackets and hardware are protective coated, creating a superior appearance, and ensuring durability.
All of the benefits of the best brakeline manufacturer, Goodridge, with upgraded hardware and coatings makes this a great modification for any enthusiast!

Initial Phantom Brakeline Applications Include:
  • 2010-2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS
  • 1997-2004 Chevrolet Corvette (Including Z06)
  • 2005-2011 Chevrolet Corvette C6 (Except Z06)
  • 2006-2011 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
  • 2003-2007 Infiniti G35 Coupe (Including Brembo)
  • 2003-2006 Infiniti G35 Sedan (Including Brembo – Excluding AWD)
  • 2003-2007 Nissan 350Z (Including Brembo)
  • 2009-2011 Nissan GT-R R35
  • 1997-2004 Porsche 911/996 (Including Turbo)
  • 2005-2008 Porsche 911/997 C2, C4, C4S
  • 1997-2004 Porsche Boxster/986 (All Models)
  • 2003-2006 Subaru Outback
  • 2002-2007 Subaru Impreza Wagon, WRX & STi
  • 2008-2011 Subaru Impreza WRX (Except STi)
  • 2006-2011 BMW 128i (E82/88)
  • 2006-2011 BMW 135i (E82/88)
  • 2007-2011 BMW 328i exc. Xi (E90/91/92/93)
  • 2006-2006 BMW 330i exc. Xi (E90/91/92/93)
  • 2007-2011 BMW 335i exc. Xi (E90/91/92/93)
  • 2005-2011 Ford Mustang GT (Including 5.0)
  • 2007-2011 Shelby GT500
  • 2005-2011 Ford Mustang V6 (with ABS)
  • Various 1998-2007 Mercedes C-Class / E-Class / SLK
Source: STILLEN blog

Top Speed GT-R: Road Atlanta Video and Test Results

Top Speed continued with their testing for One Lap of America. This time they took the trip to Road Atlanta, and jumped into a NASA event.  The only open spots were in a HPDE session, so there was a lot of slower traffic.  Leh was clicking off times that were about 15 seconds quicker than the rest of the run group.

While the testing at Road Atlanta wasn't perfect this weekend do to traffic on track I still feel like we made progress in learning what the car needs. Turn 12 gave us the extreme conditions we needed in order to test the support with the stock shocks, and the esses confirmed the fact that the car still has a bit of aero balance to worked out.

We knew going into the weekend that a NASA event wasn't the best place to turn a lap time, but there was progress made, and we had fun!

As you can see from the Traqmate data the second lap this session was a 1:30.6. It was actually his first hotlap on Saturday as well as the first time the car had been on Road Atlanta. In turn 6 Leh got hung up by a Mustang that threw his line off for 7 as well. Then coming over 11 there was also a car he had to work around making entry to 12 a little off. We were running the car in HPDE3 & 4 because they were the only groups open on late notice.


Mar 14, 2011

Switzer R1K GTR Compilation in HD

 Will we ever get enough of 1000hp cars?  Probably not.  In this compilation video, Switzer shows off its 1000hp R1k build for the Nissan R35 GT-R. 60 mph to 130 mph in 3.76 seconds. Not too shabby. Watch and comment.

Enjoy this compilation video of clips that we have taken over the last year during development and testing of the Switzer R1K package for the Nissan GTR.

This package dynos at or above 1000awhp and 900awtq

Limited 1/4 mile testing has shown low 9 second passes at over 160mph, capable of running in the 8's should a client wish to do so.

At the time of posting this is the first GTR to run a sub-4 second 60-130mph and hold the world record 60-130mph for a GTR at 3.76 seconds and 100-150mph in 3.71 seconds.

For more information on this package as well as others - contact Switzer Performance:

Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami : Updated 3-18

Burned cars at the port, after the tsunami
Updated with new Nissan information 3-18-11

Vehicle Stock / Sales Impact
  • Nissan Division rearward days’ supply stands at 47; Infiniti Division rearward days’ supply stands at 49. These figures do not include vehicles in transit from Japan. Nissan Americas does not anticipate any near-term impact on sales or vehicle availability.
  • Nissan Americas has visibility of more than 1,500 Nissan LEAF vehicles either in transit from Japan or at port in the U.S. This number includes the shipment of more than 600 Nissan LEAFs which left port in Japan on March 10, the day before the earthquake.
  • Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. this week initiated the monitoring of vehicles made in Japan for any traces of radioactive material. Looking ahead, we will continue to implement all appropriate measures to reassure the public that all products from our company remain within globally accepted safety standards and until we are confident that any risk of contamination is completely removed.
Earthquake Relief Efforts
  • In response to the devastating earthquake and tsunami that severely damaged Japan, Nissan Americas has pledged $1 million (¥80 million) to the American Red Cross in relief effort support for the country.
  • Nissan’s global contributions will reach more than $3.75 million (¥400,000,000 million) in cash and in-kind contributions to support earthquake relief efforts. This includes global and regional corporate donations, employee gift matching, as well as the provision of 50 vehicles to support aid agencies in the affected areas of Japan.
End - new info

The 8.9 earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan last week are going to have repercussions around the world. Thousands of deaths, massive destruction. From my home town in Christchurch last month with a 6.3 earthquake, to Japan, where I have many friends and associates from years of dealing in the export and import industry, it is a very real check on the fact the Earth we live on is in constant motion, and we are powerless in the face of mother nature.

One of my friends from Nissan was in the US when the earthquake struck. It is hard to know what to say to someone, than offer your help and support. He flew back to Japan on Saturday, and hopefully everything is going well for him in Japan.

