Aug 30, 2011

Buddy Club Nissan GTR- Modified Magazine

Modified Magazine ran an article on the Buddy Club demo R35 GTR. Late last year, the car was in the US for a Buddy Club track day at Willow Springs. On that day it rained, but the car still did pretty well.

The car sports carbon fiber accents all over the body, and to go with the look on the outside, the car runs an AMS Alpha 9 package.  No report on the curb weight of the car with the carbon fiber pieces and the Buddy Club seats inside.  Head over to Modified Magazine for the full article and specifications on this Nissan GT-R.

By utilizing dry-carbon-fiber body pieces to replace the factory hood, front bumper, fenders, side skirts, door skins, rear wing, rear diffuser, mirrors and even the roof skin, Buddy Club has shaved a good amount of weight from this heavy car. 

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Source: Modified Magazine

GReddy 4.3 Liter Nissan GTR Video

Its not mentioned in the video, but the GReddy R35 GT-R was out at El Toro for some testing with Road and Track Magazine. It will be interesting to see the results of the test. Not sure how much power it does on 91 octane, but on the good stuff, its capable of over 1300 hp.

GReddy R35 GTR V2 with GPP built 4.3L VR-Spl. engine, TD06-20G Turbo Uprade, T-29 Cross-flow Intercooler, Carbon Air Duct, DCT Cooler Kit, 94mm Racing Titanium Exhaust.
Source: GReddy Blog

As long as we are looking at 4.3 liter Nissan GT-R's, this second car was built by SP Engineering. At 1319 horsepower and 1120 ft-lb, this car is very serious. Nick named Black Ace and Smokey, it is certainly quick. In the video below, the car is run on the dyno, and it doesn't do bad.

Aug 27, 2011

Super Taikyu Nissan GT-R Brakes and Cooling

Road racing an R35 Nissan GT-R is a battle in cooling. The R35 is a 3800 lb car without driver, makes at least 480 horsepower, and is all wheel drive. This puts some unique strains on the systems in the car. From the engine oil, to the front differential, coolant, transmission, rear differential, and brakes, everything needs cooling when you run the car hard. If you aren't overheating the systems in a R35 GT-R, you aren't driving it hard enough for long enough. Nismo produces an R35 RC - Super Taikyu endurance race car that you can purchase and go racing
420 mm front rotors 6 piston monoblock calipers 
In order to go fast on the track, you need to be able to slow the car for corners.You have to be able to do that for every corner, every lap, lap after lap. The stock CBA GT-R has 380 mm x 34 mm rotors on the front which are very large for a street car. The Super Taikyu car has gone 40 mm larger to accommodate a 420mm rotor. The above rotors sure look like AP Racing J-Hooks. They use a very large hat, with a fairly small friction surface. No weights are available, but they are probably not too much heavier than the stock rotors and hats. Not as light as a set of 400mm carbon ceramic matrix (CCM) rotors.
Carbon fiber front bumper with brake cooling ducts

GT3 Nissan GT-R Finishes in Impressive 8th Place in Debut

JRM Motorsports Nissan GT-R GT3
The new GT3 Class Nissan GT-R from Nismo and JRM racing finished an impressive 8th place in its debut 3 hour race at the Blancpain Endurance Series.  Richard Westbrook and David Brabham shared driving duties, finishing two laps down from the winning BMW Z4.  The McLaren GT also made its debut this weekend, but neither car was able to finish the race. One car retiring at 19 laps, and one at 44 laps.  The full race results are available on the Blanpain site.

Maxime Martin took the chequered flag at the end of the 3-hour Blancpain Endurance Series race in Magny Cours, to give himself, Bas Leinders, Marcus Paltalla, the Marc VDS Racing Team and BMW their first victory in the series. Martin finished ahead of the nr9 AutOrlando Porsche of Paolo Ruberti after the Italian overtook Marcel Fassler's Belgian Audi Club Team WRT Audi R8 four laps from the flag to keep the driver's championship alive until the last round at Silverstone in October.

The next race in the Blancpain Endurance series is October 9,2011 at Silverstone in the UK.  The JRM team is based in the UK, so we should be seeing the GT3 car at the event.


Aug 25, 2011

GT3 Nissan GT-R Makes its Debut

GT3 Nissan GT-R from JRM Racing and Nismo

JRM Racing and Sumo Power has been racing Nissan GT-R's in GT1 for the last few years, recording several wins. In 2011 the team expanded to a total of four cars for the top tier of FIA tin top racing. Earlier this year, a couple of pictures of a GT3 class GT-R showed up. When I was in Spain for the GT1 race, I had talked to a few guys on the teams about the GT3 car in testing. They had mentioned then that the GT3 car was VR38DETT powered, not like the VK56 V8 in the GT1 car.

