Do You Want a Spec V in the US ?

Nissan is not going to supply Spec V's to the US. However,like anything, where there is a will there is a way.

In the past, I have worked with several Registered Importers on vehicle importation and legalization. With a left hand drive version of the Spec V , and a US model GT-R, it is possible. Mizuno has said that America is not ready for the Spec V. The cars cost about $175,000 in Japan currently. The left hand drive cars have not been released yet, as far as I have heard. There will probably be a limited number of left hand drive cars, and they will be expensive at first. However, it is possible to start the paperwork prior to the vehicles release.
I would not expect NNA not to put up a fight, but with enough willing people, it would be possible to import and legalize a Spec V for the US. Who has to have one ?

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