There are obviously much more important things than cars, and supplies of cars, but part of reestablishing  of the country, and getting them back on its feet will be the Japanese auto industry.  The initial estimates are $100 billion in damage, and the death toll continues to rise.  Thousands of people are missing. Watching the amount of destruction on TV is shocking. Its like videos of the worst tornado possible with all of the wooden houses in some areas just leveled.

Nissan is closing its Tochigi assembly plant and an engine plant – both in the quake zone--at least through Friday. Elsewhere in the country, it is closing four assembly plants and one engine factory through at least Wednesday. The company wouldn't say how many units of production it expects to lose or how its U.S. exports may be affected.
Tochigi is the Nissan GT-R production plant, and several of the members of the NAGTROC forums  visited the plant during the Tokyo Auto Salon in 2009.

Autoblog is reporting that power outages have brought production plants to a halt, and many are staying closed due to supplier issues, and allowing families to reconnect.
The scope of the effect of the quake and tsunami has yet to be tallied on Japan's car industry, as automakers are still trying to figure out the status of their supply chain. AN reports that Honda alone has 113 suppliers located in quake zones, and they have not yet been able to reach 44 of them.

Even Stateside production of cars and trucks may be affected by the natural disaster, as many U.S. plants depend on Japanese factories to supply them with various components.
At Nissans Port of Hitachi, thousands of cars have been damaged or burned from the aftermath of destruction behind the tsunami.  The stoppages at the plants, plus the damaged infrastructure in the country, could mean it will be months before new cars are once again able to be exported.  It will be a long process of rebuilding and getting back to normalcy. You can donate to the American Red Cross to help the Japanese relief effort. 

Source: Autoblog and Autoweek 

Nissan's new press release has some new information on Nissan, its people, the plants, and vehicle status.

  • All Nissan Americas employees and their families are safe and accounted for, including those on assignment in Japan and those traveling in the country on business. Some Nissan Americas employees who were traveling in country on business have already returned to their home countries while others are in the process of returning.

  • Some Infiniti models and Nissan GTR and 370Z may experience delays in shipment to the U.S. and Canada with full impact still being assessed.
  • A shipment of more than 600 Nissan LEAFs destined for the U.S. left port in Japan on March 10, just prior to the earthquake, and will arrive as scheduled. Future impact, if any, on Nissan LEAF supply continues to being assessed.
Source: Nissan News

Mar 12, 2011

Dissecting a 2012 (2011) Nissan GT-R

Litchfield Imports in the UK, took a UK 2011 version - 2012 US version - Nissan GT-R and broke it down to parade rest. They did some detailed analysis of the early car (CBA), to the new car (DBA). We know Nissan's line on what parts were changed, now we get to see some independent views.

The following video shows the engine being removed from the car. With the GT-R, the engine and transmission are both removed as parts of the subframe assemblies. 

The new Deep Blue Pearl (RAY) is stunning in this picture
 Litchfield had this to say about the DBA: "The original GTR was beautifully engineered and all of these enhancements are just that, enhancements. Nothing has been fundamentally changed because nothing was really wrong with it in the first place but there are a huge number of small improvements which add up.". Sounds good. Continual minor improvements contribute to the overall package.
Red top. Carbon fiber brace is visible behind the engine

Ride comfort is improved with them speculating on what helps." The new suspension is excellent, the chassis feels sharper and yet the ride quality is much improved. Comfort mode is really good. It’ll be interesting to see what the new damper and spring rates are to make such a marked difference but it makes us wonder how they didn’t come to these settings originally or again when NISMO revisited it with their, greatly improved, Club Sport Bilsteins. Perhaps this change to ride comfort comes from the way the new Dunlop tyres interact with the new dampers.".

Under the car, the improved cooling ducts that are in the '11 car are carried over, and act together with the new rear diffuser to help put air around the transmission and differential, helping to cool them.  Engine and transmission cooling has been a big issue with the early GT-Rs that are used on the track.

The front brakes on the 2012 GT-R have been changed slightly.  The rotor diameter has been increased to 390 mm, but the thickness has been decreased to 32.8 mm from 34 mm. This is how the kept the weight the same, but increased the diameter.  In an iron disk, you actually need the weight in a heavy car like a GT-R. The heavy car puts a lot of kinetic energy into the brakes.  The extra weight can contain and give off the heat. Everything about weight though is thrown out the window on a carbon ceramic system.

The aftermarket fronts won't fit as the caliper spacing isn't right but the bell design is the same.We fitted the old kit as one unit to prove the hub etc was the same. In the picture you can see the 2011 Caliper swung out of the way....the pad is the same size but they have reduced the thickness of the disc from 34mm to 32.8mm and reduced the Air gap. We are not really sure about the exact reasons behind this (there are many) but it probably accounts for why the weight is roughly the same as the original discs.
On the exhaust side, there is some increase in the diameter of the exhaust tubing, which helps to improve flow in the exhaust, and overall horsepower. Other than that, the exhaust fit is the same for a CBA.

The ECU is different, and uses a larger ROM file.  The early ECU's have a 1 MB file, the 2012 have a 1.5 MB file.

 The DBA transmission, mostly appears the same as the CBA transmission, although there are at least a couple of changes.  The baffling in the pan, and it is 4mm shorter than the early pan.

On the turbo inlet piping, the DBA inlet and compressor cover is about 5mm larger.  Porting and matching on the inlets and outlet sides help to improve flow.  Less restriction here, less restriction on the outlet, ECU mods add up to 530hp.  Well, at least Nissan says its 530 hp.  From some of the results so far, it might be making a little more power than that.

Its great to see all these technical pictures, along with explanations. This is the first 2011(2012) GT-R that has been gone into this far. 

Source: forum.