Expect the GT3 Nissan GTR to come into the series with around 500 hp and weighing around 1300kg, similar to the other cars in the series. The GT-R will be competing against, Mercedes SLS AMG GT3, Lamborghini Gallardo, Porsche 911 GT3 R, Audi R8 LMS,  Ferrari 458, Aston Martin DB9SR, BMW Z4 GT3, and Ford GT GT3.

8-26-11 So far at the Blancpain Endurance Series at Magny-Cours, the JRM Motorsports GT3 Nissan GT-R was 11th quickest in the wet practice session. Not bad for its first real timed sessions on track.

Aug 24, 2011

1365 AWHP : Alpha 12 Betters its Last Dyno Figure

The old 1356 horsepower record is so last month. It seems just like last week that Nissan GT-R's were just barely into the 1200 awhp(all wheel horsepower) range. They grow up so fast. Even with some big wheelspin, this AMS Alpha 12 has managed to add 9 horsepower to that 1356awhp figure and come up with 1365 horsepower. Seems to be a lot out of that little aluminum turbocharged V6. The rumors say the engine in the Alpha 12 is a 4.0 liter. Not as large as the 4.3 and 4.4 liters from Greddy/SP Engineering, not as small as the 3.8's from Switzer.
0 smoothing. Just the raw numbers.
From what they say, they are working on getting more power out of the setup, and even an Alpha 16 package.  1400 hp is not far away, but they will need it to hang with the new 3.04 second 60-130 time from the 1550 awhp UGR Gallardos.  GTR vs Lamborghini.  Battle of the big power, twin turbo, all wheel drive cars.  Who is going to be the first into the 2's from 60 mph to 130 mph? Seems like the Lambo's are right there, they just need a good air, good traction night.
 Source: NAGTROC

9.92 With LC3: 2011 Nissan GT-R

John Shepherd from Sheptrans was the first to 10's with his 2011 and now is as far as I know, first into the 9's with a 2011. The difference in the 2011 car is they have the third generation of launch control for the Nissan GT-R. The third version of the launch control is only active with VDC on, and allows for 3300 rpm launches. The problem for a high horsepower Nissan GT-R is wheelspin off the line, and then a loss of power when VDC kicks in.

The car is equipped with the AMS Alpha 9 package, runs on E85, and even more impressively is doing it on the all season Dunlop radials.  He is using the ProEFI to control the engine, and did some experimenting with it to get the car off the line harder. His best 60 foot, on the all seasons, was a 1.52.

60 foot - 1.69

1/8th mile - 6.50 at 115.85 mph

1/4 mile - 9.923 at 144.8 mph

He says once LC3 gets sorted, so it can be launched with VDC off, he will slap some drag radials on it, and see what it will really do. 


Aug 23, 2011

2012 Nissan GT-R Turbo Inlet Pipe Test

There are several changes to the 2012 Nissan GT-R that help to improve it versus the 2009-2011 models. One of those changes that help push the 480-485 hp CBA to 530 hp in the DBA are the turbo inlet pipes. Part of making power is having less restriction on the inlet and the exhaust side of the engine. Even something as minor as a turbo inlet can unlock some extra power.
Titanium KAC GTR on the Dyno.

gotboost from NAGTROC bit the bullet, and sacrificed some skin on testing back to back the early and late inlet piping with some great results.
2012 inlet pipe on the left, 2009-2011 on the right

Aug 22, 2011

Nissan GT-R and Skyline GT-R Paint Codes

KL0 - Spark Silver Metallic. Late R32 color
Tons of people ask for paint codes. They get into an accident and want a unique color for repaint. They want something that was not offered from the factory. Their year Nissan GT-R did not have the color they want offered. Here is a list of the paint codes, and some picture examples of each, that I could dig up.  Here are the color codes for the R32, R33, R34, and R35 GT-R. These include the special colors, and even the most frequently requested like Bayside Blue- TV2.

