The VR38DETT has one MAP sensor and two Turbo boost pressure sensors on it. In addition it has two Mass Air Flow Sensors. These five sensors in conjunction with the rest of the engines sensors schedule fuel, timing, and a myraid of other functions.

The sensors maximum readable pressure is 36.73 psia or about 22 psi (36.73 - 14.7 -atmospheric pressure) of pressure going into the engine.

So for now, the limit of the ECU is 22 psi.

If you run more than 22 psi of boost you are going to max out the sensor. Normally cars will throw check engine lights, and decrease performance. The old way would be to throw a "fuel cut defender" at it. I don't like this as it normally attenuates the signal coming from the sensor. I would rather have a new sensor that is calibrated for a certain pressure, not a false signal.


Anonymous said...

22 psi on a VR38 would make way more power then I ever need. Anyone that need more then that, have issues and should go get some help :-)

Mike M Images said...

TPS and MAF time!

Item Reviewed: VR38DETT MAP Sensor Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Sean Morris