KH2. Gunmetal Grey. Popular R32 color. This is a Nismo R32.
#KH2 - Gun Grey Metallic
#KG1 - Jet Silver Metallic
#TH1 - Dark Blue Pearl
#AH3 - Red Pearl Metallic
#732 - Black Pearl Metallic
#326 - Cristal White
#KL0 - Spark Silver Metallic
#BL0 - Greyish Blue Pearl (special order)
#AN0 - Wine Red

ANO. Super Clear Red R33 GT-R
#AN0 - Super Clear Red
#BN6 - Deep Marine Blue
#KH3 - Black
#KL0 - Spark Silver
#KN6 - Dark Grey Pearl
#LP2 - Midnight Purple
#QM1 - White
#BT2 - Champion Blue (Le Mans)
#KP4 - Sonic Silver
#AR1 - Super Clear Red II

Aug 21, 2011

SpoCom Show Anaheim 2011 : NAGTROC and DSPORT Corral

Video from the August 2011 SpoCom Show in Anaheim, CA 2011. NAGTROC and DSport GT-R Corel. Rif's 2012 Nissan GT-R Black Edition. Chris' Midnight Purple, and C-West winged GT-R. Fontana Nissan's GT-R. Lexus LFA. 

Aug 20, 2011



13 Seconds. Thirteen seconds of video really don't tell much of a story. 179 mph on the straight does say something.  This SP built GT-R is a 4.3 liter with Greddy turbos. SP says they have been running strong since splitting a number of blocks. The big difference has been from using a dry sleeve in the block vs a wet sleeve. The wet sleeves require a lot more material to be removed from the block.

A quick camera phone video of Ray Hofman’s (Peak Completions) R35 GT-R versus a Ford GT Twin Turbo. Ray was clocked at 179 MPH on the straight away which broke the 5 year standing record at Miller Motorsports Park road course and took first place on this day.

Source: SP Engineering

Aug 17, 2011

Eibach Sway Bars For Nissan GTR

Manufactured from cold-formed, tubular high-strength aircraft-grade steel for precision performance, and finished with a long-lasting red powder coat finish, the ANTI-ROLL-KIT comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware and instructions for easy bolt-on installation for your 2009-2011 Nissan GT-R. This also should fit the 2012 Nissan GT-R, but fitment has not been tested yet.

ANTI-ROLL-KIT Part# 6389.320

Aug 16, 2011

Outlaw Drag R35 Headed to Jamboree in Australia

The last post showed Godzilla Motorsports black R35 Nissan GT-R drag car with RB power. This post from the Jamboree site shows this, what looks like it might be a TB series inline 6 engine in the drag car. Glad to see its not a 2JZ.

Looks like a Nissan CAS on the exhaust side bank
The car looks like it is coming together nicely. Looks like it needs inlet piping, intercooler piping, and wiring to make it complete. Looks like a large turbo- maybe something around a GT55. Other than the Nissan Patrols in Dubai, I have not seen this engine(TB?) used in any other cars. I will be looking for some details, and clarification on the specifications of this engine.

RB26 Powered Nissan GTR Drag Car

RB26 Powered R35 Nissan GT-R Drag Car

Last month we posted up some information on three drag race R35 Nissan GT-R's that were being built in Australia. Now we have a little more detailed information and pictures on one of the cars being built.

Godzilla Motorsports car is coming together now, with RB power. A similar setup in their all wheel drive R32 GT-R drag car has gone 7's in the quarter mile.  Time is short, as the Jamboree is coming up August 27th and the 28th in Brisbane, Australia. No word on the other two Nissan GTR's, however it seems like they may even be 2JZ powered, that is a pretty proven inline 6- turbo engine.

Aug 11, 2011

The Only One in the US : 2012 Nissan GT-R Black Edition

First off, this is not the only Jet Black, Black Edition in the US, as the subheading would say. Perhaps they mean the only one at their dealership? The only one in Georgia? Its definitively not the only one in the US. Not even the only Black Black Edition for sale right now. Either way, they are charging for it, like it is the only one. At $125,000, they want about $30k over the suggested retail price of $95k. Black Editions are going to be more rare than the Premium cars, but probably not $30k extra on top of the $5k extra.
This is the only 2012 Nissan GT-R Black Edition JET BLACK in the USA! There will be a reserve because this is an extremely rare vehicle. This vehicle will do 60mph in 2.9 seconds. Please ask any questions... I will answer any and all questions, serious bidders only! This again is a BRAND NEW 2012 Nissan GT-R Black Edition w/ Jet Black exterior and Red/Black Leather Interior. Happy Bidding!
Well.... here is another Jet Black, Black Edition from MC at NAGTROC...
MC's 2012 Jet Black - Black Edition GTR #1 in the US more from the show last weekend.

Rifs Black Edition GT-R - #2 in the US

Why does everything always have to be "the only one", "one of 10", "one of only 150,000". The Black Edition really isn't a limited edition. They are making less, but if the demand was there, more would be made. This dealership seems to be as clueless as most of the Nissan dealers. Maybe selling the GT-R at Nissan stores was a bad idea. Maybe as a Infiniti Skyline GT-R it might have been a better buyer experience? Hindsight is 20/20.


1000 hp R1K 2012 Nissan GT-R

1000 horsepower 2012 Nissan GTR
Sneak peak of a 2012 Nissan GT-R with a R1K Kit from Switzer. Looking forward to some more information on this setup, and see how it works with the 2012 and its launch control.

Switzer Shop Tour Video : DSport Magazine

While the guys from DSport Magazine were out in Ohio for the IDRC Sport Compact Nationals, they visited Switzer Performance to see some of their upgrades for Nissan GT-R's. From their basic P600 kit, the hugely popular P800 kit, to the 9.0 second 1252 awhp R1KX, DSport gets to check them all out.

Check out the video tour, the whole video is available free with Issue #106:

Aug 9, 2011

3.31 Seconds : New 60-130 Record For Nissan GT-R

New record, beats the old Nissan GTR record by 0.02. Getting into the hundredths of seconds. AMS was reviewing their V-Box data from their 8.9, and 9.0 day at the track, and they came across a verified 3.31 second 60-130 mph run.  Nice job AMS.  So when is that AMS vs Switzer grudge match?

GoldRay Energy Nissan GT-R Video from World Time Attack

The quickest Nissan GT-R at the World Time Attack was this car from GoldRay Energy/ GT Auto Garage. The 1:32.4 was a very quick time, but still a bit off the top pace of the Cyber Evo with a 1:28.8.
Take a Drive WIth Steve Glenney on the Splitter of The Goldray Energy/Gt Auto Garage R35 GTR at Eastern Creek International Raceway..........1:32.4

Aug 8, 2011

Grudge Match : AMS vs Switzer : 8.9 vs 9.0


When you were a kid, did you ever get into a "my Dad can beat up your Dad" kind of argument? Maybe you were too sophisticated for that? You probably gave up doing it a while ago. Then again, you might not have. Take two car enthusiasts, both supporters of opposing shops, give them a public forum to hash out some differences, and watch the fur fly. First you get the horsepower dyno battles. 1248 awhp on a Mustang dyno. 1356 awhp on a Dynojet.  No dyno reads the same, no correction is ever the same, but people still like to race dyno's. Then the cars head to the track for private test days, and the numbers, the videos of the best passes show up on Youtube.  Its human nature, its competing, its what makes us survive and strive for more. The excuses come out, it was hot, they were on the wrong tire, the DA was horrible, the track prep sucked, the track is downhill, that lane always reads wrong, the car was on pump gas, it was "only 37 psi". The asterisks to the times never stop. The forum posts go from my dynochart can beat up your dynochart, to lets settle this at the dragstrip.

Forum members try to setup a race, but the two quickest R35's, are not really willing participants.  While a race between the two quickest GT-R's would be cool, side by side, it probably wouldn't settle anything. It would just give each side more ammo to go at each other on forums.   The report is now, that both R35 GTR's will be in Texas for TX2K in 2012. Will they line up against each other? Its hard to know for certain. Until then, we have video of the two quickest Nissan GT-R's in the world.

Aug 7, 2011

SpoCom 2011 : DSport and NAGTROC Showcase

I don't go to many car shows anymore. About 15 years years going, and the older I get, the more out of place I feel. However, its good to go and see industry friends, check out some trends, see the latest dance crews, and show them my best moves. That last part isn't true. Anaheim is just a quick hop skip and jump from where I live, MotoIQ was going to be there, plus a good group of R35 GT-R owners.  Since this blog is about R35's, its always a good idea to go out and talk to some of the guys.
Black Edition 2012 Nissan GT-R 
Rifs 2012 Black Edition GT-R. He just got a set of impossible to obtain SpecV exhaust tips.  As far as us R35 guys can tell, this car was the second Black Edition built for the US. Nissan built all the Premium editions for the US as a batch, however right near the end, they built a small run of Black Editions, switched back to Premiums, and when they were finished with Premiums, they started again on the Blacks. Then the twin disasters happened, and nearly all of the later Black Editions were destroyed. Just a few Black Editions made it to the US, the number being something around 27 cars built in the small batch near the end of the Premium run for the US.  Production is now up and running, but a lot of guys have had to wait for a while to get their orders for a Black Edition GTR.
Now with SpecV exhaust tips

Aug 6, 2011

World Time Attack : Final Results

Sierra Sierra Evo at World Time Attack
It was a fight, with a bit of controversy thrown into the mix, but once again, the Cyber Evo came out on top of the World Time Attack Challenge. Followed up in second by the US team, Sierra Sierra. In third place the Garage Revolution RX-7 filled in the last podium spot. The fastest GT-R, was an Skyline R34 GTR from Mark Berry and Advan/Hi Octane Racing with a 1:31.934. For R35's, Australia's two quickest cars finished in 9th and 11th places with a 1:32.4 for GT Garage, and a 1:33.5 for Mercury Motorsport.
SSE garage locked up tight

Aug 5, 2011

3.33 Seconds : 60 - 130 MPH : Switzer R1KX

R1KX engine bay. Over 1400 hp

3.33 seconds is a fairly short amount of time. What can you do in 3.33 seconds? This Switzer R1KX Nissan GT-R can accelerate from 60 miles per hour to 130 miles per hour. Why 60-130mph as a measure? It grows from the high horsepower rear wheel drive cars that have problems getting off the line. It really gained popularity in the Toyota Supra and Porsche 911 world. The Supra guys being big turbo and traction limited. The Porsche guys being afraid to launch their cars. It has become a new standard, like 0-60 mph, or quarter mile time.  For some reason, guys in the UK go for a 30-130mph time, and some other guys like to list the 100-150. Always chasing those numbers... As far as record keeping for "street" cars as timed by a V-Box, this is a new record.

To go along with the 3.33 60-130 time, the Switzer tuned beast did a 9.01@163.7 mph quarter mile. The 0-60 mph run according to the V-Box was 2.41 seconds. 


World Time Attack Results: Day 1

HKS CT230R. Only on display. Photo from MotoIQ.

This is the second year of the World Time Attack, a global time attack event that is trying to bring the fastest time attack cars in the world together, in Sydney Australia to settle who is the quickest on the track. Last year the Cyber Evo, with Tarzan Yamada driving set the quickest time.

Sierra Sierra Evo. The lone US entry. Photo from MotoIQ.

Aug 2, 2011

Nissan GT-R Sales in July 2011 : 56 Units

#1 Black Edition GT-R from NAGTROC
56 units sold in July 2011. It was a pretty weak selling month for the Nissan GT-R. -34.9% from July 2010. Year to date, a total of 883 Premium and Black Edition Nissan GT-R's have been sold. They do not have a break down of Black Editions sold, but they are slowly making their way out to customers. A lot of the Black Editions slated for the US were destroyed in the Tsunami and Earthquake.

Red GT-R's are faster
56 cars sold means that the Nissan 370Z is about 10 times as popular as the Nissan GT-R. In July 550 Z's were sold.  About twice as popular as the GT-R and Z combined, the LEAF sold 931 units.  On another note, Nissan sold 21,430 Altimas a 16.8% increase over July last year.  Overall sales were up 2.7%, showing Nissan and Infiniti are bouncing back from the twin natural disasters.

Source: Nissan News

Aug 1, 2011

Infiniti GT-R : Coming Soon or Never?

Infiniti Essence Show car. Built on a Nissan GT-R Chassis
Its no secret that Infiniti is the upscale brand of Nissan. Toyota has Lexus, and Nissan has Infiniti, both conceived as brands to sell a higher quality vehicle than people were used to getting from the Japanese manufacturers. Both companies founded in 1989.  Infiniti has shown its Essence concept car at several shows and specialized events over the last few years. 592 hp, a hybrid. Twin turbo V-6. Its not really a Lexus LFA rival, but it would be a step up from the Nissan GT-R, which some owners might be happy about. There are always quiet a lot of gripes about taking their $80k or $90k car to the same place that services Sentras, and Cubes.

The latest news reported by Car Magazine is that Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has at least been talking about the possibility of a Nissan GT-R powered Infiniti supercar.

we have a lot of people saying "why don’t we use the power of the GT-R and give it an Infiniti body?" Ghosn told Car.

"The idea makes sense. It’s a great car, the GT-R. Is it a project now? No. But I don’t want to give you the impression we’ll never do that. But I don’t want you to think that it’s coming in the next two to three years either.
So, its not something that is happening right now, does that mean five years, eight years out? 2016,  2017, 2018 timeframe?  I would be surprised to see the current GT-R last that long in production with the VR38DETT. If they drag it out that long, will it be direct injection, some kind of mild hybrid, 7 speed, by 2017-2018?  They are going to need something to be able to comply with ever increasing emissions, and CAFE standards.